7 thoughts on “Israel Honors Ex-Mossad Officer Who Rose Through Rank by Sleeping with Her Boss – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Glad you brought up this topic. It’s an absolute farce. One thing I would mention is that sexual harrassment or getting promoted via your boss’s bed is an epidemic all over the world, nothing unique to Israel.

  2. “..female Mossad personnel, 60 of whom signed a letter of protest to the culture minister, ”

    It is indeed remarkable that in this culture of ‘both sexual harassment and exploitation’ that 60 female Mossad personnel felt free enough to sign the letter of protest. You’d think that these females would have been cowed into silence.

    1. @ Hefe: There are thousands of Mossad employees, among them several hundred women. 60 is an exceedingly small number. No one is claiming every single one of the Mossad’s female employees is sexually harassed. Unless you are. Are you?

  3. “moral standards” ==== say what?
    Moral standards? when Bibi’s wife thinks the whole country is her petty cash?
    Monkey see monkey do, what’s good for the Bibis and Olmerts is good for us too, or not?

  4. As always, interesting and teaching. One note: The public is not particularly tolerant to sexual harassment in the security forces any more than in other organizations, as the recent cases in the police and IDF demonstrate. There were not many sex scandals in the GSS or the Mossad, but the workers there may be more prone to solving these issues silently rather than filing a formal complaint.

    1. @ An Israeli: First, it hardly matters what the public think about sexual harrassment in the security forces. They can cover up their excesses behind the veil of secrecy and national security. The police & IDF have rampant sexual abuse which is often tolerated & rarely prosecuted. Yes, there are a few cases here & there in which some commander is embarrassed by public scrutiny. But these are the tip of the iceberg. And on the contrary, there are many sex scandals in the Shabak & Mossad. Read my link in this post to see examples of several. And there are more.

      If you are an Israeli you know very little about what goes on inside your own security services.

    2. I was shell shocked after landing my first job in israel at age 50+, what was taboo both in EGYPT (long ago) Uruguay and Canada, was considered here “a right of passage”, no female (age irrelevant) can EVER bypass the “sleeping” with someone higher, IT WAS (not sure now about the level) A MUST” whether it was by choice or obligation.

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