8 thoughts on “Israeli Election Post-Mortem: Rearranging the Deck Chairs – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Rearranging the Deck Chairs” : This exactly what he was hoping for!
    You also forget Kahlon is the Right Wing version of Yesh Atid, not simply center, and Yahad of Eli Yishai lost the right 4 seats (which would total in probably 2 extra seats for the right as a whole).

  2. Today’s NYTimes exposes a supposed “dilemma” for Hillary Clinton position towards Netanyahu whether to support him and anger her democrats base who will therefore turn against her and support every republican flavor or deny him and therefore give the republicans the upper hand having selected a “winner”.
    For all my pain I cannot see this government reach the 20 odd months before 11/16. if then.
    First he’s cut EVERY PARTY THAT HAS JOINED HIM as i previously mentioned (lapid, liberman. benett, barak and so on) so will Kahlon join the long list of disappeared parties, further Netanyahu’s motto is Louis XIV’s “Le solei c’est moi” therefore Kahlon will do whatever ONLY AND SOLELY BENEFITS THE NETANYAHUS .
    The future coalition is fraught with fights, the first will be with Benett whom Bibi destroyed by his last minute antics and the results will be at the base of Benett’s party destruction and will not receive his ambitions. The remaining ultra orthodox will be bought with a plate of beans.
    This is the third election in 6 years, the average gives us 2, and should Kahlon adopts same M.O. as Lapid did in the previous coalition, he should be fired very shortly because he will prove a spine hard to swallow for Bibi, Further Kahlon departed Likud because of Bibi, Should be also look at this past as indicative of the future. I believe we should.
    What is horribly sad is that Kahlon has chosen to disregard the international tsunami heading this way for his “economic reforms”. talk about cutting your nose to spite your face. How will this work out when BDS will be the law of the land and the word “sanctions” will slowly creep in Europe’s language.
    This coalition is not grounded solid enough to last 2 years if that much. I HOPE.

    1. Let’s be honest here, Hillary is as corrupt and deceitful as Netanyahu. Look at the history here. We can shoot for optimistic hypotheticals here, but not with Hillary in the equation. IF she wins, and that’s a big IF, we’ll be kicking ourselves and missing the days when Obama was president, for all his imperfections.

      And we haven’t even touched on Netanyahu yet, the other side of the equation here…

  3. You are quite correct to point out that the voting public didn’t lurch either to the right or to the left, nor even towards the centre, and that the only thing that actually happened was that voters switched their support from the smaller right-wing parties to that Honkin’ Big Right-Wing party that is Likud.

    What *is* different is the reason why they fled from Bayit Yehudi and Yisrael Beitenu and flocked to Benjamin Netanyahu.

    Because up until two days before the election all those right-wing votes appeared to be set in stone, hardly budging an inch despite all the hoopla and all the hollering.

    Yet when Netanyahu dropped all pretence to statesmanship by blowing the racism whistle all those crusted-on supporters of Bennett and Lieberman liked what they heard and raced to his side.

    It is to Netanyahu’s eternal discredit (I was going to write “shame”, but the man is clearly shameless) that he flaunted his racism, but it is to Israel’s shame that so many voters were so obviously determined to cast their vote for the most openly racist candidate.

    Clearly that was Netanyahu, and that’s why they voted him back in.

  4. The Israeli public can take the blame or credit for Netanyahu. I can see the point that some have made that this outcome is better than the other because really things have to get worse before they get better. I have felt this for years now, that, unfortunately, Israeli’s will have to suffer enough.

    I am reminded with regard to Netanyahu’s duplicity, of the complaints made about Arafat lying, during, after, before Oslo. The claim was that he was not credible because he was saying one thing to his people in Arabic and something else to the rest of us in English.


    although this is not the actual discussion matter but I have just read an opinion on reuters regarding the iran negotiations just blew my mind. there are points made that every step (misstep actually) that republicans (read + bibi) took are used in those negotiations to cut down the US position and tie its hand both in the atomic capacity left in place and future verifications. EVERY SINGLE WORD SAID BY THOSE NUTCRACKERS HAVE HARMED THE US POSITION – READ BY YOURSELVES – here’s the link


  6. The attack on the author Yonatan Geffen (who had called Mr. N. a racist) indicates a sinister development: violence and intimidation becoming the main means of political “communication”.

  7. There is a very, very interesting line of commentary, on a verse of the Qur’an, written by someone named Bashirruddin, that predicted, probably back in the early ’50s, that the State of Israel, as a nation, was a temporary phenomenon. Of course, Bashirruddin was accused of being anti-Semetic.

    But, it appears to me that the most anti-Jewish people themselves are the Zionists and racists that “love” Israel. They will love Israel TO DEATH. Hezbollah, Iran, Syria, and the entire “Resistance” would do well to consider re-direction its money from armaments, as their defense (or, as some believe, planned offense) against Israel. Because, with Bibi back in the saddle, Israel does not have to be worried about being attacked with physical weapons, or with Hezbollah armies. Because Israel is, obviously, very capable of destroying itself. And perhaps that is what Bashirruddin was able to see: the suicide of the Israeli state.

    As they say in the U.S., “Hey, I’m just SAYING.”

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