28 thoughts on “Shmuley Boteach, CodePink and the Priestly Malediction – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Yes. Shmuley Boteach is a scumbag, but Code Pink wants to shutdown a bipartisan dialogue on Iran’s nuclear proliferation. A dialogue that would also consider how Iran is destabilizing the Middle East, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen, as part of a none to subtle divide and conquer strategy.

    1. @ Hefe: “Shut down?” They’re not trying to shut down anything? They’re raising awareness that the Lobby & Bibi want a war with Iran. That’s a public service.

      As for “destabilizing the Middle East,” there’s a far more dangerous regional power already doing that…

      1. Yep, even up close, it’s still Mort Klein. That woman sitting next to him? Some freak. Maybe his wife. Good luck with all that, Mort. Lol

  2. ” Anyone who’s been in Orthodox synagogues on Shabbat will recognize the benediction offered by the kohanim in the congregation”
    This comment is not understood. Outside Israel the priestly blessing is only on the High Holidays.
    In Israel the Sepharidim and Gra people, Litvaks do it daily while the Chassidim keep the custom of still being outside of Israel and do it only on the HH.

  3. Definitely Mort Klein.

    Code Pink are lucky that woman limited herself to finger-cursing and not a full-scale mace attack.

    1. Excuse me, Danny. I misread your post. I need to drink coffee before I write this stuff. My apologies.

      1. No harm done.

        I actually love this photo. Really shows in bold strokes just how looney these people are (Vulcan lady is about to go full Spock on Code Pink).

    2. Ol’ Mort looks like he’s about to pop a vein in his head. Kudos to Code Pink for that. I think that woman will go to shul this week and pray extra hard.

  4. “Morton Klein, national president of the Zionist Organization of America, sat in the front row and ended up in an altercation with the protestors, being pushed and threatened with a lawsuit, he said, after he tried to take one of the group’s signs.” http://washingtonjewishweek.com/20138/boteach-hosts-shadow-aipac-conference/ He has a seat of honor, directly to Sheldon’s left: https://shmuley.com/2015/03/03/elie-wiesel-rabbi-shmuley-and-ted-cruz-at-the-united-states-senate/ Front of sign: https://twitter.com/rebeccarnelson/status/572494833748721664/photo/1

  5. I am constantly mystified as to why the Blindly pro-Israel folks want to promote hate and far of Iran. If one were to listen to them, Iran is the final precursor to Armageddon because we all know Iran is out to destroy Israel and the rest of the so-called, civilized world (read, “White”).

    Iran’s feared “Nucular” capability simply strikes an existential fear among these Blind Supporters of Israel and a sense of forbdoing even among the rest of the Jewsish world…picked up as a convenient whipping boy, by the Christian Right-wing nutters.

    Personally, my first wish it to have the entire region (India Pakistan, Israel and Iran) de-nuclearize, with all other nuclear powers, also doing the same, even though that may take a while. As things stand, my second wish is for Iran would make the damned nukes, because doing so, will get the rest of the world off Iran’s back, it will make the neighboring Arab states back off and it will actually humble Israel to a point where (shudder!!) they will actually come to a final, peaceful agreement with Palestinians…maybe as a one-state solution.

    Oh yes, I have heard all the talk about how “those crazies in Iran” will not hesitate to launch a nuclear strike against Israel. They said the same thing about Russia, about Pakistan and even about North Korea and while we can agree that some nations (including Israel) may appear crazy enough that we could easily conceive of them using their nukes, none have done so or, even come to nearly doing so…Except Israel and the US! The US is the ONLY nuclear power to have used its nukes and Israel, according to reports, actually had them loaded on aircraft, during the Yom Kippur War, before the voice of sanity pulled them back.

    As a matter of fact, the US is actually using its nuclear material on nations, disguised as “harmless” Deplreted Uranium munitions. Hundreds of thousands of tons of these cancer-causing, DNA-changing material has been carpeted all the way across from Kosova to Pakistan…notably all Muslim states. Now reports say Israel has been given DU bombs as well so Israel can start to attack Palestinians and others at a DNA level…as an existential measure, of course!

    1. Jafar, there is nothing irrational in Israel’s fear of Iran. Let us summarize some history. Israel was founded by European’s of Jewish affiliation and from day one they made war on natives that lived there. They succeeded in establishing a foothold. However, the initially defeated natives refused to accept their defeat. Therefore Israel decided to introduce nuclear weapons in this on going war.

      At the same time they did something else that was utterly stupid (given they decided to introduce nuclear weapons into this dispute) and that is, their city planners settled 80% of the Israeli Jews in the Tel Aviv metropolitan region. Tel Aviv may sound like a large city but its land area can be covered by the blast radii of about 5 Hiroshima sized nuclear bombs.

      This is unbelievably stupid. And Israel is still trying to coax Jews to move to Israel because it is safe!!? For now the utter stupidity of these decisions have not yet sunk in since none of their enemies have nuclear weapons. But once Israelis begin to realize what their leaders have done and if any of their enemies actually attain nuclear weapons, the only rational choice for Israelis would be to flee as fast as they can. Certainly in the long term Tel Aviv has to be one of the most dangerous cities on earth. Israel is trying to put off the day of reckoning by convincing the United States to destroy any Moslem state that attains nuclear capability. Hmm, hasn’t Pakistan done just that? Think about it Israelis, what do you think is going to happen?

      1. Given that Israel is a very small country anyway does it make much difference where one lives when there is a nuclear attack?

        Such an attack seems however most unlikely even if Iran gets nuclear arms.

      2. ToivoS. Your narrative reflects the existential hysteria the must be ingrained and maintained among the Jews’ mindset, in order to continue the fervor of Israel and the support it needs to maintain itself as the occupier usuper of an entire people.

        Iran is portrayed as the greatest exstential threat to Israel…IRAN, the ONLY Muslim-majority country that still has reserved Parliament seats for its Jews; the Jews who are fleeing to Israel because Israeli propaganda has placed them in a state of screaming fear of a terrible, unknown future in a “Muzlem” country. IRAN, where undeniably, its Jews are treated FAR better than Israel treats its own Palestinian citizens. The same Palestinians (who (gasp!!) were voting in droves, in this last election! Holy Smokes, another exisstential threat!!)
        Could the Blindly pro-Israeli groups not pick a more believable existential “threat” to Israel…such as Israel’s own leadership?

        Strangely, in your mind “the natives (can you even say “Palestinians”?) refused to accept defeat”…what exactly should they have done? permit the invaders and occupiers, the ancient war-right to dispossess, loot, pillage, rape and destroy? Suppose a group of people declared a “Divine right of return” to New York, kicked out most of the people from there, killed a whole bunch and took over their properties because they were not registered in accordance with the norms of the invaders. Do you think New Yorkers or the US, should “accept defeat” and live as peaceful neighbors while the invaders to NY, continue to dispossess and oppress whatever numbers of “natives” that still lived there?
        To top that, should the invaders cry “existential necessity” whenever a neighboring state or, some “natives” try to kick the invaders out because the invaders will not permit the “natives” to live in peace and as equals?

        Arie Brand’s comment on the imagined safety of Israelis (Jews AND Muslims and Christians!) from an improbable nuclear attack, speaks more clearly than a volume of strategic ideas.

        1. @Jaffar


          You make the Zionists sound like aliens from another planet.
          Don’t Jews have a historical tie to Eretz Yisroel dating back thousands of years?. Now the Arabs, from Arabia, they certainly did invade the land during the Muslim conquest.

          Oh. And what about that Balfour Declaration and League of Nations thingee? Weren’t the Jews invited to return to Palestine-Filistina-Eretz Yisroel? And what about those Jews who’d ‘invaded’ the area when Ottomans were firmly in charge and there were no ‘Palestinians’ of any stripe.

          My great grandfather was born and raised in Jerusalem, and when he emigrated to New York, Ellis Island registered his nationality as ‘Ottoman’. I have the documents!

          1. @ Hefe: What do you call hundreds of thousands of Europeans immigrating to an Arab land? Colonizers? How’s that much different from invader? “Historical tie” is far different than “legal claim.” Jews do have ties to Israel. But that doesn’t entitle them to usurp the indigenous inhabitants as Israel has done with impunity. The Middle East has had invaders going back millenia. Not just Muslims and not even just European Jews. But again, unless you want to retreat to the times when Israelites exterminated other native tribes in their conquest of Israel, I’d suggest different rules should apply nowadays.

            “Invited to return?” You’re daft. Weizmann and others lobbied the British government for the Balfour Declaration. It was the product of intense Zionist pressure.

            As for being “no Palestinians of any stripe,” you know as well as I that Arab claims to Palestine are just as valid as any Jewish claim. When you can claim a direct lineal descent from an Israelite let us know. Till then, your claims don’t trump anyone else’s.

          2. Hefe. Man! I hate to deflate ypur idyllic, idealistic, balloon BUT “Palestine” and “Palestinians” have been recognized there since at least the times ot the ancient Greeks and Romans.
            The other notion you and many like you, seem to cling to, is that anytime Israel or Israeli Jews are criticized (or condemned), EVERY Jew must be existentially threatened. I have no issues with Jews who lived in what is now Israel/Palestine and I am pretty sure the Palestinians did not either. It was only when European Jews decided to “return” to a land that even their past ten generations had not seen and “return” with guns in hand, that Palestinians, Arabs, Muslims and most of the world, has learnt to hate the oppressors (NOT the same as “Jews”!).

            As for the Balfour Declaration, you and your friends conveniently forget the condition under which the declaration was made so, allow me to refresh your memory:
            “…it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine…”.
            By the way, there is no wording in it, that might suggest that Jews have a RIGHT to take Palestine and nothing that suggests Jews were being INVITED to “return” to Palestine. It simply states that “Her Majesty’s government views with favour, the establishment in Palestine (Oh, that damned word again!), of a national home for the Jewish people…”

            The only right “Her Majesty’s government” had, to make this extravagent gift to the Zionist Federation, was the power of their guns backed by a cameraderie of other imperial powers calling themselves “The League of Nations”. A better term would have been, “The League of Empires”.

            The INVADING Jews might have been absobed and accepted in that land, had they not made it their goal to cleanse the area of Arabs and take over their properties, a practise that continues to this day and a practise that is recognized as “Genocide” by the Geneva Convention on Genocide, check it out.

    2. Iran is the sanest nation in the world when it comes to nuclear weapons. Khamenei: “The Iranian nation has never pursued and will never pursue nuclear weapons. There is no doubt that the decision makers in the countries opposing us know well that Iran is not after nuclear weapons because the Islamic Republic, logically, religiously and theoretically, considers the possession of nuclear weapons a grave sin and believes the proliferation of such weapons is senseless, destructive and dangerous.”

      There are scores of similar statements by dozens of Iranian political and religious leaders over several decades. http://www.wideasleepinamerica.com/2012/10/the-goldberg-predilections-ignoring.html.

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