8 thoughts on “Israel’s Largest Bank Hacked: $20-Million Fraud, 2.5-Million Clients’ Data Stolen, Disgruntled Employee Likely Peddled It to Israeli Enemy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. How does Israel’s, population 8 million, 4th largest bank have a customer base of 2.5 million?

    ” I find it highly likely Rosanes was peddling his data to an “enemy” Arab state ”

    What was an enemy State of Israel going to do with spoiled credit card information?

    1. @ Figg: Leumi is Israel’s largest bank. My error.

      But no one has said that 2.5 million customers is the entire database. It’s the size of the database he stole. There may be other databases. After all, he worked in the credit card unit & that’s probably the number of credit card customers the bank has.

      As for peddling the information to other countries, who says the database was “spoiled?”

        1. @ Figg: It didn’t know what data had been compromised. It only knew that some data had been compromised. Extortionists aren’t in habit of telling victims precisely which data they’ve stolen so victims can render the theft useless to the thief.

  2. Bank Leumi and Lahav 433 cyber crime unit solved extortion scheme | Nov. 16, 2014 |

    The suspect further threatened to sell the secret information to the highest bidder if his demands were not met, Ynet reported. Following the alleged threats, police’s elite Lahav 433 cyber crime unit launched a covert investigation into the case and determined that the suspect had been assisted by at least seven more people, six of whom had worked or were still working at Leumi Card.

    The names of five of the suspects were released early Sunday morning: Ziv Darin, Avraham David, Assaf Mor, Elad Abulafia and Moti Shilon. The Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Lezion extended their remand by five days until Thursday. Six of the suspects, police said, hacked a main computer at a large banking corporation and copied sensitive files.

    Gad Lior adds that cyber experts in Israel Police and the Cyber Authority also maintain a presence in Darknet for this very purpose, to expose cybercrime plots. The suspects were remanded on motzei Shabbos the eve of 23 Marcheshvan.

  3. Richard – your imagination is amazing. You are squandered (???, מבוזבז) novelist. The only place that competes with the number of Israeli tourists with Thailand, and more specifically Bangkok and the Islands, is India. The leap you’re making is huge.
    The court gag can be for any of many other reasons.

    1. I never said there weren’t Israelis in Thailand. I said it was a good place for an Israeli hacker to go if he wanted to be in close contact with any number of Arab – Muslim states, since Thailand maintains good relations with such states..

      Also how does the system “essentially disenfranchises Israeli Palestinians”?

      I’ve written thousands of words on this subject in posts and my own comments here. I’ve done it not just once or twice but 10 or 20 times. I just don’t have the cheyshek to repeat myself.

  4. Eliran Rosanes is the “Guardians of Peace” for Leumi Card (yes, the Sony Films thing was an inside job using the North Koreans as an accidental cover because the company and the Fibbies smelled an “international plot” that didn’t exist.) At least Rosanes gets to go to jail in that stylin’ Porsche hat; what is this, 1987?

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