19 thoughts on “Israel’s Upcoming Election: “It Don’t Matter Anymore” – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. so Bibi was prepared to make a peace deal with the Palestinians, who are the ones most responsible for the failure.
      Haha, you indeed are a member of Hasbara International. Thanks for the laugh.

    2. @ Red Eft: “Your take” was that Bibi, who you earlier purported to hate (and which I don’t believe), was prepared to make a deal. And your support is an article from The New Republic-an? Excuse me while I laugh.

    1. Do you in earnest believe that Israel regime with all its racist religious nuts would have let such a excellent story for them go without maximum propaganda making among Israeli and US public if they would have had any evidence and a real Palestinian “offeror”. Now no reference to this Palestinian suggesting Obama assassination allegation was made in the charge sheet released Tuesday. Wow, what a country and what kind of police.

      What is describing to Israeli Jewish police’s moral standards and ethics is that they tell this kind propagandist unproven rumors in order to make Jewish / Christian terrorism efforts in question less visible. Now they tell this kind of idiotic assassination story only in order to get little “Palestinian filth” in the stories in the media around the world. Well the international press is so used to Israeli propagandist tricks that very few newspapers bother even to tell this “Palestinian offering…” part.

    2. @ Red Eft: So you support the secret arrest of U.S. citizens by foreign governments and eliminating the presumption of innocence sacred to western law? Good to know. You see me, I believe even the worst suspects deserve the protections of law offered, supposedly, to all citizens. I never saw in the U.S. constitution a provision for police to eliminate them for certain citizens. I’m also glad to see you prefer Israel’s system. You deserve it & it deserves you. You’re a match made in Hell.

      1. @Richard Silverstein

        “..a match made in Hell.”

        Gag or ‘supression’ orders are also used in Great Britain, with some regularity, as well as in Australia.
        The United States uses ‘NSA letters’ with equal effect.

        Richard. I don’t follow you. How does a secret arrest eliminate the presumption of innocence? A presumption of innocence means that the government carries the burden of the case. The government must prove it’s case, and not the other way around. Once the detainee’s identity is revealed, the State of Israel still carries the burden.

        How does

        As a practicing defense attorney, I do not like gag orders and I am positive that they are overused and abused, here in Israel.

        1. No democratic state has nearly as many gag orders and cases of military censorship as Israel.

          NSA ltrs are exceedingly rare and there are NGOs fighting against them tooth & nail, unlike in Israel, where opposition is half hearted or non existent.

          Read the post again. The FBI statement implies guilt. My meaning was clear if you read the post carefully. But since you raise the question, in a national security state like Israel citizens are conditioned to accept the word of the Stasi. If you are accused of a national security crime, esp if you are not Jewish, you are guilty. Saying the govt must prove its case is preposterous. The govt merely has to appear and the judiciary grants it whatever the State wishes. Evidence is secret. Not even the defense can see it. The victim has no right to confront accusers. Do you really know anything about the Israeli legal system pertaining to national security?

          1. @RS

            “NSA ltrs are exceedingly rare ”

            You are wrong.

            “Over 300,000 NSLs have been issued in the past 10 years alone. The most NSLs issued in a single year was 56,507 in 2004. In 2013, President Obama’s Intelligence Review Group reported; that the government continues to issue an average of nearly 60 NSLs every day. By contrast, in 2000 (the year before the passage of the USA PATRIOT Act that loosened NSL standards), 8,500 NSLs were issued.”


            It may seem that NSL letters are exceedingly rare, but that’s only because the recipient is forbidden from discussing them under threat of punishment.

          2. “The FBI statement implies guilt.”

            The FBI can imply guilt because the FBI falls under the Executive branch of government, not the Judicial branch. The ‘presumption of innocence’ applies to the Judicial branch of government.

          3. @ Red Eft: That’s utter baloney. You’re making up constitutional law as you go along. Presumption of innocence applies to all branches, but especially to those which apprehend & investigate crimes.

            Since you’ve again ignored my request to honor the 3 comment rule, you are now moderated. I will in future approve a maximum of 3 comments a day by you.

  1. “The upshot is that unless the parties unite, they will be shut out of the Knesset. So instead of Israeli Palestinians having only half the actual representation they should have in proportion to their actual population in the current Knesset, they will have none. It was a shrewd racist move in many ways. Even if the parties do coalesce into a single entity Palestinians, almost half of whom refuse to participate in the electoral process at all, will be far less motivated to vote.”

    I don’t agree, and neither do Palestinian intellectuals and MK Ahmed Tibi and Haneen Zoabi.
    In an article by Jack Khoury in Haaretz: “Arab parties present united front” (I don’t post the link in order not to block the publication of the comment), I was actually surprised to read this:
    “Dr. Nihad Ali, a sociologist from the Western Galilee College and the University of Haifa, believes that raising the electoral threshold is actually good for Arabs. “I, together with University of Haifa professors As’ad Ghanem and Sami Samocha, submitted a document calling for raising the electoral threshold, since it would promote Arab unity. This was a clear demand made by the Arab community in surveys we conducted over the years. Most of the Arab public wants a united front so that one – or at most two – lists will encourage people to come out and vote.”
    I don’t know this Dr Nihad Ali, but I know professor As’ad Ghanem who’s an outspoken critcic on Israeli ethnocracy, and Samy Samocha (I googled to find out whether this is another way of transcribing the name of Samy Smooha, it is. I’m not into Hebrew transcription and it seemed too different to me but it is the same well-known sociologist who coined the “ethnocratic democracy” about Israeli democracy)

    I know JPost isn’t the best source but this article reflects what I’ve read elsewhere: Zoabi, Tibi and others expect higher parcitipation among the Arab voters.
    Hadash, Balad and Ra’am-Ta’al (which already is two separate parties on one list) are going to unite in one or maybe two parties according to what I’ve read.

  2. I am not sure at all that Bibi will be the next PM – my feeling is that he has exhausted his usefulness in advancing the country`s goals. A new face buys time – a commodity that is usually in need in Israel and is especially so now in the anticipation that Obama will be replaced by a more staunch supporter of Israel, Bush style, and also planned EU anti-Israel aggressive moves will get delayed by the election of a new PM. In any case, Israel is now busy signing huge contracts with India, under its new generally pro-Israeli and anti-Islamist leader, which would also act towards decreasing economic reliance on the EU – but that takes time to ripe.

  3. EU anti-Israel aggressive moves… Yeah right, after we supported Israel for decades, financed the Occupation and so on. Get real. Please do sign contracts with India and see where that gets you, Rambo!

  4. Israel needs to use China as a new sugardaddy, because America is catching on that Israel is mutating into some sort of goon state…..but then, we probably used Shabak goons in the black sites or they advised us to go full Gestapo in our torturing, so we are unfortunately joined at the hip. I wish a Russian surgeon could cut us apart, but just asking is “anti-Semetic” somehow to the beltway talking heads and the hasbarist robots in these comments.

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