16 thoughts on “Ephraim Khantsis: Portrait of KahanaWannabe American-Jewish Settler Terrorist – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. One minor correction. Haaretz does not list him as a convert but describes him in Hebrew as a Khozer B’Tshuva, a secular person who becomes religious. I often translate the expression as a born-again Jew, The analogy is IMO apt. Someone may be formally a Christian/Jew but on being “born again” they become devout and start practicing their religion or at least what passes for the devout version of it.

  2. “He recently graduated from SUNY Stony Brook with a degree in computer science. ”

    Americans are educating the very people who will, ultimately, destroy the US.

    Natan Sharansky notwithstanding, wasn’t one of the key tensions around Jewish emigration from USSR in the ’80s the demand by Moscow that emigres repay to the Soviet state the investment USSR had made in the emigres’ education?

  3. Reference “…aberrant form of Jewishness and Zionism.” So telling and timely.

    Bad actors, who are extolled, enflame anti-Semitism!

    Crack-down and destruction of these movements and ideas a necessary wake-up from nightmare.

  4. I went to Yeshiva with this guy until he got kicked out a couple days ago. I agree with Rabbi Kahane on the issues but I have distanced myself from him in the past month because I am seeing the real face behind the mask. Apperntly in Gemura class every single line of Germura he would make a radical statment. He even believes that we should kills those who break Shabbat. My Yeshiva Machon Meir is being over run my Shabbak and the Police because of this kid. I am really starting to get pissed off because of the bad name my Yeshiva is getting due to someone who thinks he can change the world by being louad and annoying.

  5. B”H – This is the most anti-Jewish article of the year by far. Not one Jewish idea, just smear on smear, disinformation on disinformation. Efraim the man and Efraim the Land are Jewish, forget about “kahanawannabees”: Places like Kfar Tapuah are social-engineered, hotbeds for Likud and Kadima recruiters, if anything. If the State of Israel was Jewish, and not a mere usurper of the Jewish narrative and of the Jewish Land, people like Teitel could stay at home and play with their kids.

  6. B”H – This of course is true, unfortunately. At the same time utterly irrelevant: Judaism is not about what assimilated and Hellenized so called “Jews” may think, it’s about what Hashem, our G-d told us to do, to be in this world for, as Jews: A package that we accepted upon ourselves blindly, for all generations, even before the Torah was given.

    In this context you are not only fighting me and the ones you call “radical settlers”, a doubly pejorative, anti-Jewish description, but the G-d of Israel, the very King of the universe, blessed is He and, again of course, I don’t understand why, in his right mind, one would chose to fight such an un-holy, evil and let me say predictable-outcome war: You are condemning yourself to be irrelevant, just one of G-d’s enemies over the millennia, one who will be destroyed like all the others and placed in the dustbin of His divine History. Let me inform you, that G-d and His Jews are here to stay, even if you don’t want it and even if you fight it.

    1. this is utter nonsense & you have no more of a corner on the market of knowing what God thinks than any other JEW. BUT it certainlyy is a trademark of frumeh Yidd’n such as yrself to put yrself out to the world as having such a monopoly. A.nd unfortunately such faith in yr own rectitude is what has helped bring us the current bloodbath that is the israeli palestinian conflict. If you look at some of the worst tragedies of Jewish history, they were caused by Jews like you who claimed to know the right path and it always led to war against our so called enemies: Rome in particular. Look where faith in Bar Kochba got us. Look where faith in yr beloved Rav Meir Kahane is taking Israel. No, if Jews like you were to control Israel’s destiny it would be destroyed. Then you & the survivors would come crying on our shoulders for refuge. And you’d have a million excuses for the disaster blaming eveyrone but yr own selves.

      And call me or any other Jew by the odious term u used above & u won’t comment here again. Fahrshtet??

      I am not fighting the God of Israel, that is my God. My God doesn’t allow me to kill other Jews as yours does. My God doesn’t allow me to kill Arabs or Muslims as yours does. Yours is the God of Judea. Mine is the God of Israel. The God of Israel trumps the God of Judea every time.

      For calling me an “enemy of God” you’ve richly earned your banishment. And may the memory of you and everyone who believes as you do be erased, just as one of your friends tried to publish a comment here in which he wished the memory of the martyr Yizhak Rabin to be so erased. I don’t know whether you believe in Hell or not, if you do you’ll end up there & richly deserve that punishment as well.

  7. B”H – I don’t know if you talk to me or not, but if you do, let me remind you that one of my grandfathers was killed by the nazis and one of my grandmother comitted suicide after the war because of this, so I do not accept traitors like you dispensing cheap offenses. If you knew what Torah is, you’d think and talk differently. Having said this, democracy indeed does not represent a value for me, in as much as it is a foreign culture to Judaism: We do what Hashem, our G-d wants from us, not what the majority of people think. With other words we don’t go by numbers, but by truth. For Americans like you numbers are holy. For Jews, G-d is.

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