3 thoughts on “Hebron Kidnappers Went Rogue, Against Hamas Wishes – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Going rogue …

    Omar al-Qawasmeh, from Hebron’s al-Sheikh neighbourhood, killed in Israeli raid

    Later, the Israeli army issued a statement acknowedging that al-Qawasmeh’s killing was unintended. It said he “was present in one of the terrorist’s homes.” An Israeli military spokesman told the AFP news agency: “There is no indication that [al-Qawasmeh] was involved in any terror activity at any stage and therefore we regret the incident.”

    JPost: 4,000 attend funeral for for mistakenly killed Omar al-Qawasmeh

    Fatah, Hamas officials jointly attend funeral amid accusations of responsibility; Hamas calls to “unleash the resistance” in Gaza rally.

  2. From J.J. Goldberg’s article in The Forward: “Unruly Hebron Clan Pushes Hamas — and Israel — to Brink”

    More detailed accounts appeared in Hebrew in two conservative Israeli outlets, including a lengthy piece by Eldar on the Jerusalem Post’s Hebrew website, and another in Maariv by military affairs reporter Assaf Gibor.

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