6 thoughts on “Israeli Murdered in Brussels Was Israeli Spy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. There is another possibility. Nemmouche is not the actual killer, but an accomplice. The one who was meant to be caught. Perhaps because it would give an easy bone to chew on to those in search of bones. he was either handed the bag with the weapons or was instructed where to find it. He then boarded a bus that was always searched so he can be found.

    Nemmouche has an impeccable cover story – gone to Syria, fought for ISIS, radicalized, etc. He has what’s called, “plausibility”. allows the security forces to shut the case, stop looking all around for the killer, who then made his escape, nice and clean.

    The more I look at this case, the more it looks like a “hit”. If Nemmouche is indeed just a selected stooge, then whoever is behind this assassination gambit is quite sophisticated.

    in such a scenario, luck would play no role in why the Rivas were where they were. Or in the assassin’s get away. Or in the all-too-fortuitous discovery of Nemmouche traveling on a bus that is bound to be searched, with a weapons’ bag, plain in sight. ,

    1. Isn’t the question of his involvement to be solved easily? The film of the security camera had some rather clear pictures of the shooter. Is he the same man? Aren’t there all kinds of advanced techniques to establish this? Denying if those picitres are really him seems to be a hopeless strategy. He has a lawyer, right? Would his lawyer not have told him that this is useless? This is very strange.

  2. Just curious: the shooting was on Saturday May 24th. That’s Sabbath. Hoe Jewish were Mr & Mrs Riva?

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