17 thoughts on “Israeli Border Police Murders Two Palestinian Youths in Cold Blood – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. give me a break, posting fake videos.
    Go to 0:48, see how the fake “dead” jumps down, hands in front not to harm himself.
    This is not how someone who got hit by a bullet falls down.
    This is how a fake actor plays dead, spread his hands forward and jumps down to absorb the hit.

      1. Could you provide a link to an unedited version of the video ?
        I don’t see any soldiers in the video, or any riots for that matter.The CCTV’s timer jumps etc.
        I would like to see the full video before jumping to any conclusions.

        1. @ Nonsense: Watch the Mabat video I’ve posted in tonight’s post. It shows the police & says they were 100-250 meters away from the protesters. It looks like they were standing behind a wall and even further protected from the protesters.

      2. I am so glad you keep your threads clean of the vilest filth. If you see the comments at this point in time at Haaretz….

    1. “This is not how someone who got hit by a bullet falls down.”

      Really? And you know that….. how, exactly?

      There are two Palestinians in a morgue. NOBODY disputes that, not even the IDF.
      Those two Palestinians were shot dead. NOBODY disputes that, not even the IDF.

      And here we have a CCD surveillance video showing two Palestinians being shot.


      Morgue, remember.
      Stiffs, remember.
      Bullet-holes, remember.

      If that CCD video was “faked” then you have to come up with some plausible explanation for why there are two dead Palestinians who were killed by (a) a bullet to the chest and (b) a bullet to the back.

      Care to explain those, ahem, slight inconveniences?

      Take your time, I’ll wait.

  2. The first victim stretches his arms forward as he falls, and right after hitting the ground rolls and stops moving.
    The other victim was hit in a very similar way, in the exact same spot.
    Do you know if they were hit directly in the head? this will imply that they were shot by a sniper – but there should have been blood splatter in the vicinity.

    1. @ Nimrod: One was shot in the back (facing away from the shooter) the other shot in the head. This was definitely Israeli Border Police sniper fire. It’s on the Mabat video which is displayed in tonight’s new post about the murders.

      1. In the Mabat video, the father of the first victim (not clear if he was the one that was shot in the head or back) shows the bullet that killed his son (2:08), claiming he found it in his school bag – this is contradictory to the fact this his son was shot in the back. He also shows the entry hold the bullet made in the school bag, but it seems to be clean of any traces of blood (2:19).

        I noticed a cameraman in 4:02, coming in close after the second boy was shot. Do you know of any pictures that released from that scene? that would shoot down any claims that this footage was stages.

        1. @ Nimrod: Clearly the father who showed the bullet that penetrated the bookbag is the one whose son was shot in the back. Not to mention that if you were shot in the back bystanders would immediately remove your backpack to allow for your wound to be inspected. Not surprising there would be no blood.

          As for video, get in touch with Defense of Children or Mabat. They can help you. I’m not a video archive.

          I find this whole obsessive need to document Palestinian claims (which is really an attempt to refute them) to be offensive. 2 boys were murdered. If you need to prove to yourself that Palestinians aren’t lying you’ll have to do that somewhere else than here.

          1. @ Richaed
            I have no doubt that two Palestinian teenagers were killed, and no doubt that Palestinians were murdered in the past, but I do have doubts regarding the authenticity of this particular footage.
            I asked if you know of any other pictures or footage because usually, you get this kind of stuff that main stream media doesn’t.

          2. @ Nimrod: YOu have absolutely no reason nor credible evidence to support the claim the footage is inauthentic. Those boys weren’t killed. They were murdered by the Border Police, who do this on a regular basis.

            Your attempt to refute the footage or disbelieve it is shameful. You should be ashamed, but you won’t be.

          3. @ RS
            What you are saying is simply impossible. The father presented what seemed to be a bullet projectile that he recovered from the backpack. If his son was shot from the back, the projectile will go through the backpack into the body and will not be found in the backpack.

            The father claim is that the bullet penetrated his son’s chest (meaning he was shot from the front) went through the back, and stopped in the books.

            In a matter of fact, the father presents (2:09 at the Mabat Video) what seems to be an intact projectile wrapped in a plastic bag.

            I am no ballistic expert by no means, but i do know a little physics and have seen few bullets and their projectiles in my life. A projectile will deform upon impact, especially when it comes in contact with hard objects, such as bones etc.

            in short – what surfaced so far, doesn’t add up. You will get no conviction, based on the video’s released, in a court of law, and before you (or anyone else) screams bloody murder, i would like to see more concrete evidence.

          4. @ Nonsense: The bullet in the plastic look absolutely deformed to me. It’s mangled ferchrissakes! Are you sure you were wearing your glasses? Sorry, chum. Nobody’s buying today.

            You’re done on this subject in this thread. Move on.

  3. why this video is editted? what those “innocent” youth were doing before they shot down? this is an editted video that doesn’t show what they did. at the end, people run and film. it is a pure provocation. you throw stones? you have to know that you might hit buy a bullet. if you want to be safe – don’t throw stones and live your life.

    1. “why this video is editted?”

      Because it is a 24/7 security CCD feed, that’s why.

      Or do you really expect people to go onto YouTube and watch 24 hours of unedited video just to catch a 10 second period where someone is shot through the back, and then hauled away to hospital to be pronounced DOA?

      The shopkeeper has the unedited video, he handed it to DoCP, and they snipped out the snippets that show the two youths being shot in cold blood.

      WHY is that in any way suspicious?
      WHY is that in any way “provocative”?

      They have a video. It runs for 24 hours. In that 24 hours there are two people who are shot dead in cold blood.

      If **you** were DoCP what would **you** post on YouTube?

      Would you post:
      a) 24 hours of raw CCD video footage?
      b) The two incidents of Palestinians being shot dead in cold blood?

      Which one, (a), or (b)? If you answer (a) then you’re an idiot.

    2. @ guy: I have a sacrosanct comment rule. When people die, you respect the dead. If you can’t do that then you won’t comment here.

      BTW, these Palestinians were not throwing stones when murdered. And Palestinians have been murdered for doing nothing more than sleeping in their beds. So you don’t have to actually throw a stone to be murdered. Also, in which national criminal code does it permit summary execution for throwing a stone?

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