4 thoughts on “Israeli Security Services Arrest Israeli Palestinian Journalist, Activist; Israeli Media Under Gag – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Israel’s Bedouin eviction plan opposed

    Thousands expected to take part in Day of Rage events against policy of resettling Bedouin of southern Negev desert.

    “We, the Palestinians in Israel, are taking responsibility of our rights, our future and our self-determination… not by the Israeli institutions but in the streets, not as Israeli citizens but as a united people beside [Palestinians in the] West Bank and Gaza,” Majd Kayyal, a Palestian activist from Haifa who organised protests on Saturday, told Al Jazeera. “The confiscation of 50 percent of the lands that we own inside Israel is a war declaration,” he said

    Protest against the Prawer Plan – Lehavim junction 1.8.2013

    Protection of the Bedouin under UN charter as an indigenous people?

  2. Please keep track of this case so that we know if he was convicted or released.
    As far as i know, visiting Lebanon without permission is a criminal act per se.

    1. As far as i know, visiting Lebanon without permission is a criminal act per se.

      Not exactly, a number of Israeli Jewish journalists including Lisa Goldman have done it without facing any charges. Technically it is illegal (but apparently only for Israeli Palestinians!).

  3. Majd Kayyal has written glory in the twenty-fifth of last month on a page in the site “Facebook” after his arrival in Beirut: “Dear friends, last night fulfilled a dream and went to Beirut.’m Going with colleagues and friends from Lebanon, Iraq, Tunisia, Morocco, Sudan, Egypt, Yemen, in a seminar Ambassador of the Arab” We are in 2054, “a symposium to mark the 40 years of the establishment of Al-Safir newspaper, and after the events and programs related to the duration of two weeks …”.

    Source: Blog post Jadaliyya In the wake of his visit to Beirut: the arrest of journalist Majd Kayyal
    Twitter account Majd Kayyal

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