6 thoughts on “IDF Officers Produce Islamophobic T-Shirt – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. [comment deleted for comment rule violation: do not repeat yourself in comments. Say it once and no need to say it again.]

  2. I noticed in your twitter feed the photo of the kohanim with your comment “what the hell?” Have you never been to synagogue on Yom Kippur or any of the many other occasions when the kohanim/priests come up to “duchen” and bless the congregation with their hands outstretched like that?

    1. @ Sara: Perhaps in your Orthodox synagogue kohanim duchen. But in 90% of the synagogues in America there is no duchening. And in the remaining 10% the kohanim certainly don’t dress in white tunics and come fresh from shechting pigeons & other animal sacrifices.

      1. Although I now attend an orthodox synagogue I am not orthodox, and I know for sure that in Conservative shuls kohanim duchen, since I grew up attending Conservative shuls! As for the white garb, it’s called a kittel and on holy days many Jews wear them. But in the end, the entire ceremony is discussed is simply not worthy of a “what the hell” comment. It’s perfectly in line with what kohanim/priests are.

        1. @ Sara: All that you say doesn’t contradict what I said, which is that duchening is an obscure ritual observed in a tiny minority of synagogues most of them Orthodox. Undoubtedly, the shul you attended was Conservadox. I have worshipped in Conservative synagogues my entire life and never observed it in any Conservative shul. I have seen the ritual once or twice among hundreds of synagogue visits, when I worshipped at an Orthodox shul.

          Jews do not wear kittels on Pesach. Nor has any Kohen I’ve ever seen duchening worn a kittel. Nor is anything shown in the Israeli bizarre ritual “perfectly in line” with anything except messianic delusions about rebuilding the Temple, destroying the Dome of the Rock & reinstituting ritual sacrifice; developments 98% of world Jewry do NOT want.

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