11 thoughts on “Shin Bet Murders Palestinian Prisoner, Israel Media Can’t Report on Judicial Inquiry – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Professor Meira Weiss: I witnessed a whole system of deception regarding the death of a Palestinian.
    On the collaboration of the Israeli Forensic Institute in the IDF-lies.

  2. Hold it.
    Mr. Jaradat died in custody over a year ago. His death was reported in the press. He had a lawyer. He had a judge appointed to review his death. He had an independent autopsy.
    This is that case from last year where the independent autopsy said he died from ‘nervous shock’; a diagnosis which I don’t believe is a medically recognized by pathologists.


    What have I missed?

    1. @ Shoshana: First, Jaradat had a lawyer “appointed” who he’d met one time. The lawyer had no means to intercede in the proceedings against Jaradat. The judge extended his remand by 15 days after the victim complained of poor health. The judge asked for a doctor’s visit to the victim but there’s no proof one was arranged.

      There was no “independent autopsy.” Why do you believe the book to which you’ve linked had anything to do with Jaradat & why would you introduce this red herring into the thread? The actual autopsy said he died of edema, that is fluid in the lungs. He suffocated because he couldn’t breathe. All of which is consistent with massive damage to his chest by beatings.

      Do us a favor. Get us the video of the interrogation. Then we’ll know what happened. Can you do that and settle the case definitively?

      What are you missing? Just about everything I’m afraid.

  3. And I would add that the independent autopsy report found that efforts to resusitate Arafat had been made, including electo-shock burns and needle marks. Also, note the fractured second and third (upper) ribs on right and left side, which indicate another effort to resusitate by heavy pressure on the sternum.


    BTW. If the last prisoner to die in Shin Bet custody died in 1995, than that’s a pretty enviable statistic.

    1. @ Shoshana: First, you’re not a pathologist. The Palestinian appointed by the family, who found no injuries on his body consistent with efforts to revive him, is. As is the Turkish pathologist appointed by PCATI to review the original findings. She has 31 yrs medical experience including research & investigations in killing zones where torture is widely used against victims. They both looked at the injuries & found there was nothing that showed any efforts to revive him.

      As to how many died in Shin Bet custody, as I wrote these are the KNOWN deaths, the ones that could be directly attributed to the Shin Bet. There could be other prison deaths which the Shin Bet managed to conceal in various ways.

      You ought to return to Hasbara Central for a refresher course. Your efforts here aren’t bearing much fruit.

        1. @Shoshana: Marks “on the left side of the body” for the purposes of resuscitation. Entirely separate from the broken ribs & massive lung damage caused by torture, which is noted explicitly in the autopsy. The torture killed him. The attempts at resuscitation, such as they were, failed. Tell us again about your pathology expertise in interpreting autopsy findings? Try again…

          1. This IS amazing ! The first two links had nothing to do with this particular case, and now this.
            Do you think Shoshana is working for the Hasbara, I mean paid work ?

  4. My links are right on point.
    There is no such medical cause of death as ‘nervous shock’.

    Richard claimed that the autopsy report showed no efforts to resusitate. I linked the actual report which shows there was an effort to resusitate. This effort probably resulted in fractured ribs and bruising to the chest. The doctor who pronounced my late father told me all about cracked rib cages and CPR.

    I don’t doubt that Arafat was beaten by someone while in incarceration. That the beating led directly to his death remains, for me, unproven.

    1. @ Shoshana: Your links are off-point.

      This effort probably resulted in fractured ribs and bruising to the chest.

      Once again, you are not a pathologist and two professionals who are found the injuries to his chest were caused by “torture.” Not by resuscitation. Neither you nor the doctor who pronounced your father dead saw Jaradat’s body or performed his autopsy. Professionals who did both said it was torture.

      You’re done in this thread as you’ve repeated the same garbage multiple times. Do not comment further in this thread.

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