6 thoughts on “Obama’s Latest Sacrificial Victim on Altar of Political Expediency – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Just part of the right-wing demonization to thwart a chance for successful diplomacy …

    Interview with Dr. Hamid Aboutalebi

    Dr. Hamid Aboutalebi, the Iranian President Dr. Hassan Rouhani’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Political Affairs, has elaborated on the Iranian administration’s new approach to the issue of relations with the United States in the following interview.

    Q: Some domestic and foreign media and political circles have introduced you as the next ambassador and the permanent representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations. At the same time, some foreign websites have introduced you as one of the students who took part in storming the US Embassy in Tehran on November 4, 1979. By doing so, they have been certainly trying to shape a specific mentality around you before your presence in New York. Is this just a similarity of names or something else is involved here?

    Aboutalebi: When surfing the internet you come across such a high number of similar names and material that it totally amazes you. This is especially true about issues which are related to the past thirty and odd years. For example, you can find a person with my name and surname who has been martyred. In reality, however, on November 4 of that year and at the time of the occupation [of the US Embassy in Tehran], I was not in Tehran to be aware of this development or take part in it, so that my name can be mentioned in relation with it. When I heard of that incident, I was in [the southwestern Iranian city of] Ahvaz. Later on, when I came to Tehran, one day the late Martyr Dadman send a message to me through another commander of the imposed war [with Iraq], who was also martyred later and was called Zaker. He told me they needed somebody to do French translation for them. I accepted and went from my home to the airport. Therefore, accompanied with the special representative of the Pope – the leader of the world Catholic Christians –, who had already arrived in Tehran, I entered the [US] Embassy for the first time. On few other occasions, when they needed to translate something in relation with their contacts with other countries, I translated their material into English or French. For example, I did the translation during a press conference when the female and black staffers of the embassy were released and it was purely based on humanitarian motivations.

    Issue about controversy with U.S. State Department is found in Persian edition – KhabarOnline.

  2. I would hope that Iran would seek to enforce international legitimacy (or whatever) and insist that the USA explain to the UN why it has denied a visa to Aboutalebi. Perhaps merely repeating the words, (now, repeat after me) “We have evidence that he is a security risk to the USA” will satisfy the UN, but I’d hope that a bit more would be required. After all, although any country can refuse to receive an ambassador to itself, here the USA is setting itself up to decide which people can be sent by other countries to be their UN ambassadors (and other UN personnel). The USA goes too far and, once again, the UN should begin talking about removing to a neutral place, perhaps Geneva.

  3. If you list the dates of Israeli concocted sabotages in Iran such as explosions, assassinates, false flag terrorist activities and the dates of schedules possible agreements between Iran and US then you`ll find a strong correlation between the two events. This, especially if one draws the corresponding dates on a multi-year calendar, vividly demonstrates that Israelis are very determined to stop the two sides from talking. (No diplomacy…only war?)

    For instance when Iran agreed in principle to swap its 20% enriched uranium with fuel for Tehran Research Reactor, days before the scheduled meeting between Iranian and Western negotiators, Jundullah terrorists used a suicide bomber to kill 40. Among the dead were five IRGC generals.

    This infuriated Iranians who, based on their knowledge of the group, thought that was a US anti-Iran operation thus refused to take part in the planned negotiation. Later Americans found out Mossad agents, impersonating as CIA men had lured Judullah to carry out the bombing. This, in my view, caused the designation of Jundullah as Terror Group by State Department. On the basis of that ordination and because of the sophistication of operation of capturing the Jundullah’s leader, some might guess, the Americans helped Iranians to snatch him. He and his brother were later executed after a revealing confession on the Iranian state TV.

    I am sure that multiple coincidences of dates of sabotages and dates of possible bilateral US/Iran talks (to pave the way for a possible rapprochement?) forced US to keep 2013 Oman talks secret.

    I think, now Israel is deadly determined to destroy the process of P5+1/Iran talks. As I read in someplace (Haaretz?) Netanyahu has assigned a special Mossad Unit to find Iranian deceptions in the talks (read this as to annihilate the negotiation process).

    Thus no doubt Israel will use ANY opportunity to achieve the above goal.

    Rouhani’s mistake of 1) not realizing how the US political system works and the ‘not so complex’ machinery of the Israel-US interactions and 2) picking someone for UN, who is just ripe for starting the agitation of deep Americans emotions is peculiar. I do not know Rouhani but I don’t trust Khamenei and Rafsanjani. I suspect their names and their European bank account number were given to Ansari by Ari Ben Menashe.

    1. Individual terror operations of Jundallah could have been Mossad, riding piggy-back with the US funded and supported terror group …

      Bush’s Crusaders Join Forces with Soldiers of Allah in Terror Against Iran

      Iran’s Intelligence Ministry says Abdolmalek Rigi, ringleader of the terrorist group Jundallah (Soldiers of God) or People’s Resistance Movement of Iran (PRMI), was at a US base 24 hours before being captured by Iranian forces.

      Bush Funded CIA Operations of Jundallah, Not Mossad

  4. Richard, you are so right about Obama. The longer he serves, the more he proves to be an almost empty suit, made worse by the fact that his high oratory shows some comprehension of what is right, they he then ditches, and his educational background in law, no evidence of which has shown up – just the opposite.

    His term will be up soon…yet what mediocrities (if no loonies) will we have to choose from for the next prez? Obama was an icon at the start, but he’s failed even at that – at least icons stand for something!

  5. Please note that your picture is not of one of the the remorseless and manipulative princes that Machiavelli wrote about but of the small-r republican Machiavelli himself. There’s a lesson there, though I’m not exactly sure what it is.

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