4 thoughts on “Iranian and Israeli Chest-Puffing – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. Proof that Twitter exposes the foolishness of leaders who should know better & reveals their most idiotic views. But if you’re claiming there aren’t equally stupid comments made about Iran, its leaders and history by Israel’s leaders you’d be dead wrong. In fact, I’ve exposed some of them here.

  1. Many moons ago I was optimistic about the I-P negotiations and mentioned the one event that could derail the Obama grand schema on Syria – Iran and I-P talks: worsening developments in Ukraine.

    So the Washington Neocon crowd managed to get deeply involved in the Maidan protest in Kyiv and color the revolution red. President Obama has hired advisers who are interventionists and propagate US world dominance: Tony Blinken (former deputy to VP Joe Biden), Susan Rice, Vicky Nuland, William Burns and Samantha Power.

    A bellicose attitude towards Russia, no intention to compromise and no courage to deal on a person-to-person level with Putin. Much of the foreign policy is managed contrary to Obama’s promises and statements made during his presidential campaign. I sense a major conflict between advisers inside the White House and foreign policy is not pronounced by a single voice. See Joe Biden’s remarks, Vicky Nuland, William Burns, etc.

    The stakes are high and Obama doesn’t show he is in control.

    US ‘Diplomacy’ Dead-Ended In UN Security Council

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