6 thoughts on “NSA Snoops on Foreign Country, Recording Every Call Made – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. May be one of the Baltic States: there is no widespread pro-Russian sentiment in any of them, but there are a few Russians about, which Russia Today might spin up into a “persecuted Russian Majority” immediately prior to an invasion. I seriously think that recording all voice calls in Russia or China would be too much for the NSA, and I am not sure they’d be able to access all of the landline network, either.

    I suspect it’s Latvia, that the Latvian government does not actually object, and that the five other states will be adjoining ones.

    It’s never going to be India, because there are too many languages as well as to many calls.

  2. I am quite sure that the US is targeting hostile, backwards countries with primitive phone systems like Afghanistan and Yemen.

    1. @ Shoshana:

      hostile, backwards countries…like Afghanistan and Yemen.

      I wonder if Afghanis and Yemenis see their country in the same way you do? BTW, there is probably only a cell phone system operating in both places & cell phones are pretty easy to hack.

      1. The NSA can’t do magic.
        Even in a cell phone system, unless you had access to the actual distribution network, you couldn’t guarantee to monitor every call by eavesdropping the signals. You need to have base stations actively copying the call to you, so “recording everything” needs a smallish country and a cooperative telecoms company or government.

      1. Just out of interest: have you ever visited Scotland in a car which had a St George’s Cross sticker on the number plate?

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