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  1. Just now on Channel 10 – Israeli court has cancelled the gag on the story and it can be published as of 8 tomorrow morning

    1. No mention of Mike Grimm (R-NY). Would in the US, DoJ / FBI come forward with their part of the investigation tomorrow?

  2. FBI Investigation Into Mike Grimm (R) Fundraising

    CREW’s Report Most Corrupt In Congress – Michael Grimm [page 68]

    According to the Washington Post, investigators also are examining whether Rep. Grimm went into business with a restaurateur – presumably Mr. Orfaly – with connections to organized crime. (65) The exact allegations under investigation are unclear.

    (65) Paul Kane, House Ethics Committee Opens Probe of Grimm, Washington Post, November 26, 2012; Mitchel Maddux and Dan Mangan, SI Pol’s Partner Is Capo’s Good Pal, Grimm Has ‘Foodfella’ Link to Jailed Gambino, New York Post, October 8, 2012; Cowan, New York Times, Oct. 8, 2012; Paul Kane, Ethics committee again defers to Justice Department in Rep. Grimm probe, Washington Post, November 26, 2013.

    Since 2012, Rep. Grimm’s campaign committee has incurred $569,251.67 in legal fees to Patton Boggs.
    [Source: Michael Grimm for Congress, FEC Form 3]

    Rabbi Pinto questioned and placed under house arrest in Israel Oct. 11, 2012
    NY-11: FBI Arrests Mike Grimm’s (R) Big Fundraiser

  3. Texas woman in Grimm fundraising flap hires ex-FBI agent with Staten Island ties to defend her

    STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. (SI-live) – Diana Durand, 47, of Houston, has hired attorney Stuart Kaplan, of the Kaplan and Sconzo law firm in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., to defend her against charges of lying to federal agents and violating campaign finance regulations.

    Kaplan and Grimm (R-Staten Island/Brooklyn) are both former FBI agents, and both had served in the New York office. Kaplan said he served from 1995 to 2006, the same years that Grimm served with the bureau.

    Kaplan, who also served the FBI in Florida, declined to say whether he knew Grimm, and declined to say whether Grimm had anything to do with Ms. Durand becoming his client.

    But Federal Election Commission records show that Kaplan donated $1,500 to Grimm’s campaign in 2009.

  4. Stop trying so hard to find dirt on someone who is trying their hardest for this country and you would have mentioned that had you done your homework. Not only was he fbi but in military and a lawyer. Why would you try to create havoc in someones life who is also doing a good job for staten island.

  5. YnetNews: Gag order lifted

    The only senior police officer whose name is mentioned in a statement issued by the Justice Ministry regarding the investigation is officer Menashe Arviv.

    The department of internal affairs with the Israel Police stated that “recently, a probe was launched regarding officer Menashe Arviv, following information handed several weeks ago to the attorney general and the state prosecutor, attributing felonies of bribe, from sources affiliated with Rabbi Pinto, to the officer. At this stage, Arviv has yet to be questioned.”

    FBI investigation

    As part of a settlement with the FBI, a blackmail complaint filed by Pinto forced the rabbi to testify against Michael Grimm, a New York Republican Congressman and a former FBI agent. Pinto’s agreement with the FBI required that the rabbi’s phone be wiretapped and that he would divulge any information regarding financial transaction associated with the Hazon Yishaya organization.

    In the last 24 hours, an FBI representative landed in Israel together with recordings, documents, e-mail copies, and other materials that allegedly confirm the claims of Rabbi Pinto in regards to his link to the senior police officers.

    Also breaking news in Haaretz.

  6. Secrecy and “intelligence” trumps all, the Lindenstauss investigation – Maariv [Hebrew] –
    Sources Assassination Failure: “Significant Deficiencies in Police Operation”

    Police chief among top brass probed in informant deaths

    (Haaretz) Oct. 29, 2008 – The first victim was Eyal Salhov, of Bnei Brak, who provided information to the police from inside Avi Ruhan’s crime organization over an eight-year period. The second victim, who can be identified only as N., was an informant inside the Jerussi crime family. No one has ever been arrested for either of the two murders.

    The documents show that a number of police officers gave repeated warnings before the murders, and afterwards demanded a thorough investigation of the failures that led up to the deaths, but that they were ignored.

    The head of the investigations branch, Maj. Gen. Yohanan Danino, was aware at the time of the danger to Salhov’s life, and ordered a comprehensive check-up of the matter. However, as far as is known, that was never carried out, nor did Danino follow up.

  7. “Pinto has served as an adviser to a battery of Israel’s elite, including businessman Yitzhak Tshuva, Justice Minister Tzipi Livni, former justice minister Yaakov Neeman and floundering business tycoon Nochi Dankner.”
    [Source: JPost]

    Head Of Israel’s “FBI” Allegedly Took Bribes From Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto

    The investigative material gathered in the case so far has reportedly been shared with Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein and Pinto’s lawyers. The suspect is Maj. Gen. Menashe Arviv, who heads Lahav 433 unit. Lahav 433 includes the national fraud squad, the serious and international crimes unit, and the financial investigations unit.

    Before heading Lahav 433, Arviv was the Israel’s police attaché in the United States.

    In May 2011, Israeli and American police were conducting a joint investigation into Pinto and a nonprofit organization, Hazon Yeshaya, which he controlled.

    Police believe that Ben Zion Suky – an Israeli national who lives in Manhattan, is one of Pinto’s closest disciples, and who was for a significant amount of time a distributor of pornography – repeatedly bribed Arviv with Pinto’s knowledge.

    Lahav 433 arrested Pinto and his wife in October 2012 on suspicion of trying to bribe another police officer, Ephraim Bracha, to get information about the Hazon Yeshaya investigation. Arviv was not yet the head of Lahav 433 at that time.

    In his defense, Pinto claimed that Bracha was one of his disciples. He said he often gave Bracha money to help Bracha and his family.

    Police do not deny that Bracha was a follower of Pinto. But they insist Bracha did nothing wrong and reported Pinto’s bribe to the then-head of the investigations and intelligence department, Maj. Gen. Yoav Segalovich. Police then videotaped Pinto’s wife delivering alleged bribe money to Bracha, and that led to the Pintos’ arrest.

    1. JPost was late with their article on the case and has not revealed as many details as YnetNews. This struck me as interesting … still no word in reference to US Congressman Mike Gramm. Knesset commission starts investigation in full secrecy.

      Senior police commander Lahav 433 unit is suspect in Rabbi Pinto bribery case

      Late Wednesday night, Channel 2 reported that there were disagreements between elements of the defense establishment and of the Justice Ministry on agreements reached with Pinto’s defense counsel.

  8. Menashe Arviv is still small fry, bigger fish yet to come. Seems FBI and Israëli investigation were NOT coordinated, but separate. Avriv played a crucial role in both.

    PS Need to get back to sleep before morning.

  9. There’s no “bigger fish”. There’s no “former minister” either. There’s an attempt by FBI to build a case against Grimm (vengeance? jealousy? desire to get promoted?). To save their case, FBI, hilariously, is trying to save the skin of an obviously corrupt snake charmer who is (almost certainly) going to trial in Israel.

    There’s no “right-wing plot” to save Grimm. There’s no connection to Netanyahu. There was no leak of FBI materials that led to Pinto investigation in Israel as you claimed in the beginning. Because of your crazy political beliefs, you’ve managed to get all the details leaked to you wrong in the end.

    1. @ Haim: First, while I agree that Pinto is corrupt, the question is whether he’s more or less corrupt than those he allegedly bribed. As for Pinto going to trial, the State prosecutor seems to disagree with you as the case is suspended against Pinto. Glad he’s running the show there & not you.

      In this blog, we demand facts & evidence. The word “no” is not evidence.

  10. You’ve talked with Ya’akov Neeman and came away unharmed. Consider yourself lucky: Few people encounter have talked with him and live to tell the world.

    On another matter, isn’t it a strange coincidence that Danino, who is dumb enough to boast being hand picked for his job by the Israeli Mafia, gets involved with the Israeli Mafia?

  11. Interestingly despite the lifting of the gag one fact remains yet undisclosed. Namely, the quality and the extent of the bribe allegedly handed over by Suky into Arviv’s hands.

    Any suggestions why this apparently auxiliary information cannot be published?
    Does the partial gag aim to protect Arviv (and/or Pinto’s court) from farther embarrassment due to the nature of the alleged kickback?

  12. I do appreciate (and indeed: share) you big IF.

    However, there undoubtedly is a question of quantification and since Pinto’s lawyers claim to possess receipts and bills there were probably some pecuniary handouts.
    Yet, I guess that some of the alleged payoff may take the form of a non-pecuniary advantages and also that it may farther deprave the parties concerned (obviously, apart from being involved in such an engagement) due to the nature of the “gifts” having regard to the public image they (all, or part of them) would like to preserve.

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