12 thoughts on “Israeli WMD Institute Used Soldiers as Guinea Pigs in Untested Anthrax Experiment – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Excellent coverage! Thank you.

    I will add some posts to the triangle of joint anthrax and CBW research between Israel-South Africa-US (Ft. Detrick).

  2. Don’t see how governments can easily test new CBWs or the still-in-research antidotes to them OTHER than by exercising the human-rights-trashing people-are-expendable option (people might be soldiers, civilian prisoners, prisoners-for-life, military prisoners, and — in Israel — Palestinians and Palestinian prisoners).

    Since soldiers are supposed to be willing to die at their officers’ commands, use of soldiers seems the fairest option! sort of like, “Go into enemy territory. Don’t come back!”

  3. @pabelmont – you don’t seem to know what soldiers actually
    do,do you? Specially in the IDF, nobody is doing that

  4. Horrible story, testing without acquiring informed consent. T he Israeli legal systems compensation for torts is minimal compared to the US which at times may be to much.. Nobody has to find a cure for anthrax we have it already. The problem is the distribution of the anti- biotics on a massive scale. If a person was able to a throw half a sandwhich bags worth of anthrax spores off the observation deck of the Empire State Building, depending on prevailing winds they could reach Washinton, DC. That’s why a safe efficacious vaccine would be great especialy in high risk environments.

  5. In case people forgot,this is not the first time very dubious experiments have been performed on Israeli Jews;

    1. The missing Yemeni babies in the fifties,shipped off to the US for nuclear experiments,none came back alive.

    2.The Ringworm affair(50’s),where Marrocan Jewish children had their heads radiated with X-Rays up to 25.000 times safe doses,many died from braintumors and even more have lifelong (brain)damage.

    3. More recently the Depo Provera affair,where Ethyopian Jewish women were injected this very dangerous and prohibited anti-conceptive against their will and knowledge,leavind many women sterile.

    And there’s more,so this new case and consequent cover-up are nothing new in Zionist heaven.

  6. Shall we have another round of discussion on why governments do not, as a matter of principal, act in moral ways?

  7. Thanks for this story. I would know nothing of it but for this site.

    I note the collusion of, first, US and Israel, payments to Israel, and then the collusion of major Israeli media with IDF etc. It is telling that the very wicked US would outsource this anti-Helsinki undertaking to an even more egregiously wicked state, a state that has it’s own special uses for biological experimentation, and which covets as always American money. Does the cesspool get any deeper?

    Will this story show up in the US media?

  8. Nearly all of the world’s successful vaccines are for viral
    diseases and Anthrax is a bacteria. There have been anthrax
    vaccines around since the late forties, and the US Military has
    repeatedly sought better ones, but the success rate never gets high
    enough to achieve “herd immunity” where the vaccine works often
    enough to snuff out an outbreak. However, since Anthrax isn’t all
    that communicable, herd immunity is a bit meaningless and the money
    and effort might be better used towards increasing the number of
    licensed antibiotics available to treat the disease when it’s
    spotted. Anthrax as a weapon works only if huge amounts of the
    spores saturate a target. I don’t really see anyone ever producing
    a vaccine that will prevent infection in those sort of
    circumstances, because bacteria ain’t viruses, even a vaccinated
    person’s lungs are going to grow something for a while if they
    inhale enough spores. The upside is that most anthrax strains are
    susceptible to antibiotics, and money spent developing one or two
    new antibiotics just to make sure, would be a tool against a whole
    raft of disease threats and not just anthrax. So, not just an
    unethical experiment, but one aimed in the wrong

  9. Hi,
    My husband is US military and is in kidney failure, stage 4. By the time we found out he was already stage 3. He’s had the anthrax vaccination several times. Any info for help on this in the states would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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