8 thoughts on “Hezbollah Smuggles Advanced Missile Systems into Lebanon – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Given what will replace Assad…not sure why you are sanguine about his ouster, Richard.
    And, with the $3bn Saudi funding of the Lebanese military, Israel may well be in bed with its own racist/sectarian Frankenstein .

    Afghanistan a warlord heroin farm, Iraq a sectarian bloodbath deepening by the day, Libya the biggest black market arms bazaar and recruit source feeding fundamentalist Wahhabi wedge-drives expanding south and west into Africa’s new scramblefest, the cordon tightening round Iran and the demonisation of Putin prior to the Moscow sweepstakes renewal before the door is kicked back open on China…..the globalisation of the ’90s Yugoslavia progresses apace. The ‘reconfiguration’ Arab Springs getting comfortably embedded from Egypt to infinity for full spectrum neoliberal totalitarian dictatorship of the militarised parasitic vandal corporatariat….the Pentagonian Express is thundering towards some Ragnarok bunker with primordial mushroom soup as the main course.
    Do I misread?

  2. The NYTimes article specifically mentions Scud rockets. There is simply no way to disassemble them and then expect to be able to put them back together again. Certainly not if you expect it to work again. Maybe remove the rocket from the launcher, and then ship those two parts by different routes, but that would be the extent of it.

    The Yakhont is much smaller and therefore it’ll fit inside a large truck without too much difficulty. So I guess that’s do-able without any disassembly, though the really hard part is getting all the support vehicles into Lebanon. That’s probably where stripping things down and then reassembling them might work.

    And as for “antiaircraft weapons that are fired from the shoulder” well, gosh, just throw a blanket over those puppies and carry them over the border on foot….

    But, yeah, trying to stop those weapons from getting to Hezbollah was always akin to sticking a finger in the Dyke. A much better idea would have been to give Assad an incentive *not* to let them go, and that’s now much too much: he now owes Hezbollah – big time – and it is a simple truth that he doesn’t owe anyone else any favours whatsoever.

    Well, maybe Putin…

  3. Looks as though the ethnic cleansing of southern Lebanon and the diversion of all the water of the Litani River for the benefit of Jews only will have to wait.

  4. “Israel [knows, and even] plans for a coming war with Hezbollah.”
    “Yet Israeli intelligence trumpets this as if it’s an imminent threat to Israel’s existence.”

    Generally, Israel starts these wars, not the Arabs, who are MUCH weaker. Israel likes to “mow the grass” and other horrible names for unwarranted attacks on neighbors. So what we have here — in this view — is Israel wishing to start yest another unwarranted war on a neighbor (here, Hezbollah) and complaining that its intended victim not only will not roll over and play dead but actually arms itself so as to prevent (or render more costly) Israel’s (planned, but unwarranted) attack.

    Clearly — to me, and on the view I’ve expressed here — Israel doesn’t want “peace” with neighbors but wishes to dominate them. The “peace treaty” with Egypt is similar, with the USA paying ransom to Egypt to keep Egypt inside the peace treaty. If Israel wished to live as a normal neighbor among normal neighbors, it would make peace, firsrt of all a fair peace with the Palestinians, and stop its “mowing the grass” and “price-tag” operations (that is, stop unwararanted attacks on the innocent neighbors).

    1. That’s right — dominate is the only peace Israel will ever attempt. It is the only way Israelis can feel “safe.” They would not consider any actual settlement as they believe that the Pals are as slippery and disingenuous as they are and would not honor any agreement. Besides, they are not about to compromise on anything as they have all the power which is all that matters. Besides, a civil reckoning is inconceivable to a society raised on its supremacy and its right to other people’s land, separatism and exclusivity. A true reckoning is inconceivable because Israel is absolute military master in the region. This is all America’s doing. (Someday, it will be recognized that the greatest error of judgment of US policy — and there have been so many! — will have been the decision of succeeding administrations to allow Israel to become and remain nuclear. That self-justifying society will use them. Just a prediction.)

  5. I’m sorry, but that photo looks fake. The launch vehicle is a WWII-surplus White M3 half-track, there looks to be no wiring running into the missiles to launch them, no launch controller, and there are no control surfaces on the missiles.

    I could buy these as home-made rockets, not advanced missiles.

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