10 thoughts on “Israeli Weapons Merchant Pimps Defective Drone Fleet – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. > according to my Israeli source, by repeated security hacks from Hezbollah and its Iranian ally

    Speaking of “pimping”, you still pushing that ridiculous theory ? Wasn’t it enough for you to be ridicularized repeatedly in public about it ?

      1. His English so do mine is sufficient enough for you to
        understand and deduct. You ridicule yourself quite well, with your
        secret sources, zero knowledge on the subject, and overall

          1. Questioning my English, is that all you can do? How about addressing the matter instead? Or are you afraid of further ridicule?

          2. @ Foo: I didn’t “question” your English. I noted you tried to insult me in pigdin English that only showed your own chutzpah/brazenness. I never criticize a commenter’s command of English if they publish comments in good faith. I don’t even criticize them when they merely disagree with my views. But when they’re as shameless as you, they get the full treatment from me.

          3. [comment deleted–I’m just plain tired of your line of comments. YOu’re welcome to move on to another thread and produce new comments. But you may not comment in this thread again.]

  2. It falls within the realm of Israel’s outright refusal to police its arms suppliers. …

    That is strange. Israel as a state is very “exact” in demanding special treatment for their weapons industry from other nations. Finland’s government and parliament were demanded by Israel to make a treaty which gives control to Israel which data of arms trades made from Israel are kept secret IN FINLAND. The treaty also gives Israeli companies and state access to sensitive classified Finnish defense data and gives Israeli companies a change to make offers to different arms needs. Finnish government recommended the treaty with Israel to be accepted if Israel gives exactly the same rights to Finland.

    News of this “sadly” in Finnish.

    No other country had demanded Finland to make such special treaties. Arms export data is public in Finland. But somehow a very specialized Advanced Real-Time Intelligence System (ARIS) was exported to Israel in 2009. The foreign affairs minister that time said for these were exported using temporary license for test usage and for exhibitions. And will be “returned”.

    Is this treaty Israel demanded made or not I do not know. I do not have now time to “research” more exactly what happened. But maybe they did not make the treaty, because the strange announcement of Israel missing the timelines in delivering those mini drones ordered by Finnish Army (I told about this in an earlier comment). Finnish generals do not normally publish their dissatisfaction if deliveries are late, especially if it is a question of western systems. If Israel is not able to deliver the ordered, relative long in production, short range mini-drones the problem is either in the relations between countries or more likely that these and other Israeli drones systems are a “open source system” for those against they are intended and Israel needs time to repair that weakness .

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