16 thoughts on “Maariv’s Ben Dror Yemini: The Beat, and the Lies, Go On – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “While Pres. Obama may have known about such
    eavesdropping….” Are you claiming that in the US a high-level NSA
    executive can decide on his own, without securing the approval of
    the commander in chief, who to listen to and when ?

    1. @ Joe Black: Yes, that’s certainly very possible. I don’t think Barack Obama, before the Snowden releases, knew in great detail what the NSA was doing and who it was spying on. While I don’t trust Obama more than any other politician, I find it hard to believe that he would lie outright as he has multiple times about NSA spying over the past few months. I believe he probably didn’t know much of the details about what they were doing. The more hands-off he was the more plausible deniability he had if anything was exposed. But such an approach has turned into a disaster now.

        1. I thought the credibility of the US and whether or not he outright lied was the heart of your comment.
          I really don’t understand how proving the US president did bluntly lie – for years – to the American public is ” off-topic. “

          1. @ RS
            The subject was not Obamacare. My argument simple:
            1. During the past 3 years The US president bluntly lied to the american public, many times.
            2. Why do you think – examining the US president “track record” – that the US president would have any problems lying to foreign leaders ?
            3. This has nothing to do with Obamacare. It has to do with the character and moral behavior of the US president.

  2. Appreciate your determination to set the record straight. As I offered in my first comment in your earlier aticle, the same accusation was made by Republican right-wingers on February 5, 2010. Most troublesome to have lies propagated on your blog by the ilks of Noga.

    Kerry has seen several of his employees called to service in Iraq since the war began in 2003. Chris Wyman, his senior issues manager for Veterans and Military Affairs is one of them. As staffer in Kerry’s Boston office he met often with peace activists to stop the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  3. Regarding Ron Kampeas: I am fairly confident that once he is made aware of his oversight he will correct and update his article accordingly. He is a standup guy.

    1. Contingency plans are always in place, previously with Turkey and Azerbaijan. Murdoch’s ‘Sunday Times’ quotes diplomatic source … ’nuff said. More likely the Saudi Kingdom will get nukes delivered from Pakistan as a nuclear-free Middle-East is off the table.

  4. RS> “Further, the statement makes clear that the constituent who originally requested the letter may’ve misrepresented the purpose of the mission by claiming it would visit ‘Israel and the Occupied Territories.’ Had his office known the mission was only going to Gaza, he would’ve been unlikely to have offered even the pro forma letter he did provide.”

    Richard, you seem to routinely jump to unwarranted conclusions. First, you state that the person who requested the letter, MAY have misrepresented the purpose of the mission. Well MAYBE, he didn’t. You then proceed under the PRESUMPTION that he DID, in fact, misrepresent the intentions of the mission.

    You seem to forget that the mission was INTERRUPTED by the Israeli military. Isn’t it possible that the intention was to venture on to Israel and the west bank AFTER the essential stop in Gaza?

    1. @ Dave Terry: I think you’re confusing two different missions. The Gaza Freedom March largely failed to reach Gaza except for a few individuals who were allowed in by the Egyptians. So there were no Israeli forces who prevented them from getting to Gaza.

      The reason I presume there may’ve been false pretenses is that the Gaza Freedom March was just that: a humanitarian relief mission whose goal was to relieve the Gaza siege. Again, I have no problem with that. But the March never intended to go to Israel. I suppose it may be possible that the constituent who secured the letter misunderstood the purpose of the trip and conveyed it wrong to Kerry’s staff, but I doubt it.

  5. @Oui: no doubt, if Israel were to attack Iran with help from Saudi Arabia, I fear WW3 might be triggered.

    Surely Iran will respond by raining missiles not only at Israel but at SA. The Saudis are military impotent and will probably have Egypt and Pakistan defending their interests.

    Not to mention dragging in Syria, Iraq and Hizbollah.

  6. “If 9/11 took the special out of the U.S.-Saudi ‘special relationship,’ the U.S. invasion of Iraq killed it stone dead.”
    From article about Saudi spy chief dark Prince Bandar and the renewed close relationship to Israel.

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