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  1. Using computer software with D.B to “FIX” election results is really great idea.
    Specially if you don’t want to keep records that anyone can check in two minutes.
    no doubt -much better than paper!

  2. What interest does Israel have in fixing the election in Zimbabwe? How do they benefit from Mugabe winning? Is it purely financial? One would think there would be more money to be made elsewhere

    1. Hmmm… The Marange diamond fields, discovered in 2006, are considered the biggest diamond find in over a century. At a meeting in Tel Aviv in June 2010, Israel declared its support for Zimbabwe’s inclusion in the Kimberley Process Certification Scheme, stating that Zimbabwe is capable of supplying nearly a quarter of the global demand for diamonds.

      Blood diamonds, conflict diamonds, dictator diamonds anything is OK for Israel. The worse situation in the diamond producing country -> the cheaper diamonds for Israel -> the better opportunity to sell weapons.

      1. @SimoHurtta: I am sorry, I think there is a little mistake in your comment. Here is the correction:

        Blood diamonds, conflict diamonds, dictator diamonds anything is OK for Finland. The worse situation in the diamond producing country -> the cheaper diamonds for Finland -> the better opportunity to sell weapons.

        No need to thank me. I always ready to help.

        1. Thanks for your help even it only reveals the education level of your Israeli religious schools. Sadly it seems that you are badly misinformed. As your Chief Rabbi says watching basketball and football is not healthy. Study Eli study.

          Finland is no player in the diamond cutting and wholesale industry. Israel and Jews are the major player in that “league”. Diamonds and gemstones are the cornerstone of Israeli/Jewish economy besides weapons (legal and illegal). The evidence of “your” tribes connections with blood diamonds and illegal weapons trade is so well documented, that there is no need or chance to deny it. By the way do you Eli know who sold weapons to the generals of Myanmar (Burma) in order to get cheep gemstones? Israel naturally and that started in already in 1948. Have you any idea against whom those weapons were/are used?

          Finland’s import from Zimbabwe was in 2012 worth 363 thousand euros, mainly fruits etc.

          Zimbabwe Wants to Distribute Diamonds to China, Dubai, Israel Hmmmm …

          1. There was a comment in one UK newspaper: “Diamonds mean Mugabe is forever”.

            Though the country also has a great deal of all the other raw materials that China uses in vast amounts, especially coal.

  3. @ Richards Nikuv was founded in 1971 and it’s now part of Matrix group – purchased somewhere between 1999 – 2001 (Wiki here http://tinyurl.com/n8ejo6a). It’s called Nikuv because that’s the Hebrew translation of the old punch cards used in the computer world many years ago. So much for a “shadowy Israeli security outfit ”

    When Nikuv was founded no one knew what Cyber-War was. So if Entebi is the founder of Nikuv he can’t be an ex cybar-warrior.

    Furthermore while googling the term “ניקוב מערכת בחירות” i came across a story published in an Israeli website named “African” in which a very similar story was published on July 30 2013 (http://www.african.co.il/2013/07/30/zime/) the story was echoed through Megafon News a day later.

    just FYI, during the last primaries of the likud party there was an attempt to computerize the vote. it ended in a total fiasco. Many of the workstations stopped working connection to the central database was lost and the likud had to extend the primaries by a day. The company that was contracted was Yayasoft,, same happened to the Avoda party in 2008, then it was Taldor and the result was a postponement of the primaries in 8 days.

    1. You speak of Nikuv Computers Ltd., read the article!

      The company involved in rigging the vote is N.I.P. Nikuv International Projects Ltd. in Tel Aviv – website.

      1. @ Oui, look at the about us:
        “NIP Nikuv International Projects Ltd company was established in 1994, by Mr. Emmanuel Antebi, founder and CEO, as one of the subsidiaries of the Formula Group,”

        Formula is now Matrix. this is the same company.

    2. @Gonen: Nikuv’s goal is not to run efficient or well-managed elections. It is to STEAL elections. So it doesn’t need to run an election well as Israeli companies trying to run Israeli party primaries would.

      As for Unit 8200, it has existed for a long time & its goal has always been to maximize the use of technology in pursuit of Israel’s covert interests at home and abroad. Whether you want to call this cyberwarfare or something else is immaterial.

      1. @ Richard, stealing the election is much easier while you use paper. When you computerize the election process it’s much easier to detect voters fraud etc. Everything is being recorded, Every record, every change, why computerize the process if you want to commit fraud ? Not a logical step on behalf of the Zimbabwean government.

  4. Huge numbers of Mugabe’s opponents have been forced to leave the country and now struggle to exist in shanty towns and refugee centres in neighbouring countries.

    Certain native ethnic groups are considered to be “opponents” by Mugabe and have been forced out en-mass, or exterminated.

    Ethnic cleansing is the most powerful form of gerrymandering that there is.

    The commonality of goals between Nikuv and the Chinese Communist Party is instructive: perhaps Israel wants a share of the action when China strips Zimbabwe of her considerable mineral wealth.

    There is an agenda to be seen in Zimbabwe for the whole of Africa and it’s not a pretty one.

    Once, Hitler forced Vichy France to hand Madagascar over to the Japanese, firstly as a submarine base to make life difficult for Commonwealth naval forces and impossible for Commonwealth merchant shipping, but in the longer term, so that Japan could seize those parts of Africa out of Germany and Italy’s immediate reach for mineral exploitation and colonization.
    (This plan was foiled when General Smutts, the Prime Minister of South Africa, spelled it out to Churchill in very simple terms and made him support an invasion of Madagascar in order to prevent South Africa being strangled. Up till then, Churchill hadn’t understood how big a deal it all was. The submarine base itself was quickly subdued by bombardment from HMS Ramilies, which got decidedly bent by a Japanese submarine in the process, but fighting over the rest of the island took most of 1942. Almost nobody knows about this campaign. But if the Japanese had been left o consolidate and develop their position, we’d be living in a very different world because there was nothing the US Navy could have done about Madagascar and the stranglehold on raw materials which did as much to defeat Japan as the atom bomb, wouldn’t have existed. Hitler was a madman, but it was a very bright idea to put the Japanese on the map, there.)

    It would seem to me, that Israel may have done a carbon copy of Hitler’s deal, with China rather than Japan. Everything else is similar, in that China is welcome to that which even “greater Israel” couldn’t easily control and exploit for herself.

  5. Zim electoral commissioner Mkhululi Nyathi has resigned over unfair elections.

    The Zimbabwe Election Support Network and the SADC Electoral Commissions Forum both presented their preliminary elections reports in Harare on August 1st. ZESN deployed over 7000 monitors. ECF SADC had 25. Their reports were remarkably different. VIDEO

  6. Oh horror!

    Israel ICT Innovation Day @ The World Bank

    Private Sector Session: Israeli ICT Companies with Applications of Relevance to Developing Countries

    Nikuv International Projects (NIP) – NIP offers tailor-made eGovernment solutions including civil registration, social security, national identity cards, election and voting management and more. NIP has vast experience in Africa and has recently conducted projects in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana. Slides – Appendix [links on website World Bank]

    IMO N.I.P. acts like a contractor and hires specialists from the Israeli IT sector to do software jobs, project management and buys standard hardware. As Business Week stated in its review of the Israeli company:
    >>>> Nikuv International Projects Ltd. does not have any Key Executives recorded!

    The NIP website is atypical and does not list any executives or managers and the info for the local offices are faulty or incomplete at best. I find Ron Asher an interesting person as he has no link to Nikuv [NIP] in Harare. His name only appears in a few recent articles about rigged voter lists and faulty registrations. I will follow up on his person shortly.

    The NIP website is up-to-date, with correct registration but has some aliases. The contact for the Zimbabwe office in Harare is bogus – ron AT nipzim DOT com.

  7. [I am completely uninterested in having you pimp Israel’s supposed humanitarian foreign aid efforts throughout the world. THat is completely off-topic. You WILL stay on topic. Or else you will be moderated.]

  8. I am now informed on yet another shady deal, I didn’t know anything about, probably like most people.

    I should not be surprised that election rigging is so lucrative for Israel and Kenya, etc.
    I would like to know, if anyone tried to expose this – and, if so, what was the result?!

    This can only happen in this way in a totalitarian type state; Israel is making the most of this, participating and sabotaging any democratic voting system that might exist there for gain.
    This seems to me to be some kind of an international violation. I’ll leave it there, for any informed responses to that.

  9. @Richard: As you declare “Promoting Israeli democracy” in your home page, I ask you not delete my comments and replies. All my deleted comments I wrote yesterday were in topic one by one. Deleting my comments, only my comments, is an anti-democratic act. I ask you, please, to rewrite all my deleted comments and let the participants judge whether they are in topic or off topic.

    I do thank you in advance

    1. @Eli — you could try to explain how your comments are “on topic” by starting with the present topic and demonstrating the connection to the subject of your comments. My hunch is that you won’t do this.

      1. @Davey – All my comments and replied were with connection to the topic which is Israeli involvement in foreign countries. The problem is that saying something positive on Israel is not welcomed in this site. For long time, I am wondering why there is no pro-Israel comments here and today I received the answer. Deleting my comments is an anti-democratic act and say a lot about this web site. If this web site is aimed to be anti-Israeli site and only Israel haters can write here without fear, it should be stated in the front home page.

        Dave, look, for all of you , it is easy to seat with a cup of coffee near the PC and attack the state of Israel without any proportion, darken the face of it, state very brutal, cruel, ugly statements against Israel and the Israeli people like we are nothing. For us Israel is a home, an homeland, a place where we live, struggle and build the future of our grandsons and grand-grandsons!!! hundreds of blogs and thousands of comments will not change this fact.

        I sure that this comment will also be deleted since it is “off topic”!!!!

        1. @ Davey, your comment which was completely off-topic and violated paragraph 9 of the comment rules will never be deleted.

          @ Richard, After being active on your site for a 10 days or so, i think you are inflating your claims and criticism towards the state of Israel. In my opinion this is very biased reporting. The fact that you deleted comments of what seems to be the only two pro-Israelis who actively comment on your site (Eli & Me) shows that you are not really interested in a real debate. I Thought the purpose of the site was education and factual debate about the I-P conflict, your behavior as the site moderator shows it is a site dedicated to baseless inflated smears towards the state of Israel, Under these circumstances I will not read or comment on your site anymore.

          Thank You.

    2. @Eli: In fact, a discussion of what Pres. Rouhani did or didn’t say is most definitely off-topic. You may NOT introduce topics of your own choosing into the comment threads. And I, as the owner & editor of the blog determine what’s on or off topic. If this seems arbitrary to you, you may start your own blog and edit/manage it as you see fit.

      This approach is not just directed at you. It was developed over a decade to deal with hudnreds of commenters with pro-Israel views who saw it as their mission to divert the discussion to subjects of their own choosing. I exercise control in order to keep the discussion related to the subjects I choose to discuss.

      So if you stay on topic you’ll be golden. That means relate comments directly to my post. If not, they go kaput.

      1. @Richard: Rouhani? In my comments? I never mentioned Rouhani not in this thread not in others so I don’t understand you at all. All my I comments in this specific thread were in topic only which is Israeli foreign involvement in African countries. The fact that I wrote several positive issues about Israel, doesn’t mean that the comments are off topic. Deleting my comments is an anti democratic act and I ask you to rewrite them again.

        I hope that people who like me very much, like SimoHurtta and Davey, will confirm to you that in all my comments and replies I didn’t mention Rouhani, rather wrote about issues such Israel weapon trade (for Myanmar, for instance).

        I do thank you in advance.

        1. @Eli: Ah, I was confusing you with another commenter (Gonen, I think) with similar views to yours, but who wrote on a different subject. But your comment (like his) was indeed off topic because I don’t permit the sort of bragging you were doing about Israel’s alleged victories and achievements. It’s patently obvious what you’re trying to do. If you want to be an Israel booster in the sort of obvious, blatant way you were, try it somewhere else.

          I also do not need, appreciate or accept lectures about my editing of this blog. I don’t need a supporter of one of the most anti-democratic regimes that calls itself a democracy to teach me how to run a blog “democratically.”

          1. It was Be Gonen in his comment who, by exclusion, declared all other posters as “anti-Israel” on your blog.

            “… the only two pro-Israelis who actively comment on your site (Eli & Me) …”

            No need for further comment.

          2. @Richard: OK, so I understand that I am not welcomed in your web site, I think like many others that wrote, from time to time, positive issues about Israel. If I can’t write here any more, please, allow me to say several things that I have to say:

            From the beginning I felt that no matter what I write, it will be “against the rules”. I always tried to be polite, response on topics, be accurate and say (my) truth only – it never helped me!! If I only wrote one sentence, or even one word, positive on Israel, you always found excuse to delete my comment. The fact that I spent time, didn’t mean nothing to you.

            From time to time I claimed and wrote several facts that can be checked. Instead of checking them, you choose to call me liar (see the thread about the Israeli bank). The worse example was about my following claim: “A Muslim man is allowed to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman (Ahel Al-Kutab – The peoples of the books). A Muslim woman is not allowed to marry non-Muslim man. So, In Israel, there are not married couples consist of Jewish man and Muslim woman, but many couples are Muslim man and Jewish woman”. Instead of check this fact you choose to call me liar!!! What is the problem to ask a Kadi in a mosque in Seattle whether these Islamic rules are correct or not?? Do you want to tell me that among your many sources there is no even one Muslim?? The easy way is to call me liar and end the thread.

            About the “off topic” comments: First, I noticed that only pro-Israel commenters (or, maybe pro-Truth) have “off topic” comments and I wonder why. If there is a thread about the involvement of Israel in African countries and I claim that there is also positive involvement (beside negative which I never deny and in some case I shame), bring one or two example, why this is “off topic”?

            and to the end I repeat again and again: For all of you, it is easy to attack the state of Israel and highlight only negative things. I have the filling, and I think many other Israelis have the same, that many of you don’t understand many things going in Israel and that you see Israel and Palestine in black and white only. There is only one “good” and one “bad” no matter what we do. All of these endless attacks from many directions only increase the fear among us.

            I hope other serious people will reply and say their opinion to my opinion.

            Good Luck

  10. I am sure that everyone must understand that the Israeli[and US and European and Chinese] Governments must know what NIP has done and therefore sanctioned the fraud.I can think of a couple of reasons,money for NIP yes that has been established.
    I think the spy agencies are now using NIP to spy on Zimbabwe to see what the are doing with and selling to Iran.It is well known that Iran has used Zimbabwe to by pass any sanctions.It is also well known that a Textile company in Harare is supplying military uniforms to Iran.
    Zimbabwe will also keep any radical jihadists in check.
    As usual its all a game and the only losers are the vast majority.
    I think it is a very dangerous game that is being played[there are better ways to achieve this goal] as both Zanu PF and the Jihadists are both very nasty terrorists,but why not use one against the other until they join forces.

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