13 thoughts on “Naftali Bennett on Palestinian “Problem:” Like Shrapnel in the Ass; Palestinian State is Dead – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. @Richard:
    a small correction for you: “Given that Bennett is a far-right settler”
    No. Bennet is not a settler – he lives in the city of Ra’anana.

      1. Another correction: his story is not about shrapnel in the ass, it’s about shrapnel near the spinal chord near the ass suffered by an army comrade. The point of it was the risk of surgery: it could solve the problem completely (ie, the search for a complete peace deal with the Palestinians) but could also leave his army buddy paralyzed; or he could live with the pain. Here are his comments in Hebrew to check if I am misrepresenting his view in this instance:


        1. All the reports of this I’ve read never mentioned that friend’s the so-called operation could “solve the problem completely.” ONly that he had the choice of having it taken out & becoming an invalid or leaving it in. If there is such a version as you claim, offer it.

  2. The Times of Israel article mentioned a number of powerful members of the current government who “are staunchly opposed to a two state solution, advocating instead the partial or complete annexation of the West Bank to Israel.” They are: Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin, Deputy Transportation Minister Tzipi Hotovely, Knesset Speaker Yuli Edelstein, Deputy Knesset Speaker Moshe Feiglin, and coalition chairman Yariv Levin.

  3. A Hanging
    Obama hangs a Medal of Freedom around neck of Peres, Peres does the same to Obama, Peres adds another for Clinton …
    Couldn’t help reading yesterday’s JPost article where Tikun Olam is mentioned. What an hypocrisy all around, seated in the audience was Rwandan President Paul Kagame. A great line-up for an ICC investigation of war crimes (that will never happen). Middle-East politics, all smoke and mirrors.

    BTW, State’s key witness in Bar Noar murder case disappears.

  4. One has to face the truth. The problem is not with the Bennets who – at long last – state openly the obvious fact that the two-states-solution is – and has long been – dead in the water.

    The problem is with the Bibis – and their hapless Palestinian collaborators – who maintain the crumbling facade of two-states’ peace talks while knowing too well there’s no longer a solution to be found under this lamppost.

    With (literal) bad-blood aplenty, a bi-national single-state solution is a horrid one with many a bloody precedent.
    Unfortunately, the Pereses, Bibis and Bennets of the last 4 decades managed to bring about the current status quo of ever worsening Apartheid whose only feasible alternatives are such a bi-national one-state or yet another Naqba.

    1. @Yankel: I’ve rarely found someone who puts the case precisely as I feel about it, as you do here. As much as at one time a 2 state solution might’ve worked or been preferable (at least to some of us), its days appear done/caput thanks to the machinations of Israeli uber-nationalists.

      Now the only way a single state solution can work is with good will on both sides. I don’t see any coming from the Israeli side. So I just don’t know what to think about the future. If, however, there was an international body or force compelling Israeli Jews to deal as there was in Kosovo, then Israeli Jews might sullenly come to terms with this eventuality…eventually.

  5. Sickening. Richard Thank you for maintaining this wonderful website. It shows me every day no matter how low the israeli politics can sink some Israelis are wonderful people and I would be happy to count them as my friends. Greetings from Berlin.

  6. Bennett is like Bernie Madoff admitting he was running his Ponzi Scheme for the last 60 years – but only because he can’t make any money off of it anymore and now wants to use it to burnish his credentials or drum up interest in a new book he’s writing

  7. “There are sometimes situations in which the urge to finalize a solution causes more harm than good.”
    This is the comment that stands out in Bennett’s rantings… “the final solution”. Does this not ring a bell… even in Israel?

    1. Bennett’s comment in the original Hebrew didn’t infer any connection to “final solution.” But his wording was hard to translate into English. Instead of the word “finalize” he used the Hebrew word “hashlama” which carries a connotation of “perfecting” or “achieving” a solution.

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