6 thoughts on “Israeli Intellectuals Call for End to Administrative Detention, Freedom for Samer Issawi – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I spent an hour this morning going through the 36 names to make sure that people can use the English rendition correctly: [Everyone is welcome to use this list]
    1) Prof Shimon Sandbank, Israel Prize laureate
    2) Prof Nili Mirsky, Israel Prize laureate
    3) Prof Nissim Calderon
    4) Prof Yair Garbuz
    5) Prof Moshe Ron
    6) Yehoshua Sobol, playwright
    7) Tal Nitzan, a poet and editor
    8 ) Aharon Shabtai, poet
    9) Lea Aini, author
    10) Tsibi Geva, artist
    11) Esty G Haim, author
    12) Eli Hirsch, poet and editor
    13) Alona Kimhi, author
    14) Nir Baram, author
    15) Maya Arad, author
    16) Akiva Eldar, journalist
    17) Dr Dana Amir, poet and lecturer
    18) Meir Goldberg, songauthor
    19) Sefi Rachlevsky, author
    20) Einat Weizman, actress
    21) Shimon Adaf, author
    22) Dror Burstein, author and editor
    23) Zepel Yeshurun, filmmaker
    24) Shira Stav, poet and lecturer
    25) Tali Latowicki, poet and lecturer
    26) Dr Michal Ben-Naftali, Author
    27) Yossi Sukari, Author
    28) Saray Gutman, editor and publisher
    29) Jonathan Nadav, editor and publisher
    30) Liat Kaplan, poet
    31) Anna Herman, poet
    32) Dr Oded Wolkstein, lecturer and translator
    33) Ruth Gwily, Artist
    34) Dori Manor, poet and translator
    35) Dr Dana Olmert, editor and lecturer
    36) Nir Ratzkovsky, translator

  2. These men and women should be commended and credited for defending the Israeli intelligentsia’s honour, which had been discarded in the cess pit of colonialism by Oz, Yehoshua et al.

  3. I’m happy to see that Aharon Shabtai, the husband of late Tanya Reinhart, is on the list. Not that I doubted he would sign such a letter.
    “And when it’s all over
    My dear, dear reader
    On which benches will we have to sit
    Those of us who shouted ‘Death to the Arabs’
    And those who claimed they ‘didn’t know’ ”
    Aharon Shabtai: Nostalgia (2002)

    Nir Baram made a very courageous speech at the International Writers’ Festival in Jerusalemn in 2010 including:
    “Under cover of the victims’ cloak that history has admittedly sewn for us Jews, we are witness to the systematic violation of the rights of non-Jews in the State of Israel and the Occupied Territories”
    Since then the organizers require speakers to submit their speeches for prior review.

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