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  1. I saw Mr. Aramin in an interview given to the channel 10 morning show on the holocaust memorial day earlier this week.
    Seems like a super nice smart guy, if there would be more folks like him on both sides there will be peace.

    Yom Hazikaron isn’t “conventionally viewed as a joint memorial to the victims of Israel’s wars and the Holocaust”

    Holocaust memorial day is exactly one week prior to Yom Hazikaron. There is Yom Hazikaron Lashoa Vlagvura (יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה), and there is Yom Hazikaron Lechalaly Tzahal Venifgay peulot hayva.(יום הזיכרון לחללי צה”ל ופעולות האייבה) not the same day. Yom Hazikaron simply means – memorial day.

      1. How did you reach such a conclusion ?
        Maybe if would would be able to rationalize it, you would be able to convince many Israelis that peace is within reach.

        1. It’s not my job to convince a people that has lost all contact with reality and any sense of moral shame that their moral obtuseness will lead to their destruction. I’m not Moses speaking to Pharoah. I don’t have divine power behind me offering magical powers to inspire or persuade. That’s your job.

          If you want your country to survive you’ll have to do that work yourself. And if you don’t, we’ll say Kadish for this State when it’s over. Sorry to be so downbeat, but the work has to start from within yourselves. We can’t save you from yourselves.

          1. Why are you getting so defensive ? who said anything about this being your job ?
            You stated that more Palestinians support the notion presented by cfp then Israelis, if your notion is supported by empirical data then proving it should be a no brainier, and writing your thoughts on a paper would be a great tool anyone who fights for peace could use.

            I’m sorry i am not trying to be confrontational, i really don’t understand your reply.

          2. @Elad R: Palestinian society is far more pragmatic & tolerant than Israeli. It is so because it is less powerful, more vulnerable. Israelis are dominant militarily & can afford to be far more callous, brutal and violent (& they are). I don’t expect you’d know that because I don’t expect you’d know much about Palestinian views on anything.

            I’m not a demographer, not a sociologist. So it’s not my job to be able to provide you empirical evidence. But I’ve spent ten years closely following political developments on both sides & this is my observation.

          3. Those blue replies mess up the entire flow of your site.
            second, have you visited the west bank since the Oslo accord was signed ? Do you speak Arabic ? Do you read Arabic ? You made a very interesting observation, however if you haven’t visited the west bank since 94 and you don’t speak or read Arabic i am wondering what is your observation depends upon, some news you read in English ?

          4. You don’t understand that this blog is not just me. I have sources who know Hebrew, Arabic & other languages. They are partners in this venture. My net is spread wide to take in a diversity of information & news sources. Not to mention that while physical presence is important, there are many ways to compensate for not being physically present in order to report on a country or region. In fact, many MSM journos report on countries which they may not enter for various reasons.

            I would love to have the funding to travel in the region & pay for the lawyers who would be needed to protect me should I enter Israel. If any potential donors are reading this, you may use the “tip jar.”

          5. You live in Seattle. Yet you say that the people who actually live in Israel have lost touch with the reality in Israel. How do you figure

    1. There is Yom Hazikaron Lashoa Vlagvura (יום הזיכרון לשואה ולגבורה), and there is Yom Hazikaron Lechalaly Tzahal Venifgay peulot hayva.(יום הזיכרון לחללי צה”ל ופעולות האייבה) not the same day.

      Thanks for clarifying the distinctions between the two days.

  2. Richard, there are a main reason why this event is extremely controversial in Israeli circles (and not only the nationalist ones) which you did not mention;
    Every year, this ceremony is at at the same Hebrew date of the Israeli “Memorial day for IDF and causalities of hatred acts (Yom Hazikaron Lechalaly Tzahal Venifgay peulot hayva.(יום הזיכרון לחללי צה”ל ופעולות האייבה) and pardon me from my broken translation), which is conceived as an act of defiance against the Israeli public.

    1. Act of defiance? Are you daft? Do you think that right wing Israeli nationalists own this holiday? That they get to define what is a proper or improper observance of it? Only in a totalitarian state do such things happen. Are you there yet?

      1. Not only right wing Israeli nationalists take this day to their heart, but all Israelis (at least the Zionist ones).

        1. But people like you cannot concede that there are two peoples who each have suffering they are commemorating on this day & that both deserve the right to do this within an Israeli context. There is a reason why Mira Awad is hosting this event.

          1. Excuse me for asking philosophically speaking, the Palestinian strive to have their own state, shouldn’t they do things in a Palestinian context ?
            Personally i thinל the minister of defense was wrong in preventing the Palestinian group from entering the state of Israel, However denial of entrance to a state is a daily occurrence all over the world for many different reasons, USA included, and it is well within a state right. I don’t see how the Palestinian group have the RIGHT to do so within Israel.
            Why not prevent all those issues from happening and have a big ceremony in area C ? that will solve the issues on all sides.

  3. Combatants for Peace is a joint Israeli-Palestinian movement, founded by people on both sides.

    When the movement of Israelis giving their votes to Palestinians started in december, the first one to offer his vote on FB was Ofer Neiman: Bassem Aramin took the offer and asked him to vote for Hadash 🙂

    1. @Caden (aka Bill Pearlman): Apparently you either can’t, or don’t bother to read. I don’t despise Israel & certainly don’t wish it to cease to exist. I despise Occupation & policies that maintain it. I wis Israel to be a true democracy & grant equal rights to all citizens. That’s a far cry from wishing Israel to not exist. But those of small mind like you can’t be expected to grasp such “complicated” ideas when it’s so much easier to latch onto slogans & nationalist hatred that resolves things to their lowest common denominator.

      The commenters “Caden” and “Jeremy” are using the same IP address. I warn you, if you are one and the same person adopt ONE persona and use it. Do not use two nicknames to comment here. If you do, both of your personnae will be banned. If you are using a proxy IP to post here DON’T. Proxies are used mostly by spammers or commenters who refuse to make their identities known because they’re engaging in mischief here or elsehwere. I don’t like proxies or multiple persona. Use them at your peril here. ANd if it turns out you’re Bill Pearlman, I’ll ban your ass in a heartbeat.

    2. Oh, “Caden” used to be one of Bill Pearlman’s numerous pen names. He changes every time he get kicked out but he’s pretty recognizable. When you come across someone writing ‘has soon has’, ‘has long has’ you know it’s Billy Boy – who claims whenever he’s got the occasion that Phil Weiss and Richard both regret that Hitler didn’t win the WWII.

  4. How can the Palestinians memorate the soldiers/terrorists killed while massacring and killing their own people ? Should I feel sorry for the death of a member of the Haganah or the Nahal brigade ? Absolutely not !

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