4 thoughts on “Israel Ranks Low in OECD Quality of Life Survey – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In response to everything Mr. Silverstein brings up, the hasbarists will say “Israel is doing better than Mexico and Turkey.”

    Just watch.

  2. “Fewer Israelis knew someone they could turn to for help in time of need than the OECD average.”

    That’s the one that is surprising. If you live in a state where you better know your neighbors, you should know them well enough to know which are trustworthy.

    Apparently, not many believe their neighbors are, er, neighborly.

  3. So other than getting good access to healthcare and being satisfied with their live, Israelis have a terrible life.
    I wonder 2 things: 1 why did you choose to separates these two issues from the others on presenting the data.
    Why would anyone be happy that life in Israel would be bad?
    Finally, I would say that quality of life depends on your wealth. So wealth distribution is a big factor and it is missing. I am not sure Israel would do very well on this but i know the US (which concerns me more) with its 50 million people on food stamps would do even worse.

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