34 thoughts on “Palestinian Attacked by Gang of Settler Women May be Charged with Crime – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I once had a conversation with a former Rhodesian policeman, who told me that he’d always been more inclined to arrest whites than blacks for drunkenness and public disorder, because they were supposed to know better.

    Interesting to see that the one attitude which Israeli police do not share with those of Rhodesia and Apartheid-era South Africa, is that one.

  2. Why? We are all sons and daughters of the same Almighty God. Why not (Jews and Palestinians) unite in one nation and love one another like brothers and sisters? They are from the same father, Abraham. The only different thing is the how their faith is. But still we are all the children of the same God, Jews, Muslims and Christians. Why is ti that in the Holy land peace cannot triumph?

  3. Richard.

    Your photoshopped image juxtaposing Nazis and settler girls is as offensive as it is childish.

    Nazi violence against the Jews was carried out by the State. This attack on an Arab woman was carried out by individuals and the State is prosecuting them for it.

    1. The photo image displayed here is meant to be thought provoking. It is an art work juxtaposing images in order to make a political and social statement. As an art work it may be subjective and one may argue about appropriateness of historical parallels and comparisons…. but it conveys powerful messages and expresses a valid point of view.
      There are unmistakable parallels between the two events/incidents… but it is not a complete match, no. These images stand for more than the known facts concerning the respective individual events.
      The viewer is invited to explore the overlaps.
      You see no overlaps….
      The extent and depth of suffering experienced by victims of Nazism is well documented- though one can say that we may probably never fully know or be able to document such large scale events, nor the impact on the victims…. Nazism expressed itself in many ways and at many levels: from the petty government official carrying out his mundane duties of keeping the state machinery running smoothly to someone engaged in life and death decisions … to the narrow minded racist gratuitous acts of violence of vicious individuals in the street or the mob, violently preying on lone individuals, empowered by the state and a sick ideology of superiority…
      Placing yourself in that lone Palestinian woman’s shoes for a minute. Looking at her face and the terror she obviously was feeling at that moment. How can one deny the fear and terror she, a Palestinian must have been feeling about the attack perpetrated by her ‘neighbours’ or more probably complete strangers and passers by in the street …… It is not an isolated example of violence inspired by some very nasty racial or ethnic hatred at its lowest level- on the street. this did not happen in a social/political or historical vacuum…. I think it illustrates what many if not most Palestinians feel and experience, daily , in their homeland-whether in the occupied territories or in the state of Israel. Their lives are filled with uncertainty and violence in one form or another. Others have made the point that the Palestinians have less control and power over their lives than non Palestinians. ….they have less rights and less justice..
      There are individual acts of racism/ethnic violence and there is institutionalised oppression…what is the connection?

      Where does the licence for such bad behaviour come from? Ie the licence to attack those not in the ‘in group’, at will?

      I would suggest it comes from above ie from the state/ regime, its institutions and its founding chauvinist ideology , which reinforces a sense of divine entitlement to other people’s land/ property and conveniently hands them immunity from ever having to account for their bad behaviour towards non members….
      It is sad…it is disgusting…but mostly it is sad that people are doomed to repeat the same mistakes and commit the same crimes….

      1. @Chris

        ” I think it illustrates what many if not most Palestinians feel and experience, daily , in their homeland-whether in the occupied territories or in the state of Israel”

        Well, Chris. I live in Israel and I see more Palestinians in a day than you probably see in a year. The Palestinians living in Israel are the most relaxed and confident ‘minority’ I’ve yet to encounter and I’m from New York, a city full of ‘minorities’.
        I’ve been all over Israel, a very small country, and I’ve never seen a Palestinian, or any other ‘minority’ here, threatened, spoken rudely to, or assaulted.

        1. Joel is a cosseted New York Jew who came to Israel with all sorts of pre conceived notions about minorities, whether they be Blacks or Palestinians. I know people like Joel since I too grew up in NY. Some of the most racist people in NY are Jews.

          Joel just carries over his condescension and ignorance qua racism to an Israeli context. Joel “sees” Palestinians. And because he’s never seen anything bad happen to a Palestinian he knows that his judgment is right. He wouldn’t care to have any of that certainty shattered by considering he doesn’t know what the f(^k he’s talking about.

          What never ceases to amaze me is Israeli Jews who are only too happy to substitute their own perception of Palestinian reality for the perception of Palestinians themselves. Who & what gives you the right, Joel, to say what it’s like for Palestinians to live among you?? ANd what gives you the right to think you know Jack about Palestinians. Because you don’t. You really don’t. The fact that you think you do shows how little you really know.

        2. the phrase ” there are none as blind as those who refuse to see….’ comes to mind. Next time you ‘see’ a Palestinian and if you can gain their trust, try to engage them and find out about their lives….what its like to be them and listen to their stories. you may learn something. I have met quite a few Palestinians over the years living in various places[ their diaspora] All have been touched in some way by some suffering and loss. I would say they all yearned for justice and recognition of their suffering….

          1. I live in Central Israel with my family, and my eyes and ears are always open, if only for their sake.

            Quite honestly, I don’t hold you or Richard in such high regard that I’d bother lying to either of you.

    2. Have you not read the post I wrote? The police (i.e. the State) is charging the VICTIM with a crime. Jews were also both victims and guilty of crimes in the Nazi era.

      The only difference thank God is that Amtin did not end up in a concentration camp. But she very well could end up in jail for doing nothing more than being a victim of Israeli Jewish racism.

      As for the charge of “photoshopping,” this is a work of political art, not a photograph that claims to be a precise representation of the event. The Nazi era photograph is a totally legitimate commentary on the contemporary Israeli action that is represented.

  4. There’s no justice to Arabs in Israel, take this as the rule.
    As for the exceptions – yes, you can come across the occasional blip in the horrid trend. There might be an occasional pretence of venturing into the wild minefields of “justice-for-all”, but never in your life a consistent effort to deliver colour-blind, equal justice.

  5. I’m pretty sure that’s not the waiter pictured but the guy who was in the car accident. Look at his facebook account.

      1. No, You are wrong Mr. Silverstein. This is a photo of Ohad Aviv who was injured in a car accident. Look for ohad.aviv1 in Facebook.

      2. The Hebrew captions do not state that the man in the photograph is the Palestinian. It claims the waiter was in the bed next to the man involved in the accident, and does not at all claim that the man in the photograph is the waiter. Also, the pictures in Ohad Aviv’s profile are definitely of the same person. One of these pictures are of a local news article, presenting a photo of him in the hospital bed, describing how Ohad Aviv was run over.

        1. It’s possible, though the juxtaposition of the image and the caption clearly infer that the picture is of the waiter.

          So I challenge you to find a picture of the waiter and his injuries. Then we’ll know for sure.

          1. Have you looked at the image I linked to? Honestly, two minutes of browsing Ohad Aviv’s facebook photographs will prove without a doubt that he is the man in the picture you linked to. We don’t need a picture of the waiter to know that the picture shown is or is not of Ohad aviv, and several pictures of Ohad, including a magazine article about him being run over, with a picture of him looking exactly like in the photograph you linked to, is enough to show that the picture is of Ohad. If you want to find a photograph of the waiter to replace the one you posted, do it yourself.

          2. I’ll note that all you were interested in doing was minimizing the negative publicity of the attack on the Palestinian waiter. If I do get a picture of the waiter & his injuries I’ll dedicate an entire post to it & display the image itself.

            Three or four of you pro Israel apologists have the goal of suppressing negative PR regarding Israeli racism. I don’t plan on letting you get away with it.

          3. There’s also the Palestinian street cleaner from Yaffa, Hassan Usraf, who was attacked at 4:00 a.m during Pourim by a bunch of young Israeli Jews screaming “Death to the Arabs” and according to some sources “You’re invading/taking over our country”. He was knocked down with bottles and had heavy wounds to his head and face/eyes. Ali Abunimah has a video on his blog showing a mob celebrating the beating and shouting racist slurs. And the Palestinian man who was aggressed at Lake Tiberias on a holiday with his wife and kid. It seems to be the same thugs as in Tel Aviv/Jaffa (Eli Ashkenazi/Haaretz). There has been one or two other aggressions within the ’67-borders recently.

          4. None of us made any statement regarding the waiter’s injuries, and were simply pointing out a mistake you made. I do not know why you assume the worst of us without substantiation.

          5. I’ve been in touch with Ohad Aviv who’s going to try to get me a photo of the waiter & his injuries. Commenters here appear to believe that pointing out that Ohad Aviv’s picture was mistaken for the waiter’s means the waiter’s injuries were either non-existent or less serious than those of Aviv. That’s of course a political statement which is unacceptable to me. I hope I can feature that image asap.

    1. And if they actually press charges agains the Jewish ‘girls’, let’s hope they don’t destroy – by ‘mistake’ of course – the tapes containing the interrogations as they did with the tapes containing I think it was 8 hours of interrogation of the main suspect in the aggression on Zion Square last August. That would be a shame wouldn’t it ?

      1. DY: I am worried about the Jewish girls. If they are found guilty and have to do a few hours of public service, it will be a spot on their records for ever. Later, when they want to move into subsidized housing in “Judea,” land heisted from Pals of course, the record could disqualify them. Or not. After all: These are Jewish mothers in waiting and we want them pure as the water rights their landsmen steal.

  6. Do these jewish settlers believe in the true Almighty God? I don’t think so, because Our Lord, who is One, do not want people like these settlers doing such barbaric actions. God all he wants is PEACE on earth between all people of the world and to live as brothers and sisters. Shame on these kind of Jewish people. God forgive them for their barbaric attitudes.

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