28 thoughts on “Watch Video Too Dangerous for Israeli Media to Air: Saar May Be Forced to Resign Due to Sex Scandal – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Typical rape investigation, make the victim (s) the accused and in this case with all the connection that this minister has and in addition to the support of arms twisting that Mr. Bibi is so famous for, so what’s new under the sun, deja vu all over again, samo, samo
    In all news programs only the “who dared sent something so obviously fake” is the ONLY conversation line
    Another stonewall, whitewash no matter the name they are all as pure as the driven snow

  2. It seems to be and this will probably upset some people here that an investigation is being conducted, that the public is being informed and that Justice will be done. These situations in which a powerful and or rich person is accused by what Romney would call a 48% is always slow and difficult but to the credit if Israel, it seems that in this case as in Katsav’s case things are being done consistently with a functioning legal system in a democratic society.Whether the allegations are real or not is unknown to me and I assume the person is innocent unless proven guilty as I think we should all do.

  3. I believe there is a Senator from Florida who had sex with 14 y old hookers in the DR. Very little on the MSM about it.
    Why would a person living in Seattle be more interested in a perv in Israel than in his own country? Cleaning your own house first makes more sense than cleaning someone else’s.

        1. NO. The topic is Gideon Saar and this blog covers Israeli politics, which is why you are here. If this blog deal with sexual indiscretions in U.S. politics you wouldn’t be here. Don’t make yourself look like an absolute fool by asking such dumb questions.

          1. But how can we judge Israel’s bahevior and its norms on this issue without comparing Israel to other countries? Normative behavior is created by others. It is temporary and culture sepcific. Israel claims to be a western style democracy. Comparing it to the US or Europe is how we can judge if this is right.

  4. I though the Jpost can’t be used as a source for anything?

    Eden you are talking about the Senator Mendez case.
    Mendez is a senator from New Jersey. Since he is a powerfull democrat pushing for illegal alien reform main stream media has basically either not reported or vastly underreported the case.

    The case became public on the Internet over a month ago..
    Virtually nobody picked it up.
    Early this week was the first time main stream media picked it up.
    If it was a republican it would have been reported the same day.
    Eve. Fox news waited at least 2 weeks before reporting anything.
    Mendez apparently liked his girls young looking. The youngest they know about is 16.
    There is no evidence that Mendez knew the girl was underage. She was apparently very well developed for her age. This is according to the girl herself
    The case potentaly goes much further than this charge.

    Perfect example how different societies have differing morals and rules then are the norms of the United

    Israel has been and still s a very chauvinistic society. Doesn’t matter if your on the right or left of the political equation. However it has come a long way in the last 35 year. But still has a long way to go.

    Also Israel still has a long way to in terms of public and private accountability.
    Politicians get away with things inisrael that would be their total ruin in the United States.
    This is not a right or left wing issue. It is how Israel is.
    That being said Israel has come a long way in the last 35 years. Still more to go.

    1. Once again, WAY OFF TOPIC.

      Please don’t bother opining on U.S. politics. The amount of ignorance you display is enough to make any reasonably informed person wince. You got his name wrong and are woefully ignorant about the coverage of his case.

  5. The Jpost, the worst rightwing newspaper in the world in the worse and bloodiest dictatorship in the world writes opennly about a rightwing minister sex perversion.
    Doesn’t that prove Israel is the worse country in the world?
    It would be like the NYtimes writing about Senator Mendez suggesting he may have to resign.

  6. Yes I misspelled the Senators name.
    As to the story I am correct. In fact the non reporting of the alleged sexual misconduct in itself became it’s own story. I would suggest that you are woefully ignorant about this case. Have you seen the video interviewing the underage prostitute?

    As to being ignorant amd the lack of my ability to opine,ah look who is calling the kettle black.
    If you like I can post a paragraph by paragraph of your fantasy novel on the Zygier tragedy.
    As to off topic yeh I guess so. I did post in response to Eden at 7:45 am and your criticism of Edens original post was after 9 pm. If I had seen your comment earlier in the day I would not have posted a response.

    The most interesting thing here is your angry retort to my post
    Whats the purpose of being personaly insulting?
    You couldn’t just say I believe your mistaken in your information.
    This type of response is a very clear pattern on your blog. Frankly I havnt seen anything like this in the blogosphere.

    I appreciate that this is your blog. It is clear that you are passionate about your subject and you put a lot of work into this blog.But being personally insulting is the farthest thing from Tikkun Olam be it from a left wing Jewish secular humanist point of view or classical understandings of tikkunolam such as Tikkun Ishi or Tikkun klalli.

    I suppose I will be moderated or banned. But צדק צדק תרדף!

    I will take to heart what the psalmist said ” though I walk through the valley of death,I will not fear evil for you are with me”

    1. I told you that this was off-topic. Yet you’ve persisted in raising this off-topic subject once again. If you don’t understand why this is off topic then you’re either a hasbarist or thick-headed. Either one doesn’t recommend itself here.

      Your future comments will be moderated and approved if they don’t violate comment rules.

  7. @Richard,

    Your website is focused on Israel and intends to comment on any perceived or real problem with that country.
    Your post imply that Israel has a terrible approach to the issue of a politician sexual perversion.
    A reasonable argument is to compare Israel to one of the best democracies in the world :the USA.
    Again, why would you be so concerned about a pervert in the Israeli govt and silent about one in the Senate of YOUR country? Isn’t Israel and the Israeli media doing better than the US on this?

    1. Cause Israel had sent its president to jail for a lie of not having sex with a woman who said he abused her.
      The US did not.

      1. Katsav was NOT sent to prison for “having sex.” Having sex is not illegal. He was sent to jail for RAPE.

        Clinton was not charged with rape. He was charged with lying about a sex act that was consensual.

        1. Your right.Clinton was impeached because he perjured himself. The perjury revolved around consensual sex between a subordinate and their employer, the top person in her chain of command.
          You rightfully mention this abuse of power in the supposed relationship between Saar and his subordinate Maya Katz.

  8. accusations of sexual abuse at Education Minister Gideon Sa’aron

    ( http://www.timesofisrael.com/woman-denies-penning-saar-sex-abuse-letter/ )

    Ok, it’s not either or, it is indeed possible to look at a persons actions from various angles and according to different topics as well, but a guy responsible for the anti-arab stereotypes and -thinking structures in israeli schoolbooks including the lack of green line in maps and then discussing his behaviour towards members of gods chosen people (puke) in private range is to me as a minor valueable german goy or quarter-jew as you like (according to paragraph three of f.r.g.-constitution I have the birthright to return, so choose between three racist measures) this is like discussing that hitler was kind towards his schäferhund (until he fed her arsen in the bunker).


    Question number one: would timesofisrael bother about the story at all, if the women was non-jewish? (Is she?)


    Gag-order me for mentioning prisoner-x yahya skaf since 1978 in ashkelon, leaked by a redcross-letter in 2000 as I read?)

    1. Only if you believe Israel’s police commissioner. Knowing what I know about Israeli police, Danino is about as credible as Saar’s word itself. I would like to know specifically what proof he can offer that it’s a forgery. What scientific methods did he use to determine it. How much real investigating did he do into it?

  9. Maya Katz has denied writing the letter,I heard the interview her dad gave on Israel TV about the letter being a forgery and a ” blood libel”. ( as a American Jew I associate blood libel with people saying the Jews murder gentile children and use their blood to make Passover matzah. In Israel the term blood libel in every day usage is used to denote character assassination. Depend on context it can also refer to the anti semetic Passover European blood libels.)

    The Israel Police have determined that it was a forgery. See here http://www.ynetnews.com/articles/0,7340,L-4349870,00.html

    Israel Social Media had to take it down because they could not proove the real provenance of the letter.

    The absolute defense for libel,slander and defamation in this case is simple. Proove that the letter was
    real. They couldn’t proove it, so their attorney did the responsible thing and told them to remove it.
    Richard unfortunately you are subject to a civil action in Israel. Being a active blogger would not be a defense. If you don’t lawyer up in Israel as the defendant, Saar could get a summary judgement against you that can be collected in the United States.

    I believe Maya Katz would also have a claim here.
    I doubt they would litigate it. But it is a thought since he went to the trouble of threatening legal action in Israel. We would both be upset if anyone accused us of being a pedophile.

    1. I am publishing this comment only to explain why you will be banned here. First, I invite you to have Katz, Saar and any other Likud hack you wish contact my attorney. They’ll only be 20th or 30th in line who’ve threatened me with a lawsuit. It’s easy isn’t it when you spout off on someone else’s behalf?

      You think you intimidate me? Think again buster.

      Major comment rule: threaten me with a lawsuit, you’re history. Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  10. Richard

    I was not threatening you.
    I am truly sorry that my post was understood as such.
    I thought I covered that issue by writing that I doubted they would actualy sue you.

    I have been involved in litigation Israel-US. And as a American in British Coolumbia. And was a licensee for a Fortune 500 company in Israel and Palestine. Granted my experience did not cover blogging but I had to learn about the practical side of,business and legal/litigation issues.

    Of course you need to your lawyer who you trust.
    I know this won’t be posted and that’s ok. However it is important for me to be open and explain myself on issue that for me was a misunderstanding. I take upon myself the responsibility for not expressing myself clearly and leaving you with the idea that I meant you any harm.

    The truth is we would probably not agree on many things and would agree on some. We both want peace.
    That being said I do appreciate your dedication,your hard work and your writing style. Oh that I should write so well. Thank you for opening my eyes to a different point of view then that which I have known. There are things I have learned here that I didn’t know and have spent hours browsing through years of topics and blogs on your site.

    Again I don’t expect for this to be posted. And wasn’t written for posting. And I was just sharing what I had learned while conducting business internationally. If your served with papers from a foreign court be prepared to respond because decisions made abroad are enforceable. Perhaps it doesn’t apply to the potential liabilities I raised.

    Be well and b’hatzlacha bmaaseh y’decha.

    1. I think we both know that your comment wasn’t meant as innocently as you’re making out now. But I accept your attempt to reinterpret it to be less ominous and threatening than it was.

      You may not realize that at least once a year people threaten to sue me or express the devout hope that someone else will do so. Others have wished me into bankruptcy and our family out in the street. At least one person has actually sued me (and lost).

      If someone in Israel wants to sue me they may. My belief is that it would redound against them and bring increased visiblity to the values I espouse.

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