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  1. RE: “My question is why the authorities wouldn’t have anticipated a suicide attempt. . . I reported here a few days ago that Security Minister Aharonovich made the laughable claim that Zygier had been afforded the finest mental health treatment the Prison Service budget could buy. Now, the Prison Service tells us the truth–that they could offer him none of these services because there was a strict veil of secrecy over the prisoner.” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: Even if Zygier technically committed suicide, I still consider him to have been extra-judicially executed by the Mossad and Israel due to the extremely abusive conditions under which he was kept.

    SEE: Alone, in ‘the hole’ – Psychologists probe the mental health effects of solitary confinement. | By Kirsten Weir | Monitor on Psychology, A Publication of the American Psychological Association | May 2012, Vol 43, No. 5 | Print version: page 54

    [EXCERPTS] For most of the 20th century, prisoners’ stays in solitary confinement were relatively short. “People would get thrown in ‘the hole’ for a couple days at a time, maybe a couple weeks at a time,” says Craig Haney, PhD, a social psychologist at the University of California, Santa Cruz, whose research has explored the psychological effects of incarceration. . .
    . . . As solitary confinement has become more common, so have questions about its psychological impacts. Chief among those questions: What really happens to people deprived of social contact for months or years on end?
    Two types of solitary confinement are commonly in use today. The first, known as disciplinary segregation, is leveled as punishment when inmates break the rules. Steal a cellmate’s radio, for instance, and you might be in solitary for a week or two. During disciplinary segregation, an inmate is separated from other inmates for a specified period of time.
    The second type of confinement is known as administrative segregation, which is used when prisoners are deemed a risk to the safety of other inmates or prison staff. Prisoners in administrative segregation are placed into isolation units for months or years. Corrections officials first turned to this strategy in response to growing gang violence inside prisons, Dvoskin says. Though critics contend that administrative segregation has never been proven to make prisons safer, use of this type of confinement has continued to rise. That’s worrisome to most psychologists who study the issue. Deprived of normal human interaction, many segregated prisoners reportedly suffer from mental health problems including anxiety, panic, insomnia, paranoia, aggression and depression, Haney says (Crime and Delinquency, 2003). . .

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.apa.org/monitor/2012/05/solitary.aspx

    1. P.S. ALSO SEE – “Fact Sheet: Psychological Effects of Solitary Confinement”, by Sal Rodriguez, Solitary Watch Reporter/Researcher, 2011

      [EXCERPTS] “It’s a standard psychiatric concept, if you put people in isolation, they will go insane…. It’s a big problem in the
      California system, putting large numbers in the SHUs [Secured Housing Units]… Most people in isolation will fall apart.”
      — Sandra Schank, staff psychiatrist, Mule Creek State Prison, California. [1]
      Solitary confinement is the practice of isolating a prisoner in a closed cell for 23 to 24 hours a day—often for weeks or months, and sometimes for years or decades at a time. While precise data on nationwide utilization of the practice is elusive, we know that some 20,000 inmates are in solitary confinement in America‘s supermax prisons, while tens of thousands more are held in isolation in other prisons and jails. [2]
      Solitary Confinement and Mental Health</b
      “We make loners here, not better people.” — Prison Psychologist [3]
      Since the 1970s, research has been amassed indicating that solitary confinement does alter neural and therefore psychological states.
      One study examining the development of psychopathologies found that those in solitary developed pathologies at higher rates than those in the general population (28% vs. 15%).
      Another study of 20 prisoners who volunteered for a week of solitary confinement found that the prisoners exhibited decreased EEG activity, indicative of increased theta activity, which is related to stress, tension, and anxiety. [5]
      Prisoners in solitary confinement have been found to engage in self-mutilation at rates higher than the general population. [6] . . .
      Suicide in Solitary
      In 2005, forty-four prisoners in the California prison system committed suicide; 70% of whom were in solitary confinement. [9]
      This has been a consistent trend. A national study of 401 jail suicides in 1986 found that two out of three were among those held in a control unit. [10]
      A 2007 study examining attempted suicide in the prison system identified solitary confinement as a major factor in suicidal ideation and suicide attempts.
      Among the 24 individuals who attempted suicide: “I started hearing voices and losing control of my own thoughts…I really started noticing more when I started being in the hole…It just started getting worse for me.” —Participant 22 [11] . . .

      ENTIRE FACT SHEET (PDF) – http://solitarywatch.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/06/fact-sheet-psychological-effects-of-solitary-confinement.pdf

  2. Revelations Al-Mabhouh Assassination started as early as February 15, 2010

    Hamas man’s Dubai death was a Mossad-style execution By Yossi Melman | Feb.16, 2010 | 2:16 AM

    What makes the security camera shots released last night by the Dubai police interesting is the “professionalism” exhibited by the suspected assassins of senior Hamas figure Mahmoud al-Mabhouh. On the basis of the video clips and the information provided by Dubai police officers investigating the murder, the assassination squad involved 10 men carrying British, French, German and Irish passports.

    Throughout the operation, none of the suspects made a direct call to any another. However, Dubai police traced a high volume of calls and text messages between three phones carried by the assassins and four numbers in Austria where a command centre had apparently been established.

    Thank you for thorough and excellent coverage!

  3. Re: coldwarrabbit – Feb.21, 2013 at 3:12 AM
    “basically zeigler was used as an agent to get inside hizbollah and its weapon procurement program”

    Interesting article in Der Spiegel – The Mystery of Israel’s ‘Prisoner X’

    The Milan office building exudes elegance with its stucco facade, brass name plate, concierge service and expensive wooden furniture inside. There’s nothing to suggest that the firm based here, which specializes in the sale of satellite communications technology, is a front for the Israel foreign intelligence service Mossad.

    But the Milan company is reported to have hired Israeli agents who needed legends for their operations in enemy territory. One of them was Ben Zygier … The company is reported to have vouched as Zygier’s employer when he applied for a work visa at the Italian consulate in Melbourne in 2005.

    ‘Access to Secret Installations’

    The agent was arrested in February 2010, shortly after the Mossad had murdered the weapons dealer of Hamas in Dubai. Now there’s speculation that Zygier was involved in that killing, and that he may have divulged secrets. Or did he have something to do with the killings of Iranian scientists or software attacks against Iran’s nuclear program?

    There are no answers, but Zygier and two other Australian Jews , Paul Y. and David Z. who also worked for the Milan firm, were reported to have been successful agents. “The nature of their business gave them access to military and secret installations.”

    Israel Prison Service personnel may be tried for Zygier’s suicide


    ANALYSIS: Jordan bombing: good intelligence, poor execution – January 18, 2010

    According to the sources, the GID believes that the attack came in response to the killing of Iranian scientist Prof. Massoud Ali Muhammadi in Teheran last week [January 12, 2010]. Ali Muhammadi was killed by a remote-controlled bomb on a motorcycle.

    Iran’s Interior Minister Mostafa Muhammad Najjar vowed to take revenge on Israel over Ali-Muhammadi’s assassination. Israel’s ambassador in Jordan, Yaakov Rosen (standing), shakes hands with Omar Nadif, Jordan’s deputy ambassador in Israel.

    WikiLeaks: Ashkenazi blamed Hizbullah for envoy attack

    In June, 2009 Hizbullah had completed plans for 3rd attack to avenge Mughniyeh. Hizbullah was involved in the January bombing attack on the convoy of Israel’s ambassador to Jordan, IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi told a top UN official, according to an American diplomatic cable published by Wikileaks.

    The attack which took place not far from the Allenby Bridge, which Israeli intelligence at the time assessed was likely the handiwork of Hizbullah which was seeking to avenge the 2008 assassination of its military commander Imad Mughniyeh in Damascus.

  4. I’m no forensic pathologist, but I’d guess that a lot of tranquilizer would be needed to incapacitate a 34 year old male, and that with the onset of death, the body would stop breaking down the chemicals of the tranquilizer, leaving behind more than a ‘trace’.

    1. It depends on the tranquilizer and how long after the drug was administered before his blood was tested. We know it had to have been many hours. IF they didn’t want to find any traces the test could’ve been administered when there would be little left in his system.

      1. Israeli’s secret services were able to kill the guy prior to getting him into the prison.
        The notion they exposed him to 3 judges, 3 lawyers, notified his family in Australia, His family in Israel, 4 attorney’s, another 3 judges this time in the supreme court, Australian foreign affairs department, Australian secret service and then killed him makes no sense.
        Could have killed him before exposing him to anyone, could have notified his family he died in a car accident, security service was able to do all that after extracting all info he had, and he would have been as dead.
        The notion that Israel’s security services killed him simply makes no sense.

        1. A dead body, through dissolution and putrefaction will effect chemical changes to any organic chemical in it at time of death. Consider also the so-called tranquilizer said found on autopsy could have been something (my speculation) as benign as valium or its congeners. As an aside, it is very hard to commit suicide with this class of tranquilizers – it’s been famously tried by a former high ranking member of the U.S government administration a couple of decades ago though in high enough doses can render one very relaxed.

          1. Robert
            Quiet correct.
            The thory that some want to propagate is that Israel tranquilizer him for nefarious reasons. Like they gave him tranquilizers so they could hang him and stage a suicide. Although that logic in this situation is absurd, but when chasing wind mills people irrationally grab at straws.

        2. The body produces enzymes which can break complex hydrocarbons down, and these don’t actually stop working when the body person expires. This is one of the reasons why there’s a sequence of changes in the body after death.

          Furthermore, a suspended hanging, without a sudden hangman’s drop to break the neck, is by no means an instant execution, and can take half an hour, during which the metabolism will be neutralizing the drug, which might have been administered some little while before the hanging.

          Some “truth drugs” can be described as tranquilizers, too.

    2. Joel, you are inteed no forensic pathologist, or based on the totality of your comments here, an expert of any kind. As for drugs that metabolize quickly I suggest you look into the curious case of the mahmoud al Mabhouh, murdered by israeli mafioso hit men in Dubai. He was apparently first “tranquilized” or rather, paralysed with an agent succynylcholine, a powerful muscle relaxant that leaves very little mark and quickly disappears. It can be used to mimic a heart attack and one has to know what to look for to find it and the Dubai police did. There are many similar “tranquilizers”. Please look at the accounts of just how long it took to “discover’ the ‘suicide” (one hour), for police to arrive and for any investigation to start. By the time a pathologist (by no means an honest one necessarily) was given a chance to examine the body, hours and hours have passed and possibly longer. I doubt of course, any account will convince you of the futility of your apologetics, but you might learn something along the way, which is always good.

      Yanshuf – yet another expert. Not. Gosh, can’t the vaunted hasbara find better tools?

      Richard, I think you should file an official complaint – why are they letting these know-nothings infest your comment section? surely you deserve a better caliber apologists for the police state!

      Elad R., i ‘m impressed with your gullibility as you seem to beleive everything you read from israel. SDid you hear about the tooth fairy, BTW?

        1. The judge, who is not a medical expert, wrote “tranquilizer.” We need to know specifically what drug was in his system. And not have to take a judge’s word for it. We need to see the autopsy report.

        2. Some are both.
          My endodontist, who also (fortunately?) has a Phd in Pharmacology, offered a positively Socratean draught of this in his waiting room, to not just dope me into submission but also relax my muscles so he could prise my inflamed jaw open.
          If they offer you a general anesthetic instead of this, for God’s sake say “yes, please”.

          I remember drinking the draught in the waiting room, and then I was in the chair, being worked on. Moving from A to B is a complete blank.
          If he’d been minded to hang me rather than drill for oil, I wouldn’t have been capable of much resistance.

      1. Dana
        In Dubai they used a quick acting muscle relaxant typically used in America when they have the need to intubate someone. It has a very short half life and is not a tranquilizer.

        Using it prevented Mabouh from resisting and as per the Dubai police they suffocated him with his pillows. The Dubai police discovered it’s use after they found the small site of the injection.

        Forensic autopsies do not need to be done immediately. Nor does blood have to be drawn immediately for a accurate toxicology report.

        BTW everyone dies when the heart stops beating.

      2. Dana, what is it that i believe exactly ? That he was brought in-front of a 3 judges ? that he had legal representation and his lawyers met with him ? that a proper notification was given to the Australian ?
        Both Mr. Feldman and the Australians admitted to the fact that Mr. Feldman met with him and that proper notification was provided.

      3. joel, Yanshuf I was bringing the “muscle relaxant” only as one example of a fast acting drug. There are no doubt others that belong to the ‘tranquilizer” family. Or the ‘anti-depressant” family.

        Elad R, I have no idea what you believe exactly. I merely pointed to the totally obvious – you have to take everything that comes from any paper in israel with a boulder of salt. And right now, they are working very very hard to try and convince the sheeple that their judiciary system is more than kangaroo court when it comes to their “security prisoners (if in doubt, you can always ask some palestinians about the israeli justice system). As an exercise, why don’t you try to read between the lines – the spaces really tell the tale of judiciary rubber-stamping.

        Well, I’d love to continue wrestle with you guys, but it’s a nice day outside and I gotta go chase me some squirrels off the porch…

  5. Actually quite difficult for a sedated person to tie knots and hang himself.

    If done in, there has to be a pretty strong reason for it, as I’ve said before, and I’m not sure that any of the Iran-related stories and hints we’ve had are anything like strong enough.

    Harming Iran is what people expect Mossad to do. I can’t think that they’d have gone to any part of this circus to conceal the fact that they were harming Iran.

    Harming one of Israel’s supposed allies, would be another matter. I think it’s got to be that.

    1. Of course — a sedated person cannot hang themselves. So the sedative was inserted directly afterwards OR, I’m guessing, this man did not hang himself. History is clear that Israel has not special regard for allies, every state is fair game for spying and illegal assassinations. Israel’s population is roughly the equivalent of the Bronx and Brooklyn combined: How can this little state (two boroughs!) afford worldwide operatives and endless clandestine schemes? Who pays for all this? Israeli citizens? I doubt it.

  6. Davey

    8 years ago I was married to a woman who worked full time as a teacher in a Israeli public high school.
    Her net salary was approximately $ 1,000 a month. Let’s say her gross was 2,000 a month.
    Where in the US would a full time HS teacher in a public scoop earn a gross salary of $24 thousand a year.

    Note that incremental tax brackets kick in at a much lower amount of gross income than in the US.
    A family of 4 earning approximately 54 thousand in the United States pays no US federal income tax.
    The same family of 4 in Israel is paying a lot of taxes. I don’t have current tax tables handy.

    The duty on the importation of cars in Israel is 95% plus VAT. Rule of thumb is that the same cars double of what it costs in the US.

    Gas prices change but 8 years ago it was 4 times the price of gas on Long Island,NY.

    Israeli citizens amd corporations have more patents filed in the United States Patents Office then the combined number of patents filed from the Europan union combined. This was of 4 years ago and it would be difficult to find the source now..

    Israel has more attorneys per capita then any other country in the world. Note this makes conducting buissnees a pain in the kneck there.

    Israelis write more books and publish/ sell more books than any other country in the world.

    Yes Israel gets more military assistance from the US than any other country in the world. Next is Egypt in terms of military assistance.
    American military aid requires that all of the money except for I believe 300 million dollars be spent in America. So that’s over 2 billion dollars a year spent in America for equipment , support etc.

    Because of this requirement Israel has gone into partnership with a Americam company to build ther armored personnel carriers in the US.Israel Weapons Industry which supplies various small arms systems to the Israeli military has opened a factory in Harrisburg,Pennsylvania.

    I wouldn’t compare the population of Brooklyn and the Bronx to the population of Israel.
    Israelis right and left pay a very high finacial price for this conflict as well as a high personal price.
    Note I am not minimizing the price that the other side suffers.

    And Davey, people who have taken tranquilizers can absolutely tie a knot and hang themselves.
    Because of severe back pain as I am writing this I am taking both Valium and percoset (oxycodone and Tylenol) on the instruction of my physician. Both are narcotics and have a sedating affect as part of their profile.

    1. This comment is so far off topic it’s not even in the galaxy. Read the comment rules & do NOT publish off topic comments. Keep them to the immediate subject of the post on which you’re commenting. Next time you do this I’ll delete the comment or put you in moderation.

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