12 thoughts on “Censored Ayalon Hasbara Video Pictured Collapsing Dome of Rock Supplanted by Holy Temple – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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    1. You only read the headlines ? The whole video is embedded in the blue link, second video. Of course the Dome of the Rock is only collapsing in order to make Danny Ayalon’s historical explanation (isn’t that what ‘hasbara’ really means) clearer.

      1. It’s been a while since i last hear such extreme words:
        “Easily recognizable by the golden dome of the rock..Historically it was first consecrated by the people of Israel (1:57) the great Jewish temple was built here by King Solomon 300 years ago.”

        What Mr. Silverstein is doing in this post is known in Yiddish as “Tsimes” Or “luft gesheft” making a big deal out of nothing, taking things out of context.

        This video doesn’t speak about the next temple, it speaks of the previous one. To assert that “It exposed the ideological underpinning of the makers of the film.” is simply letting one’s imagination run wild.

        1. I see. So a video that shows the third holiest shrine in Islam collapsing and being replaced the the Jewish Temple is chopped liver? If so, why did Danny Ayalon himself say if the video hadn’t been altered it would’ve caused riots. Unless you’re claiming that Muslim sensitivities are nothing but a bit tsimmes, full of sound & fury signifying nothing. Is that what you believe?

          Because it wouldn’t be the first time that an insular Jew held himself deaf to the concerns and interests of Muslims. It would be about the millionth–and oh so common to the uber-Israel crowd of which you’re an honorary member.

          1. For the sake of accuracy, the video doesn’t show the Mosque being replaced, it shows the situation prior to the Mosque being built. What you presented – the collapse of the Dome of the rock – was never aired. Someone in Israel showed good enough judgment and decided it wasn’t sensitive enough and replaced it with fairy dust.

            So what is your complaint ? The state of Israel showed good judgment no “insular Jew held himself deaf to the concerns and interests of Muslims” (as you nicely put it) , you should praise the state of Israel for doing the right thing, instead you are making Tismes.

          2. The point is the only reason the censored video wasn’t used was because of how it would appear in the Muslim world. There was no objection to the sentiment or ideological thinking behind the collapsing mosque. On that, every member of this government agrees.

          3. So you are judging the state based on your interpretation of people’s hearts and mind, and not by their action that shows otherwise ?

            That is really stretching it.

          4. Israel’s actions show it’s a tolerant, diverse country permitting religious freedom for all? Puh-leeze. The thought, words and deeds of Israel’s leaders show it to be otherwise.

    2. I took nothing out of context. As Deir Yassin told you the entire video is accessible to you. If you watched the rest of the video and were a reasonable person, it would reinforce the notion that its producers were insensitive boors when it came to understanding what tolerance & religious diversity means.

  1. The Dome is seen imploding and collapsing in a cartoony fashion.

    It’s not as if this video is being made by Jewish Voice for Peace.

    If Hamas were to put out an ‘educational’ video and show some Jewish institution vanish in the same way as the Islamic counterpart here, then there would be no hesitation as to the context of the action.

    That is the difference. The person making this video is Ayalon. So when considering the person’s politics and the political culture of the people who contribute these kinds of videos, it is not surprising or out of line to believe that this video depicts the destruction of an Islamic holy site.

    It is not some innocent video. And moreover the people defending the video are not innocently apolitical. They are whitewashing.

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