15 thoughts on “As Perertz Abandons Labor Party, Israeli Political Center Implodes – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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      1. I’m not seeing him among the list of candidates.

        The PM candidate in his party (Hadash) is Mohammad Barakeh.

        Would you support him for PM?

  1. A couple of corrections.

    (a) Livni is by no means an ideological descendant of the Stern Gang. She’s consistently been a Zionist pragmatist practising realpolitik. Though I personally wouldn’t dream of voting for her or her ilk, one has to bear in mind that – from South-Africa to Northern Ireland – this is the type of master-race politicians who bow (and scrape!) to reality to make historical compromises with “convicted terrorists” they had previously trained themselves to hate and despise.

    (b) The Histadrut is Israel’s labour-unions, not to be confused the Labour Party (often self-described as the historical Labour Movement). Peretz has headed both of them, but not concurrently.

      1. Probably. Her dad was Irgun’s chief of operations. What would later become the popular anthem of the veteran terrorists – “Upon Barricades” – had been dedicated by the lyricist, a fallen comrade, to her mum …
        Though the Stern Gang originated from Irgun and they cooperated in atrocities too familiar to you, their post-“liberation” visions differed significantly.

    1. The reference to her Stern Gang roots was from Dov Heinin & he was referring to Livni’s parents who were both “heroes” of the Stern Gang. She started out in politics as a disciple of Sharon & gradually softened her politics (as he did).

      1. Again: neither of Livni’s parents was in the Stern Gang.

        As for Dov Heinin. He’s a decent mensch and one of Israel’s finest parliamentarians – I’d greatly despise anyone attributing him “Stalinist ideological roots” just because of his parents’ history.

        1. I stand corrected. I thought Dov Heinin could be trusted on the subject. But really, the difference between the two groups was really a matter of degrees. They both engaged in acts of terrorism and assassination.

          1. I couldn’t agree more.

            The Sternists, though, introduced an element of shear madness into a ruthless yet well reasoned ideology. Their original raison d’etre was siding, in WW2, with the Nazis while Irgun chose to join their erstwhile enemies, the Brits (Irgun’s leader at the time, Raziel, actually died while on a British military intelligence mission).

      2. You are pathetic. Lying about her parents in the first place, then trying to smear her with what you alleged her parents to be.
        Propaganda at its worst.

        1. Take it up with Dov Heinin. I linked to his tweets on the subject. But it’s nice to know that you too are defending Jewish terrorists like the Irgun and Stern Gang. BTW, Stern was a breakaway faction of the Irgun. So for example, how much difference politically is there between one Israeli Kahanist who supports what most of us would call terrorism, and another that doesn’t believe in individual acts of terror, but supports state terror in the form of mass expulsions of Palestinians?

          Regarding propaganda, your problem is that you’ve been fed Revisionism from your mama’s breast and so anything that isn’t ultranationalist propaganda is alien thought to you.

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