14 thoughts on “Israeli Arms Exports Fuel Armenian-Azeri Conflict, Could Foment Major Regional War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Armenians probably already noted Azeri purchases, so they made a show of practicing destroying a pipeline with missile fire. Azerbaijan exports oil and gas through a narrow corridor between Armenia and Russia so is very vulnerable. It is hard to see how Azerbaijan could engage in another bout of a protracted war.

    The net effect is that Russians will get some very advanced drone to compare with what they can do, and improve. Iranians too for that matter. Between ethnic ties, bribability and unpopularity of the regime, I am sure that both Russia and Iran have intelligence access. Perhaps no harm done… More even spread of technologies may stabilize the situatio.

  2. Israel has sold arms to both Armenia and Azerbaijan in the past. However, currently, Armenia has established good relations with both Turkey and Iran – and has refused to run Israel’s proxy wars in the region.

    Azerbaijan, a Shia-majority country, on the other hand, is ruled by former communist turned nationalist llham Aliyev dynasty. Azerbaijan’s strategic location, bordering Islamic Republic and Georgia – and country’s huge oil resources, makes it very important for Israel, US and NATO. Azerbaijan is home to Mossad’s huge espionage network which spies on neighoring Iran. The supply of Israeli drone is not for the defense of Azerbaijan but for Israeli espionage network against Iran, Georgia and Armenia.

    Good thing is – by capturing America’s most advanced drone last year – Iran proved that it’s far ahead of US-Israel drone technology.

  3. What kind of a world awaits us? It is clear that all war technologies only keep spreading. If many countries, or even groups, terrorist-ideological or even just plainly criminal (e.g. drug barons), will possess all that, global (in)security may pass a no return point. If the US, the only one capable to do that, does not take decisive steps, no matter how brutal, to block all rogues and do that instantly, whatever the risks and costs, irredeemable nightmarish conditions may arise for mankind. Israel is a “sideline show” here and dealing with it distracts from the real dangers that are developing rapidly.

    1. Richard has been saying all along that ‘what goes around comes around’. All those war technologies will inevitably spread, so we had better practise some restraint, or those weapons will be used against us soon. If you think brutality is the solution you are sadly mistaken.

  4. “Here’s an inventory of arms sales to one of the region’s wealthiest, most corrupt and autocratic leaders”

    And how many billions of dollars does the United States sell to the corrupt and autocratic Saudis and the Persian Gulf States?

  5. Just as Turkey wound up slapping Israel in the face after so many decades of Israel’s supporting it, so too will Turkic Azerbaijan.

    Apparently, Israel has not yet learned the lessons of appeasement.

      1. Richard,

        In Israel, the Mavi Marmara is considered as a Turkish “slap to the face” of Israel, along with the Turkish president treatment to the Israeli president, Shimon Peres, at Davos. 2009.

        The result of the raid is irrelevant to the fact that this was a provocation.

  6. Saakashvili is on his the way out, “cohabitating” with a new prime minister who a year ago was stripped of Georgia citizenship by his stooges. The guy copied every trick from Putin’s book, but a student does not always exceed the master. The latest was that like Putin, he wanted to go around term limit by switching from Presidency to being a prime minister. Putin of course had one advantage that Saakashvili did not: he could bring his business tycoons to heel.

    Concerning Iran downing an American drone, the most credible explanation was that the people running it neglected to encrypt communication channels, and Iranian agents probably intercepted communications with those drones at the base in Kandahar. It is doubtful if Iran is “superior” in technology, but it is clear that it has enough technological abilities and talent that any technology that they can intercept they can turn to their own use. So if they got the codes of viruses from Kaspersky, they could adapt them for their own use. And access to Israeli drones in Azerbaijan will be useful too.

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