23 thoughts on “Survey of Israeli Racism: 58% of Jews Label Their State ‘Apartheid’ – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Can you post a translated version from the Hebrew? I’d be curious to see how this breaks down in terms of religious vs. secular.

  2. I believe this is the same survey whose results I saw yesterday published in pie graph form my Haaretz. Appalling that Israelis believe they’re a democracy yet most would not allow Palestinians the right to vote or travel on the same roads. The hypocrisy is just breathtaking.

  3. Dear Richard,
    It may interest you to know that today, Sunday 28/10/2012, the Haaretz newspaper published a clarification in its printed edition, say that the original wording of this article from the 23/10 was incorrect, and I’m translating:
    “הניסוח של הכותרת הראשית, “רובי הישראלים תומכים במשטר אפרטהייד בארץ” (“הארץ 23.10), לא שיקף במדוייק את ממצאי הסקר של חברת “דיאלוג”. השאלה שעליה השיבו רוב משתתפי המדגם בשלילה לא התייחסה למצב העכשווי, אלא למצב היפותטי בעתיד:” אם ישראל תספח את שטחי יהודה ושומרון, האם לדעתך צריך להעניק ל2.5 מליון פלסטינים זכות הצבעה לכנסת?”

    translation: the original question that most of the people in the poll answered no to did not reference the current state, but a hypothetical state in the future.

    And this is exactly what I meant when I said that polls sometimes manipulate the people who are questioned, and in other cases reach false conclusions.

      1. Avi Mayer actively spends his time discrediting anyone who speaks for the rights of Palestinians. He’s one of the worst apologists for the abuse of the Palestinian people I’ve ever seen.

    1. Unfortunately, people like you can’t read even your own native language. Haaretz made no apology. It published a clarification saying it deemed one interpretation Levy offered in his article to be misleading. And it didn’t use that word (“misleading”). No apology. None. And it didn’t fault the poll at all. But call it what you like. YOu right wingers don’t give a crap about truth or reality anyway. You just see what you want and call it what you want. Words mean precisely what you need or want them to mean–reality be damned.

      And btw when you come up with any legitimate criticism of my own interpretation of the poll let me know. I’ve linked to the entire poll. Go find something to whine about it & let us know what you find. Till then, go soak your head.

      1. @ Richard
        “You right wingers don’t give a crap about truth or reality anyway”
        This is not fair to Meir Amor. He has written other comments on this blog showing that he’s absoultely no right winger. He’s a professor of sociology in Canada, his subject is among others the Mizrahim, and if you google you’ll see he’s labelled “anti-israel” who’s “real agenda is trashing Israel” by pro-Israeli watchdogs.

          1. I truly hope he will. The article by Smadar Lavie and her links were very interesting, and what I’ve read by Meir Amor too.
            Personally I would like to know what kind of psychological process makes Eli Yishai, a Tunisian Jew, capable of saying “Israel is for the White man” though he said so in the context of African ‘infiltrators’. Waiting for the day when academics of Ethiopian origin start writing about their story in the State of Israel.

  4. and what percentage of israeli/palestinian arabs (in nablus for example) would be offended if an israeli jew were to live in their building? maybe a lot more than 42%. maybe 82%. maybe 92%. maybe 100%. the above survey is biased. redo the survey. israel is an apartheid state only in favor of muslims. muslim women shop with pleasure on jaffa road in jewish west jerusalem, but jewish women may not be seen or heard on any street in ramallah, nablus or gaza city, and male israeli jews entering any of those cities are more than likely to get lynched by devout muslim arab israelis/palestinians there.

    1. Priceless. First, Richard didn’t do the survey. If you had read the piece, you would know that. Second, it’s obvious you don’t know anything about Israel or occupied Palestine (you would know there are no Israeli Jews living in Gaza City, for one thing). If you are going to be a troll, at least try to appear that you know something about the subject you are commenting on.

  5. Gideon Levy just published an apology in Haaretz because his “article” is full of lie.
    When will Silberstein do the same?

    1. Bullshit.

      Levy: ” The article itself, which I wrote, did not contain any mistakes. It provided a precise and detailed description of the survey results. In my analysis of the survey, which appeared as a separate article, there was a single sentence that did not accurately represent the poll results and contradicted what I had written in the news piece a short time beforehand. My sin was to write: “The majority doesn’t want Arabs to vote for the Knesset, Arab neighbors at home or Arab students at school.””

      Not what I would call an “apology.” You should learn to read. Here is the link:

      Levy again, so apropos: “This deviation from the important issue, this incitement against the mistakes, was done deliberately. It was intended to obscure the truth revealed by the survey, which justifiably has garnered harsh responses around the world. It was the final means of propaganda available to those who seek to blur the true image of Israeli society and paint an unrealistic, imaginary portrait instead.”

      1. What’s amazing about this is that the so called apology, which was actually a clarification, was written in Hebrew, presumably their native language. It’s not mine, but even I could decipher it accurately. But there’s a hasbara meme that an apology was issued & by God that must mean there was. In fact, I don’t even think they read it. Commander Hasbara gave them marching orders & like good little automatons they followed them & disseminated the Politburo’s talking pts.

        1. I’m still laughing. Not only is it not an apology, but Levy manages to use the occasion to further illustrate his point.

  6. Dear Richard Silverstein,
    You are running, full force, into an open door. My mistake was in writing “apology” instead of “clarification”. I stand corrected on that matter. That is all. I provided a link. Nothing else. You can make of it whatever you want, but I suggest that you’ll save your ammunition to real targets. I’m not one of these targets. And I do not need any preaching on being on the Left in Israel.

    However, the argument that is “dandling” between us is still valid: racism in Israel is directed not only against Arabs by religious Jews and “others” (Now we clearly know who they are? Don’t we?). There is a clear line of white racism in Israel. We, Mizrachi Israeli-(Arab) Jews call it: Ashkenazi privilege.

    I know you recently published a review of my friend, Smdar Lavie’s article; an article that deals with aspects of Ashkenazi privilege. However, neither Gideon Levy nor you discuss Ashkenazi racism with the thoroughness it deserves and merits.

    Do you think that “privileged” racism (of mainly Ashkenazi Jews, well educated, well positioned and well privileged) is inconsequential in Israeli politics? Ask the “labor settlement movement” to give up its exclusive dominance of land in Israel? This will suffice as a response.
    With best regards,
    Meir Amor

    1. My apology. There is a pro-Israel social media meme offered by commenters here as well, that Haaretz apologized with its tail between its legs for the poll & Levy’s interpretation of it. When you used the word “apology” I mistakenly thought you were part of that mob.

      I had this argument with Matthew Kalman, a pro Israel freelance journalist based in Israel. He was like a dog with a bone insisting Haaretz had disowned Levy’s column. He even had the chutzpah to claim I couldn’t read the Hebrew of the Haaretz statement.

      As for Ashkenazi privilege, of course it is a huge problem. I recall writing a post denouncing Shimon Peres’ brother for a particularly nasty racist smear against Amir Peretz’s during the campaign.

      I’m also currently trying to place an exposé on Jeffrey Goldberg that will attack him for dismissing the Jerusalem lynching last month by saying it was perpetrated by Mizrahim angered by their expulsion from their Arab native birthplaces.

  7. Dear Richard Silverstein and dear Deir Yassin,
    Thank you. I’ll be happy to write something regarding this incident and present a (simple but) general overview of “peace and war” and “racism” from a Mizrachi-Arab-Jew point of view. Nobody nominated me to a speaker’s role and I do not claim to be a speaker of anybody, but I can and will speak my mind. I do think there are several “structural” omissions in the “conventional wisdom” debate that should be presented and might shed a different light on various aspects.

    Thanks and I’ll be in touch.
    Meir Amor

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