13 thoughts on “Yair Lapid’s Future Party Has No Future – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. “Lapid fils……”
    “Tel père, tel fils” [like father, like son]
    At least Shinui had some strong ideas about a secular state, what does Yair Lapid have except perfect teeth ?

    “I’m no lefty BUT I do think the Palestinians brought it upon themselves…”
    If that’s the correct translation, Lapid is saying that the Israeli left thinks so. What does the right think then ?

    Just imagine a “The Jews brought it upon themselves….” which made me think about this interview of Ahmad Tibi by Yair Lapid. Those two guys don’t box in the same weigth class:

    1. You are the best Dear (no typo!) Yassin!
      And you are so right that they are not in the same weight class: Lapid does not seem to get it: He just takes and does not give. His responses are all about ‘me, me, me’. He rejoices in the understanding of Jewish suffering that he gets from Tibi, but when Tibi connects this to the need to also feel empathy for ‘the victim’s victim’ there is no response from him. He does not seem to hear it.

      And your comment on “I’m no lefty but..” is just hilarious.

  2. Richard, you are mistaken about Tommy Lapid’s Shinui party.

    After the party was hijacked by some opportunistics (the second place was taken from the party’s co-founder) so Tommy decided he’s getting out and the party crashed on the next elections.
    what he did was to help create the Kadima Party. So yes, the Shinui party did just that – it created a new, center party who mediated the ideological divide between the far-right Likud and left-wing Labor (at least until it was ruined also by the opportunists who jumped on Sharon’s wagon.

    and by the way, if you spoke the language you would have noticed that “Yesh Atid” borrows some if it’s name from the Shinuy Party, where it’s official letters (the letters of the voting tickets) were “יש” – the same “Yesh”.

    Lapid doesn’t have to do much in order to get the Israeli middle class vote. all he needs to do is demand the same things his father did (secular rights and the demand that the religious ultra-orthodox start contributing to the society as much as they take from it) and he’s bound to get at least 10-15 parliament members.

  3. In this crazy society people go from being entertainers to entertainers (politics). There isn’t a transition stage!

  4. Lapid has not something new. Ethnic-cleansing of native Muslim and Christian Palestinian was proposed by the leaders of World Zionist movement over 100 years ago. As for the “map” part – it reminds me a 2010 news item.

    “Danish modern art duo Surrend, known for its political-satire-exhibits – has lined-up Berlin streets with poster titled ‘Final Solution’ – showing map of Middle East less Israel. Instead the Occupied Palestine under the Zionist-regime renamed as Ramallah. The poster was drawn by Jan Egesborg, who is Jewish, and his wife Pia Bertelsen.”


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  5. Southerner Truth: “This crazy society…” — you mean a certain federated state that twice elected a mildly demented actor from B-movies as its president (with power much more extensive that the ability to abuse clerical staff)?

    Yair Lapid (a.k.a. Vapid Yair) basically markets its ideas to the former electorate of Kadima. Kadima was created by cleaving Likud into nationalistic extremists and those who trusted that Ariel Sharon knows what he is doing — unlike the crazy extremist who may have the heart in the correct place but feeble brains. Now Likud is ruling, the sky is not falling but the government is a bit crazy (in coalition governments that may mean that some ministers really should not be allow anywhere close to young children, larger amounts of money or allowed to speak in public but in the name of a vibrant and rambunctious democracy…). So the “Kadimist” may retain the motivation to stay away from their former mother party. But who is the guy (or woman) who knows what he or she is doing?

    You can use indicators that otherwise correlate with sexual attraction, especially that these indicators have evolutionary sense. For example, an assymmetric face may be caused by neurological deficiencies, while a tall forehead proves the lack of microcephaly. Delicately wrinkled forehead suggest some degree of mental exertions (or an excessive time spend outdoors without shades, but Yair seem to be a regular user of sun glasses ). Thus Lapid is a vastly superior candidate to http://www.jpost.com/LandedPages/PrintArticle.aspx?id=254299 Ziva David who has no wrinkles whatsoever. (The linked article also explains that there are further complications, even if wrinkles can be produced by removing the makeup. She is a fictional character played by a Catholic non-citizen). Moreover, Yair has biceps http://972mag.com/settler-leader-democracy-must-be-dismantled/32401/ that Ziva does not.

  6. I observed a piece of news from Georgia (the one which is closer to Israel than USA): a soccer player from an Italian club was demoted to an Energy Minister. (Note to Americans: his previous position was much more prestigious, so this is the case of patriotic sacrifice. Plus, he actually graduated from a university, in history.) We would need to ask some ladies for a more scientific opinion, but http://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/Energy-Voices/2012/1019/Georgia-installs-soccer-star-as-energy-minister Kacha Kaladze is a hunk. Moreover, until now he was not on record of advocating any particular energy policy, so he will start with a clean slate.

    This is something that Lapid should consider. He clearly had political plans for years, carefully cultivating his public persona by avoiding anything controversial. But he should now fill a list with similarly thinking popular personalities and that may be hard, given that Israel is a small country, sport players could nicely fill the list.

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