8 thoughts on “Bibi Calls New Elections: Meet New Boss, Same as Old Boss – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Sorry Richard, but there IS separation of powers in Israel.
    The High Court has power to overturn laws and to rule on anything it seems fit including government decisions. It is just about the last brake there is on the left of centre, much to the anger of the right and Bibi.
    I agree on the rest of the article, but I think you’re wrong on the constitutional point here.

    1. It may have the power of review but its rulings are often disregarded by key state institutions. That renders it at best an imperfect instrument, at worst toothless. A true separation of powers would guarantee that the Court’s rulings would always be honored in a timely way. Israel doesn’t have such a system–yet.

  2. This isn’t a blog, it’s a rant and an inaccurate one at that. First, there is a clear separation of power between the government and supreme court in Israel, which has over the years demonstrated its independence many times. Obviously you consider the majority of Israelis to be idiots for voting for parties you don’t agree with…in fact you consider lots of people to be fools, but reading this over the top, uninformed and biased rant, full of personal attacks against people rather than statements, the only fool in the room is you.

    1. Separation of powers indicates that the Supreme Court has power to rein in the Knesset and key national institutions like the army and intelligence services. Since there is no such concept as precedent and the Court does not have the power to review or strike down unconstitutional laws (there is no constitution), the Court is essentially toothless, unless those institutions are willing to abide by its rulings. Clearly, the security services often are not.

      Our Supreme Court doesn’t demonstrate its independence “many times.” It demonstrates it every time it makes a ruling (with the exception of Bush v Gore). Israel’s Supreme Court has made some courageous rulings. Many of them aren’t honored. I could list many such decisions & you know it. So stop prattling about what you think you know when you know precious little.

      As for being a fool–the only fool I see here is you. The next time you use such language here you’ll be moderated.

      1. ‘the Court is essentially toothless’
        Absolute nonsense. Israel has a series of ‘Basic Laws’ from which the court draws legal justification to overrule the Knesset and other bodies. The absence of a constitution does not render the court ‘toothless’. One such example is the court’s decision to disallow the establishment of private prisons, under the claim that rehabilitation of inmates is not a matter for private business. Just one example out of many.

        By the way, Richard, do you read any Israeli daily newspapers?

        1. Funny, there are lots of examples where the rulings of the hight court in Israel are simply ignored. Anat Kamm pointed one of them out… and as a thank you she is now in prison. But you don’t care.

  3. That’s the damned thing about democracy…..people get to vote for who they want.
    You said:
    As I’ve written here all too often, Israeli party politics are a sham. The Knesset is a showcase for the nitwits and fools of the ultra-nationalist camp

    So how do you explain that most Israelis don’t think like the “progressives” and vote the way they want?

  4. Netanyahu is doing a great job for the cause of truth and justice. As the poster boy for dishonesty, so long as Israel has him at its helm, it is toothless and accountable before the world for much of its wrongs. This is not to say he isn’t a mad man that everyone should stop appeasing — he is.

    He will start World War III and have it fought with all of our blood and not a drop of his own. If Israel has no other political leaders when this one has designs to annihilate Israel from the map then Israel is a sham democracy.

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