10 thoughts on “Josh Trevino Redux – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It seems virulent Islamophobic expressions have become rather tolerable, if not acceptable, in mainstream American discourse as Antisemitic ones were in the 19th century European discourse.

    1. with some of the same consequences, including race riots (progroms) in Israel, the attempted lynching of four Palestinian youths by a mob, murder. These sorts of things went on in Eastern Europe and Russia. The bigoted speech becomes magically acceptable as it is increasingly uttered (and nobody calls the police or sues or files charges.)

      I have discovered that bigotry begins with fantasies. Isn’t it, for example, some comfort to think (fantasize) that Islam really is “coming for” Trevino, after all ? It sure makes me feel better.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with helping the Syrian people as long as the west wasn’t to ask for handouts and resources from the Syrian people. This, so far, is a far-fetched idea in the sense that the west is doing almost nothing.

    More to the point: Trevino is obviously some sad and pathetic character who supports ethnic cleansing and mass murder when done by zionist forces or the americans. In other words, a morally reprehensible idiot.

  3. I guess Trevino wasn’t paying attention just four years ago when our two little boats, LIBERTY and FREE GAZA, broke Israel’s blockade by becoming the first international boats to reach the port of Gaza in over 41 years. Our book “Freedom Sailors” reads like the adventure story it is. Zionists are already bombarding Amazon.com with accusations of anti-semitism, though there is none in our book. They claim to have read it, but it’s not available till tomorrow. Clearly these people have been recruited by Stand With Us since they all confuse our Freedom Sailors with the flotilla, which came two years later.

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