14 thoughts on “Former Intelligence Officer: Shin Bet Makes Fool of Itself and Israeli Democracy – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. This is not new, 8 months ago we were attacked brutally by a group of masked settlers in the west bank (as you probably remember), and the police is still “investigating” the cases.

  2. “Apparently being a good torturer trumps being a sexual harrasser in the eyes of Israel’s domestic spy agency. “
    and being a peace activist trumps being a perpetrator of statutory rape.

    1. So you accuse someone of being a rapist without naming them? And we’re supposed to know about whom you’re speaking? Not to mention that the idea that Ezra Nawi is a rapist because he’s gay is beyond offensive. I note also that you’re neglected to mention the Israeli police who lied about him assaulting them, thus causing him to be jailed on trumped up charges. Yet another example of the lies of the Israeli police apparatus. In fact, you’re pretty good at this stuff yourself.

      As for being proud of Ezra Nawi, he’s done more on behalf of Israel than you have any day & I am proud to feature his photo in my banner slideshow. I wouldn’t use your picture for toilet paper however.

    1. Isn’t that cute that the tag team hasbarists, Joel & Shaun have both found the same Irish Times story with which to smear Ezra Nawi. That couldn’t have been coordinated could it? Or perhaps they’re not as professional at their jobs & didn’t coordinate well enough?

      Oh & btw, either of you ever had sex while you were younger with a 15 yr old? Then you’re a rapist too.

      You’re a friggin hypocrite. You want to smear someone w an alleged sex crime because you detest his politics. This is the same bullshit Israel & other security services try to pull around the world to demean their political adversaries. It won’t work here you nasty piece of garbage. And pull that sex crap again & I’ll never publish another comment of yours. You disgust me.

      The only rape that’s happening has nothing to do with Ezra Nawi & everything to do with what you assholes do to decency & your fellow human beings (who aren’t Jewish).

    1. He doesn’t admit statutory rape you imbecile. He admits he had a consenting sexual relationship with a 15 year old. Now, let me see. How many adults have had consensual sex with 15 yr olds in Israel & elsewhere and been charged with nothing? How many minors have had consenting sex with other minors & been charged with nothing. In fact, I challenge you to find out how many Israeli adults have been charged with rape after having consensual sex with 15 yr olds. I’ll await your answer with interest.

      Till then you’re a simpering, sophist. BTW, Ezra Nawi is OFF TOPIC. Bring up the subject again & your comment won’t see the light of day.

  3. The kid’s parents went to the police and filed a complaint. What was the Israeli prosecutor supposed to do..bury the complaint under the carpet? That’s not justice either.

    1. Sophistry & disingenuousness. The State were delighted at the opportunity to turn Nawi into a rapist so as to discredit his political activities. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Shin Bet told the parents what had happened since they likely were surveiling Nawi. The idea that an Israeli prosecutor would be reluctant to prosecute Nawi on such a charge and that such a prosecution would be anything other than entirely political is laughable on its face.

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