12 thoughts on “Josh Trevino, Arab-Hating Pro-Israel Flack Takes Pride of Place at Guardian – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. The Guardian will accommodate anyone, with ANY views, except UKIP supporters and those who think that the police cover-up over the Stephen Lawrence murder had more to do with corruption than institutionalized racism. (At LEAST one of the murderers was a son of Clifford Norris, the business partner of the gangster Kenneth Noye. The Guardian really stamps on any comment which directs attention towards Noye and the bent (and very senior) coppers on his payroll. It’s almost as if Noye has a stake in the paper…)

    There being only two grounds for being unacceptable to The Guardian, it’s remarkable that I should fail on both counts.

  2. Surely their taking him on is a ruse under the guise of balance?

    They take on a left wing progressive and instead of balancing with a mainstream Zionist they put in a meshuggena who will also portray the worst side of Zionism.

    Thus the guardian will continue it’s anti Zionist bias twofold from both extreme non-representative sides of the spectrum of ideas.

  3. RE: “Josh Trevino, Arab-Hating Pro-Israel Flack Takes Pride of Place at Guardian” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: It is a very sad day indeed when a once venerable institution like the Guardian associates itself with an unabashed racist like Trevino. It reminds me of CNN’s decision in January of 2006 to give Glenn Beck a one hour program in their prime-time lineup on Headline News.

        1. Nazism’s connection with facts in general and historical facts in particular is flimsy at best.
          That’s its strength. That’s also the seed of its downfall.

          What we’re yet to see is how much suffering it manages to inflict while it blooms.

  4. The fact is that the Guardian has lost credibility among most informed international observers over the last five years or so.

    It’s lack of good analysis of Syria, Iran, the Iraq war, the international economy, domestic issues in the US (mostly taken from the Washington Post), and its increasingly “tabloid” feel, all indicate that its best days are well behind it.

    There isn’t yet a babe in a bikini on page 3, but they’re working to get there.

      1. Well, in the days when The Guardian was a serious paper, it had Varoomska.
        But when Polly Toynbee joined the staff, she started a hate campaign against John Kent and he went, taking his creation with him.

        The Guardian has been on a slide ever since, which steepened when a former PA to the arms merchant, Tiny Rowland, became its editor in chief. The subsequent “anti-corruption” campaign against BAe systems reflects Mr Rowland’s and Mr Rusbridger’s past role as sales agents for Dassault.

        No-one who has sold Dassault fighters and executive jets to African despots has any business questioning BAe’s ethical code, really. Dassault makes even Lockheed seem clean.

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