6 thoughts on “France’s Embassy in Israel Prepares Secret Plan for Naval Evacuation in Event of Massive Iranian Missile Counterattack – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. wars will never solution a problem, Israel problems are its foundations. sense 1948 Israel is at war, but if we look further we can say that ww II, got displaced to the middle east, (why and to who’s benefit is a ?) today you can witness its continuity. therefore the problem is not Iran but the reasons that Israel is being at war for the past 60 years. it is obvious how Israel was assemble, as it was in such a way that war was the outcome. Washington does help Israel militarily, but that action has repercussions and fuels hatred towards Israel, which is quite normal. therefore the help of Washington creates problems eventually. Israel think the all mighty Roman Empire will protect him, Israel makes a mistake, as America will engage in wars that can win, war will Russia and china is a non winnable war for America, as a radioactive New York city will not be acceptable. therefore America will let go Israel and save New York. therefore the wises way to act is diplomatically, reverse all colonisation of gaza and Palestine, return to the 1967 borders but form a real bond with the Palestinians and other Arab nations, as in reality you are encercle by them. moreover everyone knew this in 1948, the Israelites seem ignored this fact. and Israel will always be on this position unless it changes its logic; no matter what they do think or hope. the oppressive Israeli behaviour is over as it is the Washington Roman rule, a wise nation has vision and will act accordingly, otherwise it will disappear, naturally, from between.

    1. The problem is that there are people who actually see opportunities in anything that kills off a large percentage of the human race. The really extreme right in the UK foresee/want a global human population of around three million, and although Israel’s political elite would shun and abhor those people, they’re quite keen on the writings of Anna Kingsford, which tend to lean in the same sort of direction: wiping out most of humanity to create an Arcadia where what remains of humanity holds itself perpetually in check. (Ie: the surviving human population would be under truly totalitarian rule, forever. Indeed, you get the impression that it would exist in the long term mainly as a safeguard against any other human groups which missed the cull, rebuilding anything like an industrial civilization again. This is far to the right of most of the Nazi leadership.)

      Shortly before David Cameron yielded to pressure (from where has never been explained) to wind up the anti-extremist intelligence unit “NETCU” it published a report placing proponents of forced human population reduction considerably ahead of Islamic Extremists and even a revived and aggressive Russian superpower, as threats to the security of the United Kingdom. Iran didn’t register particularly highly, either.

      It would be interesting to discover whether NETCU’s erstwhile boss (Steve Pearl) would have described Mr Adelson and Mr Reitman as proponents of forced human population reduction. It would explain why Israel’s leaders get such huge support from certain quarters for taking mankind to the brink.

      The real agenda here perhaps isn’t the glory of Israel, or even its survival.

  2. If you hear anything about the British embassy let me know – I’m not going to be a statistic (300-500 deaths) in Bibi’s avoidable war

  3. As an Israeli and an IDF veteran, my sense here is that Israel will take out Qom (the leadership) in an initial nuclear strike, world opprobrium be dammed, and possibly other targets if they believe that the Iranians will respond in the manner suggested to a conventional attack upon Natanz et al. Netanyahu has styled himself the Jewish Churchill. And the Jewish Churchill has proclaimed; “there will be no more holocausts”. You better believe it. While Israelis will agree or disagree about this or that, on this particular issue the majority Israelis regardless of their politics (and with considerable justification) will stand together. More likely, however is the scenario by which the Iranians absorb the strike, knowing full well that a missile strike such as the one suggested, would result in a massive- (read nuclear) response, and then launch a coordinated terrorist war against Israeli and American targets around the world.

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