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  1. Where is your evidence that this highly sophisticated virus was developed by Israel ? No one knows who was behind stuxnet, this is all speculations.
    And since you like conspiracies so much –
    Flame in Hebrew = להבה
    להב”ה = לשנה הבאה בירושלים הבנויה

    1. RE: “Where is your evidence that this highly sophisticated virus was developed by Israel ?” ~ Liron

      FROM WIRED, 5/28/12:

      (excerpt)…Symantec, which has also begun analyzing Flame (which it calls “Flamer”), says the majority of its customers who have been hit by the malware reside in the Palestinian West Bank, Hungary, Iran and Lebanon. [NOTE THE ABSENCE OF ISRAEL – J.L.D.] They have received additional reports from customer machines in Austria, Russia, Hong Kong, and the United Arab Emirates. . .

      ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.wired.com/threatlevel/2012/05/flame/


      (excerpt)…Israel has neither confirmed nor denied being involved with Stuxnet.

      On Tuesday, Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’Alon hinted that the country may be involved in Flame, saying in an interview with Army Radio, “Anyone who sees the Iranian threat as a significant threat—it’s reasonable [to assume] that he will take various steps, including these, to harm it.”

      U.S. officials draw a distinction between cyber espionage and cyberattacks, which have a destructive or manipulative purpose and could be considered an act of war.*

      “We have strong beliefs that there are nations behind this malware. We assume it’s related to the regimes and political situation in the Middle East,” said Vitaly Kamluk, the chief malware expert for Kaspersky Lab. . .

      ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052702303395604577434582318857536.html?mod=googlenews_wsj

      * ISRAEL: A Light Blight Unto the Nations!™

      1. P.S. RE: “Where is your evidence that this highly sophisticated virus was developed by Israel ?” ~ Liron
        AND RE: “the majority of its customers who have been hit by the malware reside in the Palestinian West Bank, Hungary, Iran and Lebanon. [NOTE THE ABSENCE OF ISRAEL – J.L.D.]” ~ from my post above

        SEE: With New Malware Virus, Israel Fans a Virtual Flame Against Iran, by Pierre Klochendler, Inter Press Service, 5/31/12

        . . . Kaspersky Labs discovered ‘Flame’ following a request from the United Nations. The world body’s International Telecommunication Union suspected the existence of an unknown malware – codenamed ‘Wiper’ – whose task would be to delete sensitive information across the Middle East.
        Iran is the top target, with the worm ‘crawling’ in at least 189 of its computers. The West Bank comes second with 89 infected computers.
        Sudan comes third with 32 damaged computers. Then almost in a tie, stands Syria with the worm identified in 30 computers. Eighteen computers were targeted in Lebanon; ten in Saudi Arabia. Next but not last is Egypt, with five contaminated computers. All, except the latter, are considered enemy states of Israel.
        In its blog, the security software maker Symantec said ‘Flame’ was also uncovered in computers in Hungary, Austria, Russia, Hong Kong and the United Arab Emirates. . .

        ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.commondreams.org/headline/2012/05/31

        P.S. THE ROGUE, DISSOCIATIVE* STATE OF ISRAEL: A Light Blight Unto the Nations!™
        * Dissociation (psychology) – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dissociation_(psychology)

      2. RE: “Where is your evidence that this highly sophisticated virus was developed by Israel ?” ~ Liron

        SEE: “Obama’s kosher cowboys”, by Ira Glunts, Mondoweiss, 6/02/12

        (excerpts) President Obama has been personally directing the cyberwar that has targeted the Iranian nuclear program. In a startling and groundbreaking article in the New York Times yesterday, David Sanger reports on the ongoing joint US/Israeli effort to sabotage Iranian nuclear facilities including centrifuges producing enriched uranium. The code name of this campaign is Olympic Games.
        The article is based on the writer’s forthcoming book (June 5), Confront and Conceal: Obama’s Secret Wars and Surprising Use of American Power, which drew on 18 months of extensive interviews with unnamed American and Israeli officials involved in the program. . .
        . . . The New York Times on Thursday reported that the workday of the group that activated and operated the recently discovered Flame virus was on Jerusalem time!

        Because Stuxnet and Duqu were written on the same platform and share many of the same fingerprints in their source code, researchers believe both were developed by the same group of programmers. Those developers have never been identified, but researchers have cited intriguing bits of digital evidence that point to a joint American-Israeli effort to undermine Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear bomb.
        For example, researchers at Kaspersky Lab tracked the working hours of Duqu’s operators and found they coincided with Jerusalem local time. They also noted that Duqu’s programmers were not active between sundown on Fridays and sundown on Saturdays, a time that coincides with the Sabbath when observant Jews typically refrain from secular work.
        Intelligence and military experts have said that Stuxnet was first tested at Dimona, an Israeli complex widely believed to be the headquarters of Israel’s atomic weapons program.

        ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://mondoweiss.net/2012/06/obamas-kosher-cowboys.html

        P.S. U.S./ISRAEL: A Light Blight Unto the Nations!™
        FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, 5/29/12: (excerpt) “…U.S. officials draw a distinction between cyber espionage and cyberattacks, which have a destructive or manipulative purpose and could be considered an act of war. . .”

    2. RE: “Where is your evidence that this highly sophisticated virus was developed by Israel ?” ~ Liron

      SEE: High Israeli official hints, We made the Flame virus, by Ira Glunts, Mondoweiss, 5/30/12

      (excerpts) . . . What is the origin of the Flame malware? Well, according to The Christian Science Monitor, experts say only four nations have the technical knowledge to build such a complicated program. They are the United States, Russia, and China and, as you might have guessed, Israel. . .
      . . . If you are not yet convinced yet that Israel is the culprit, this is what Deputy Prime Minister Moshe Ya’alon said in a radio interview on Tuesday, according to the Jerusalem Post.

      In comments that could be construed as suggesting that Israel is behind the “Flame” virus, the latest piece of malicious software to attack Iranian computers, Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon on Tuesday said that “whoever sees the Iranian threat as a serious threat would be likely to take different steps, including these, in order to hurt them.”
      Speaking in an interview with Army Radio, Ya’alon further hinted that Jerusalem was behind the cyber attack, saying “Israel is blessed to be a nation possessing superior technology. These achievements of ours open up all kinds of possibilities for us.”

      The Jerusalem Post headline stated that Ya’alon “hinted” that the software is Israeli. The Hebrew language website of the Israeli daily Ma’ariv quoted the same radio interview. Its headline more definitively said Ya’alon “confirmed” that Flame was Israeli. . .

      ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://mondoweiss.net/2012/05/high-israeli-official-hints-we-made-the-flame-virus.html

      1. Yaalon’s words were right there in my friggin’ post as well. Some people can’t read.

        By the way, Liron sends you all his regards from the Hasbara Retirement Home where I’ve sent him for some R&R after I banned him for racism. Here was his fond farewell:

        I find comfort in the fact that your voice the lunacy you represent will never be a part of the zionist debate – N.E.V.E.R
        your methods are despicable, you are a disgusting Palestinian propagandist.


        1. LOL, you do deprive of some of the more colourful characters, when you ban these fruitcakes, Richard.

          Yup, that’s a reproach 🙂 Anyone agree? lol

        2. RE: “Liron sends you all his regards from the Hasbara Retirement Home where I’ve sent him for some R&R after I banned him for racism.” ~ R.S.

          REPLY: I’m terribly saddened to hear of his misfortune. Please assure him that I’ll be certain to mention him in my nightly prayers. Perhaps that will be of some consolation.

          1. If you wish to do a mitzvah you may visit him in the home & tell him how much he’s missed here. Once he’s recovered from his trauma if he ever does, he’ll be welcome back.

  2. RE: “Flame: Israel’s New Contribution to Middle East Cyberwar”

    ISRAEL: A Light Blight Unto the Nations!™

  3. I do loathe Israel’s policies, even question its legitimacy in its current configuration, but one has to admit that — facing the spectre of a nuclear threat — cyberwar’s close to the benign end of warfare spectrum.

    1. What nuclear threat? suppose Iran had three (3) atomic bombs that could be delivered by rockets. How would that threaten Israel, which has hundreds on (some sort of ) nukes and submarines for second-strike (or first-strike, come to that) capability.

      Again, what nuclear threat?

  4. Of course, this doesn’t answer the question why computers in Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Russia and the U.S. were infected as well. Especially since Flame targets specific computers and does not attack in a generalized way as Stuxnet did.

    Bogie Yalon may have just been bragging,

    I have the feeling that Israel may not be behind Flame. Surely it was already spying on it’s own ‘problematic’ citizens? The extremists must have already been under surveillance..

    How do we know that it’s not the US behind it, spying on both Israel and Iran?

    That was the question in my mind, well at least till before I read Richard’s report, which has an Israeli source confirming that Israel was behind Flame,

  5. It’s worth bearing in mind, that if indeed it was the US or someone else (Russia perhaps? or China?) targeting the Middle East, including Israel, then Israel would not want that made public.

    Richard’s source may have been acting on it’s own bosses recommendation to spread misinformation to the media. ie. claim that Israel is behind it.

    It may or may not be. Time will tell. It may even be Iran herself.

  6. Interesting Richard. But if I were the Irainians I would not be using Microsoft Windows OS PC’s anywhere near important systems, period. Unix has been, and continues to be, the only truely stable and secure Operating System. And with Open-Source Linux now with Graphical User Interface’s as easy to use as Windows, why???

    1. It may be that some are compelled to use Windows because of other hardware or software they’re using. This was the case with the machinery at the Iranian nuclear plant which was operated in part by Windows systems. But overall I really don’t know the answer. But your question makes perfect sense. I’m guessing that national IT folks around the world are beginning to ask just that question & Linux has become a much more attractive OS as of yesterday.

  7. Israel is part of Western Civilization since…? Israelis are either Semitic or they are not — choose please. While diaspora Jews may call an American colony on stolen land a “homeland”, this does not make that stolen land magically part of the geographic West.

    Indisputably, the term “civilization” does not apply to Israel.

  8. It is now being said that Flame is up to five years older than Stuxnet.

    20Mbytes would need a really swift broadband connection to arrive unnoticed over the net, so USB sticks probably the only way -at least until broadband speeds make 20Mbytes less noticeable.

    I wouldn’t bet on UNIX or Linnux being completely proof against anyone as careful and methodical as the creators of Flame.

    If this is an example of what Israeli computer experts can do, a Japanese cyber espionage tool would be something to behold.

    Sooner or later, someone is going to comment that the American cyber espionage tool is codenamed “Facebook”.

  9. It could be that classic Zionism was misquoted and that the really meant ‘ Israel shall be alight to all nations’
    Il y a une grande difference.

  10. Richard,

    It’s ironic that the IHT’s blog Rendezvous would source and link to you, i’d have expected Haaretz to get there first 🙂

    Haaretz and the IHT and NYT are owned by the same parent company.

    1. Not quite. Haaretz has a distribution arrangement with IHT (not the NYT). NYT owns IHT. Neither owns Haaretz which is owned by the Schocken family and a German entrepreneur.

      Amos Schocken pretty much can’t stand my guts. So while every Israeli newspaper (even the right wing ones) has profiled me in major articles. Haaretz never has. Once in a Blue Moon a reporter who hasn’t gotten the corporate memo will refer to me. I’m tolerated if that.

  11. Iran ‘finds fix’ for sophisticated Flame malware


    Iran says it has developed tools that can defend against the sophisticated cyber attack tool known as Flame.

    The country is believed to have been hit hard by the malicious programme which infiltrates networks in order to steal sensitive data.

    Security companies said Flame, named after one of its attack modules, is one of the most complex threats ever seen.

    Iran says its home-grown defence could both spot when Flame is present and clean up infected PCs.

    1. There is so much disinformation regarding Flame, it is hard to tell anything based on newspaper reports anymore.

      For instance, Chayma, wouldn’t you suppose that Iran would be vigilant against, particularly, cyber threats given their Stuxnet experience? When they were infected with Stuxnet, the story goes, an Iranian technician just happened to get an error on his laptop, and went home to diagnose it by plugging it into the internet (strictly against one of the most well-known protocols for a nuclear personnel). This is why Stuxnet was such a disaster, as we are told. However, logically again, reading through the lines, it becomes more apparent that once Iran realized it had a virus of this magnitude, it decided to unleash it. This showed Israel strategically that anything Israel did to inhibit Iran’s nuclear right to civilian enrichment would doubly hurt Israel.

      Now, we have Flame. The virus acts like a reconnaissance tool rather than one intended to destroy whatever it finds. This would seem likely for an Israel that actually believed Iran is a nuclear threat. If you think that Israel’s leadership really think this, then keep reading BBC respectfully. However, Israel does not believe Iran to be that kind of threat at all. So, who would be more motivated to simply gather information on behavior?

      Iran has a strict information security protocol following Stuxnet. Again, it would be silly to think that the Iranians would even make electronically accessible to a virus from outside networks anything that is crucial to them knowing the data stream is a used method of attack.

  12. Yawn. Flame is mostly a product of Israeli Psy Ops. Israel planted the whole story. Trying to paint the Israeli IDF as a big scary dragon, capable of felling whole countries with a twitch of his finger. And I’ll prove I’m right–the fake Flame balloon was released two days after Israel grudgingly watched while the West let Iran off the hook.

    And the IDF did NOT attack Iran. Folded totally. Because the IDF knows it is HOPELESSLY incapable of attacking Iran.

    So, in order to maintain the myth of IDF world supremacy, this fiction was concocted. For all I know they had their spies import the ‘infected’ computers and turn them in to the security companies.

    And what’s the threat — that Israel knows some of Iran’s emails? Any idiot can correctly guess what Iran is up to. Including Israel. And that does NOT include building a bomb and blowing up Israel.

    Israel is just desperately trying to maintain the myth, so that Bibi’s cronies can keep robbing the poor in this country. Your Fisher blood-sucking vampire representative is now trying to add 17% VAT to vegetables. The most regressive possible tax, causing misery to the poor and unnoticed to the rich. That’s the real action.

    So go to Shul and grunt ‘Heh heh’ when they say maybe Israel created Flame. Feel better now, American?

    1. If you want to spew intolerance & hate everywhere you go, be my guest. But not here. Treat others with respect or you’ll get none from me. Besides the only “grunting” I’ve heard is the sound & tone of your own comment.

  13. If you go to symantec’s web site you’ll see a Big Scary Front Page telling us all how terribly, terribly scary Flame is.

    But if you go to http://www.sarc.com and follow the links to “security threats” you’ll see what the technical folk at symantec really think about the threat posed by Flame…..
    Wild Level = Low
    Geographical Distribution = Low
    Threat Containment = Easy
    Removal = Easy

    Odd, isn’t it, how the headlines don’t seem to match the nitty-gritty.

  14. Describing the Flame virus as complex and novel is like saying Anonymous is a “hacker” group.

    Nerds with sufficient knowledge everywhere laughing at these fairy tales. I just want to know who makes this stuff up? Do they laugh at the public reaction as well?

    Trojan viruses have existed since before dial up BBSes where the top Israeli “security experts” used to play text based games while chatting about all things nerd and sometimes illegal. The complexity here isn’t anything great or severe – the very same has already been accomplished without Flame (turning on your webcam, recording, even while computer appears off, etc.) It requires simply a program that manifests itself in the operating system without detection and to cue several processes or functions within the operating system already available. Further, firmware can be flashed to take it one notch higher. You have to include all the available contingencies into the program.

    Given the reporting features of the bug, there also have to be steps taken to remove from hazard the ability to be traced. This can be done through logistics rather than code, or a combination thereof.

    1. And let’s put it this way: if it’s effective, you have no basis to continue the fabricated threat charade. Such a stupid gambit by Israel, but not surprising.

  15. It’s notable that the most sensitive documents in British government circles are hand-written and kept in thin steel boxes and this has been the case for many years.

    They’ve known not to trust typewriters since the 1890s, they’ve known not to trust enciphered telegrams since 1917, and from 1943 onwards, they’ve known not to trust any form of electronic encryption. In the fifties they found they could extract useful information (though not a complete decrypt) even from communications traffic coded with one-time pads. In the early seventies, people working at GCHQ discovered the mathematical equations later stumbled upon by the inventors of “PGP” and, very tellingly, this format has never, ever, been used to encrypt an official UK government communication.

    The lesson from the work of Commander De Grey in the first world war and a much larger number of equally talented people in the second, is that the “cyber” war can only be lost and it’s inherently impossible to keep any document secret by encryption.

    But, actually, if you approach the matter from the other end: the physical laws of the universe, and the essential (to physicists) principle of reversibility, an impossibility of keeping a secret is what you’d expect. Even the handwritten letter in the locked box, is only secure in terms of our currently-available technology: there is no reason fundamental to the laws of the universe why such a document cannot be reconstructed. Because as long as it’s possible for everything that happens to “unhappen”, that means the information necessary to do that remains present in the universe in some form.

    The Bible says, in several places, that every secret will be known, and this is consistent with the more-headache-making laws of physics.

    Expect the politicians, especially in America and Russia, to spend an awful lot of money trying to find a way round this. In the long run, it can’t be done. According to our present state of knowledge, if it could be done, the universe couldn’t exist, or it could only exist in an unchanging state which would amount to non-existence.

    If you read Peter Wright’s book “Spycatcher” with this in mind, then the chapters touching on the subject of “Venona” (the analysis of supposedly completely random one-time-pad traffic) describe this theory becoming practical reality. Ironically enough, this is the most important of Mrs Thatcher’s triggers for attempting to suppress publication of the book.

  16. Flame: Israel rejects link to malware cyber-attack

    Israel has dismissed suggestions that it might be behind the Flame cyber-attack.

    Several media reports linked comments made by the country’s vice prime minister with the malware, which has infected more than 600 targets.

    However, a spokesman for the Israeli government told the BBC that Moshe Ya’alon had been misrepresented.


    1. Bob Mann, thanks for this. Though of course, Yaalon denying it is just as meaningless as him hinting/confirming through a source, that Israel was behind it.

      I thought as much. I am certain, Israel is not behind this. I think this time it was the US, it wouild be very remiss of the CIA not to be keeping a close watch on Israel.

      After the Iraq war went wrong, some of the top intelligence men recommended not trusting Israeli intelligence in future. If you recall, The Office of Special Projects during Sharons time, was said to have fabricated the evidence.

      Moreover, what differed here was that Israel itself was a target too.

      1. Researchers have discovered that the Duqu virus, which according to cyber experts was developed by a team working for the same nation that developed Stuxnet & Flame, was only worked on during daily work/office hours Jerusalem time and that the authors also observed Shabbat by not working during Shabbat. Apparently the files of these worms contain documentation of the times of days & days of the week in which coding was done. This was published in yesterday’s NY Times.

        So much for your silly claim that this is the work of Americans, unless of course they were Americans working in Israel in collaboration with the Israelis.

        1. Richard, some experts think that the FLAME creators spoofed it’s creation timestamps to make it look like it was built by the same team as Stuxnet.

          I think the US is behind it, but it may well be another nation, like China or Russia if it isn’t Israel.


          Those earlier dates have not been confirmed by either Kaspersky or Symantec, however, in part because Flame spoofs its file creation and code compilation time and date stamps.

          Chronology is important because of the Windows vulnerabilities that both Stuxnet and Flame exploited.

          But if the timelines are such that it looks like Flame was created after the bugs exploited by Stuxnet went public, well, then all bets are off: The Flame team could have simply used what had been disclosed to make their own exploits of the vulnerabilities, standing on the shoulders of Stuxnet.

          “We’re going to have to spend a lot of time analyzing Flame before we know for certain,” said O Murchu.
          Kaspersky and Symantec have pledged to publish more information about Flame as they find it.

          1. Deir,

            Thanks for this.

            Nevertheless, this doesn’t say that Stuxnet and FLAME are created by the same team. No official verification anywhere yet.

          2. So you don’t believe NYTS’ John Markoff nor David Sanger quoting U.S. govt sources saying Stuxnet was a joint cyberwar venture? And you’re waiting for “official” (whatever that means) word? I’ll ask them to send you an engraved invitation to the official announcement.

          3. Richard yes, but I wasn’t talking about Stuxnet, I was talking about FLAME probably not being a joint US/Israeli venture. (my own opinion)

            That Stuxnet was a joint US/Israeli venture wasn’t the issue here, and I think that was already known, before FLAME came out.

            There is an assumption that because Stuxnet was a joint US/Israeli venture, so FLAME must be too.

            If FLAME has false dates and times programmed in (see Compterworld link I posted above) to show where it was created, then the next logical question would be to question why.

          4. Richard, David Sanger’s piece in the NYT said:

            A similar process is now under way to figure out the origins of another cyberweapon called Flame that was recently discovered to have attacked the computers of Iranian officials, sweeping up information from those machines. But the computer code appears to be at least five years old, and American officials say that it was not part of Olympic Games. They have declined to say whether the United States was responsible for the Flame attack.

            Whilst this piece makes clear there was Israeli/US collaberation on Stuxnet, it could also lend support to the theory that I vocalised. FLAME could have been a separate US project to monitor Israel and Iran and probably others too.

          5. No, articles by Kaspersky cyber experts & others make clear that while Stuxnet & Duqu were likely not created by the same coders who wrote Flame, they were likely created by two groups working in tandem. All of them had certain general tecnical approaches in common & came out of the same system. My source KNOWS. He’s right. You’re not. You’re speculating. He’s not.

          6. “My source knows. You’re not.” Not a word about the findings of the last two days (flame is an American code that was developed by the order of the white house). Not a single word. Surprising? Hmmm… Not really.

          7. I’ve been reading every credible source I can about Flame & never read anything remotely close to the nonsense you’re spouting. A credible source…do you have one?

          8. The article very explicitly does NOT say Flame is a U.S. product. It says Stuxnet & Duqu were joint Israeli-U.S. products. It never ceases to amaze me how my right wing “readers” can’t read.

            Flame is an Israeli product. If there was American collaboration no credible proof has yet been offered.

  17. David Sanger in NYT, relying on White House sources, says Stuxnet was the joint work of U.S. (NSA, with White House approval) and Israeli intelligence. Obama Order Sped Up Wave of Cyberattacks Against Iran:

    WASHINGTON — From his first months in office, President Obama secretly ordered increasingly sophisticated attacks on the computer systems that run Iran’s main nuclear enrichment facilities, significantly expanding America’s first sustained use of cyberweapons, according to participants in the program.

    Mr. Obama decided to accelerate the attacks — begun in the Bush administration and code-named Olympic Games — even after an element of the program accidentally became public in the summer of 2010 because of a programming error that allowed it to escape Iran’s Natanz plant and sent it around the world on the Internet. Computer security experts who began studying the worm, which had been developed by the United States and Israel, gave it a name: Stuxnet.

  18. Hi Richard,

    We have developed a site aimed at an open-minded search for the truth. We seek to merge the mainstream and alternative news categories. We find great inspiration in your site.

    We have reprinted this article and attributed you properly. Please let us know if you mind this whatsoever. We welcome your visit to the site and hope that you can help to foster a positive dialogue there.

    At the moment, the site is very nascent. It will need some time before “the people” arrive. 😉



    1. I don’t know your site and can’t say whether I approve or disapprove of being published there. But I prefer to be asked BEFORE you republish and not AFTER. Asking me after you’ve already done it is wrong.

      1. Hi Richard,

        We properly attributed you and if you would prefer us not to feature your articles, you are quite welcome to request that we do take down your articles. Our site features authors from all paths. The key concept is to engage in a discussion of ALL ideas and to venture disputes from an open-minded, intellectual prism.

        Please keep in mind that we did more than a hat tip your way (as opposed to others who just simply steal what you write without proper attribution).

          1. Yes, we are preparing a disclaimer to let people know we are an arena for ideas. Thus, your ideas will be in stark contrast with our other sources of ideas.

            We will adjust the title to suit your concern (this was a consequence of our website coding and not necessarily a purposeful action) and shoot you an e-mail so you have a point of contact.


  19. That site operationredpill.com appears to be an aggregation of news from various places, no original content, though I havn’t checked every page.

    There isn’t even an ‘about’ page. Notice how the person above didn’t clarify who ‘we’ are.

    I think this website, Tikkun Olam, is one of the best for Israeli news and certainly the best in the USA. Of course one may not agree with everything written here, but it has has original news not found elsewhere, with superb sources.

    The other site with the same name run by Rabbi Lerner is a good one too.

    1. The site has syndicated contributors as well as original content. It is two days old.

      OperationRedPill is not meant to compete with this site whatsoever or other sites. Rather, we will be driving traffic to Richard’s site if he chooses to engage in our open discussion environment.

      “About Us” – we are anonymous because the truth is dangerous to you.

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