3 thoughts on “Palestinian Hunger Strike Ends With Two Steps Forward, One Back – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. At least one member of the Knesset has referred to the hunger strikers who are under administrative detention as “killers.” Of course, it just begged the question of why those prisoners weren’t charged with murder if they had indeed killed anybody.

    You’re correct, Richard – because the evidence used as justification for keeping a prisoner in admin detention is generally “secret,” there will never be any way of knowing what that evidence is or whether it even exists.

    Which of course is why administrative detention is in violation of the Geneva Conventions and must end. And which is why the prisoners really didn’t win anything at all.

  2. One may ask why a state that has kangaroo courts also needs administrative detention. One scenario when the kangaroo court is inadequate is when charges do not pass a laugh test, as it happens in the case of Dirar Abu-Sisi. Or there is nothing. As we see in Abu-Sisi case, Israel can make an accusation and with no proof keep a person for years. So why a need to keep a person with no accusation at all? There is always “membership in a forbidden organization” that allowed to detain Hamas legislators.

    For example, in Stalin’s system people had relatively speedy trials. Not necessarily fair trials, but I guess people were accused of something.

    1. If Israel’s “evidence” were ever exposed to scrutiny, it would no doubt show there was nothing more than a rumor, or hearsay, or the finger-pointing of another Palestinian under threat, which in no-man’s-land passes for “evidence.” Because such evidence is not collected for the purpose of prosecuting any defendant in a court of law, the standards are very low. I’m sure something as nebulous as an anonymous phone tip in the Orwellian State of Israel is sufficient to get an innocent Palestinian locked up for 6 months. This is life under occupation, and it will persist until the occupation is ended.

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