8 thoughts on “Israel Makes Deal With Prisoners to Find Remains of Murdered IDF Soldier – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Seems a very sad and tragic story. Thanks for shining a light. Here’s hoping for truth and justice in this case and any others like it.

  2. The story is indeed a tragedy, and I hope you are not wrong about this being a deal to reveal Halabi’s burial place, and not someone else.

    When a gag order is imposed to protect the pride or methods of Israeli security forces I compoletely approve of you not respecting them. However, in this case, the gag seems to protect the feelings of Majdi Halabi’s family and not to raise false hopes.

    How would you feel if it turned out that you were wrong or that the criminals don’t really have information? That’s a very cruel thing to do, and where is the journalistic value in this item? It’s really difficult for me to understand.

    1. The police lifted the gag a few hours after I reported the story. Instead of imagining why don’t you contact the police yrself & ask them the purpose of the gag. And stop whining & whinging.

  3. Why do you accuse Anyn, of whining and whinging? He/she did no such thing. All s/he did was couch a very polite suggestion that there was no journalistic value in what you wrote and explained why, You are always so “anti”. Why are you so rude to everyone who doesn’t immediately say “Oh Richard, how wonderful you are”?

    1. Now who’s whinging & whining? I frankly don’t care what you think about my editorial decisions. If you have something on topic and of substance to say, do so. Stop kvetching about other matters.

  4. The Met have made a succession of similar deals with professional criminals claiming to know where Suzy Lamplugh is buried, and have dug up fields all over South West England without result.

    I hope this episode ends better, but I fear it might not.

    I’d sooner spend a month quartering the desert with ground penetrating radar, than spend five minutes listening to a professional criminal telling me where it would suit his purposes to have me digging holes.

  5. Just out of curiosity, is part of this deal this body is positively identified as Majdi Halabi thru DNA testing before the deal is carried through?

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