11 thoughts on “Dershowitz: from Israel Firster to MEK Firster for the Right Price – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. RE: “Dershowitz has announced it will be his life’s work to get M.J. [Rosenberg] fired” ~ R.S.


    M J Rosenberg
    Public Figure
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    Best way to tell Dershowitz to go to hell (1) picket his classroom or (2) tell your friends to follow MJ Rosenberg on twitter.
    MJ Rosenberg
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  2. You wrote that MEK is “willing to use any and all means to gain their objectives.”

    What exactly are their objectives?

  3. I don’t know that it would take very much money to buy TheDersh for any cause he perceives as pro-Israel even if it crosses America’s anti-terrorism line, a legal line (but we a re today a nation of men, not of laws, adn USA does not enforce anti-terrorism laws against “big” Americans but only against “little” Muslims).

    But your language brings to mind the line from the Mikado:

    POOH-BAH: Of course, as First Lord of the Treasury, I could propose a special vote that would cover all expenses, if it were not that, as leader of the Opposition, it would be my duty to resist it tooth and nail. Or, as Paymaster-General, I could so cook the accounts that, as Lord High Auditor, I should never discover the fraud. But then, as Archbishop of Titipu, it would be my duty to denounce my own dishonesty and give myself into my own custody, as First Commissioner of Police.

    KO-KO: That’s extremely awkward.

    POOH-BAH: I don’t say that all these people couldn’t be squared, but it is right to tell you that I shouldn’t be sufficiently degraded in my own estimation unless I was insulted with a very considerable bribe.

  4. Your illustrative language was highly amusing, had me chuckling throughout. These hits are better than Moreen Dowds :
    “He’s like that old country song that says put a quarter in the jukebox and I’ll sing that hurtin’ song again.”

    “luminary mercenaries spoke”

    “sell their souls for a mess of terrorist porridge.”
    The archetype here is Esau and Jacob

    It needs more links for the unintiated, examples of the murders of the MEK after the fall of the shah.

    (you shouldn’t include the part about dershowitz on syria until he says it. it will be used to discredit you.)
    you should include some of dershowitz “human rights” censorship work, or attempts to get palestinians professors fired.
    We should really try to find out the source of funding for these terrorists. Like the anti-castro cuban terrorists in florida, NED money gets filtered right back into the campaign coffers of Ros Lehtinen or used to de-elect them. http://afrocubaweb.com/cubambiz.htm
    They are part of the same Fascist-Terror Axis sucking off the government teet.

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