14 thoughts on “Adelson Set to Pump Another $10-Million into Gingrich Campaign for Super Tuesday – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. I disagree with the National Review/Wall Street Journal analysis that you’ve summarized and linked to here.

    If Adelson wanted to help Romney defeat Santorum, he could just donate the money to Romney directly (He has already pledged to support and assist him should he become the nominee).

    I think that, instead, this donation suggests that Adelson actually believes that Newt himself still has a chance to win the nomination, and he wants to do what he can to make that possibility a reality.

      1. He has now said he may donate $100 million. I don’t think he would be pouring that kind of money into something he considers to be a lost cause. I believe he thinks a Gingrich resurgence may be in the offing. I wouldn’t be completely shocked if that turned out to be the case, considering the way things have gone in this race so far.

  2. I am a libertarian, so don’t care much about both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party.
    I do believe, though, that for the health of our country, we need real competition between the parties. Given how pathetic the Republican party has been acting and how now they are part of the AIPAC influence scheme, I am very discouraged for real progress in Washington to fix many of the fiscal problems we have. The level of discussion has effectively been limited to birth control pills, gay marriage, etc., all topics that should be none of the politicians business in the 21st century.

  3. In a real world not controlled by Israeli Lobby thought police, Rachel Maddow would be explaining the intricacies of Adelson’s attempts to buy a US politician like Gingrich to further an Israeli Lobby-dicated attack on Iran

    It’s amazing – how can the US media pretend to be analyzing anything when they can’t highlight a monster such as Adelson and how American politics are being run by AIPAC and Tel Aviv?

    Maddow, Chris Matthews and every other US pundit of the current era bear RESPONSIBLITY as mini-Goebbels that have enabled the Israel Lobby to pull off the dictation of US foreign policy

    1. The world is not controlled by Israeli Lobby thought police.

      Other billionaires are donating large sums of money to the candidates of their choice as well.

      Each has their own ideological reasons for doing so.

        1. What about Harold Simmons?

          So far, Simmons has donated more to “American Crossroads” than Adelson has to “Winning Our Future”.

          To date, Harold Simmons has donated over $14 million dollars.

          For some reason, people don’t seem to be talking about him as much and what influence he is hoping to buy with this donation.

  4. “How much does one pay for a dead horse?”

    There can be a method in this madness. Two pictures come to my mind: in one, your throw some bleeding carcasses to the sea, and lo! sharks congregate, eager for more meat. In the second picture, and old cartoon really, someone shows a coin, keeping it high above the ground, and a crowd of little cute piggy banks stares hungrily, like puppies looking at a morsel.

    In other words, a feeding frenzy may ensue with politicians anticipating huge payoff for reciting a little mantra so ably presented to Americans by Newt Gingrich. The waste is ostentatious, “there is many more mills left, come here, please me and enjoy in turn!”

    Then it is possible that the senior gentleman lost some the the sharp mental acuitity that served him well in business for so many years, and perhaps the family should get some psychiatric evaluation.

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