34 thoughts on “Foreign Press Rents Tel Aviv Rooftops to Cover Iran War – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. In January 1991 everybody was caught by surprise at 03:00am in the morning when the first Scuds
    hit Tel Aviv. CNN,the most aggressive news agency at the time,had paid handsomely for access to a rooftop and provided excellent live coverage (and were also inadvertently acting as a forward artillery spotter for the Iraqis). Other news agencies were quick to follow suit until some understood that the Iraqis might be watching TV.
    So I suppose that some of the news agencies are “buying options”,hardly surprising and I suppose that the asking prices are still reasonable.
    More dancing in the streets of Gaza?.

    1. I suppose when the Israeli bombs hit Tehran there won’t be joy in the hearts of Israelis? Because somehow Israelis are better human beings than Gazans, right? They never feast on the suffering of their enemies do they?

        1. I’m publishing this comment for one reason: to show how absolutely idiotic hasbara efforts like this are.

          If you publish racist garbage like this here again, you’ll be gone so fast your head will spin. This is not a venue for a propaganda war proving you are human and the other guy is an animal. Go somewhere else if that’s your game. I want you to understand this loud and clear. My hand is on the button as far as you’re concerned.

        2. Such a busy life for Israeli’s: Dropping white phosphorus on a trapped people, (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/8151611.stm)

          watching them being bombed while enjoying a picnic

          and all the while inventing wonderful things to help human kind…

          AND let us not forget: Saving baby turtles!
          I take my hat off: You are truly a better people than all of us, and deserve the right to uproot lesser peoples from the land you want to have for your own.

          Are you happy now? Is this what you argue for?

  2. It seems that you are practically thrilled at the prospect of having those “arrogant Zionists” bombed in their cities.

      1. Richard, to those which English is not a native, it sometimes hard to detect Irony.

        when you combine that with the fact that you sometimes make “strange” statements (like claiming Israeli policy makers are located in Tel-Aviv), it’s hard on us to really understand what type of a zionist you are.

        You say you are, but based on current definitions and sometimes the way you chose to express yourself it’s easy to position you within the anti-zionist crowd.

        1. Are you arguing that the Kirya is NOT located in Tel Aviv or that other key ministries & offices aren’t located there as well?

          It may be hard for YOU to know what kind of Zionist I am. That’s because for people like you there is only one kind. Others have no such problem.

          It’s not “easy” to label me “anti-Zionist” unless you’re a liar and fraud. You’ve just violated a major comment rule by insinuating something that is a blatant falsehood. If you do this again, you will not comment here further.

          1. WTF ? do you have some serious comprehension issues or what ? Where did i say that i am labeling you as an Anti-Zionist ? i said it’s easy to do so, didn’t say i was doing so.

            The Kirya, isn’t the place at which policy is being made in Israel. Israeli government centers are in the city of Jerusalem, so is the Knesset, and that’s where Israeli policy is being made.

            As a rule of thumb policy is made at the state capital. I’m sure there are many federal government office’s in Seattle yet policy is made in DC.

          2. I see very little difference between explicitly calling me anti Zionist & saying it’s easy to see how others would. Sorry, but that’s way too fine a distinction for me. I don’t let anyone call me that or even refer to me in the same breath.

            The Kirya is the Israeli defense ministry in Tel Aviv & yet you say policy isn’t made there? What do you think the defense ministry does? And as for the Knesset making policy, I think not. Policy is made by Bibi, Barak & a close circle of ministers. All the rest including the Knesset is window dressing.

            There is no “rule of thumb” as far as Israel is concerned because its national capital is not recognized as such by the vast preponderance of other states in the world.

          3. Oh, so you state Israeli policy is made in Tel-Aviv because YOU belong to those who don’t recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel ?

            as for your fine lines, i saw that you state to people that you will call them what ever you want, and define them what ever you want. I as i told you previously believe in Karma. when you treat people this way, why do you expect them to adhere to the ways you define yourself ?

          4. I will happily recognize Jerusalem as capital of Israel and Palestine when Israel recognizes the latter and withdraws to 1967 borders. Until then, Jerusalem will be a wonderful, but tortured city in Israel.

  3. Richard, you are censoring most of comments, even though they are not offensive.

    For someone who considers himself an advocate for free-speech, this is rather hypocritical of you.

    I’m out of here.


    1. You’ve published 17 comments which have been approved & 3 sitting in moderation. Comments in moderation sometimes site there for a few days if I wish to comment on them & need time to write a more detailed reply.

      I frankly don’t care if you come or go. But your understanding of the situation involving yr comments is false.

      1. You should tell him you are not discriminating him, you treat me the same way.

        Each time you have no answer, and the comment contradicts your post, it takes a lot of time before you approve it, usually you never approve it, not everyone is a quick thinker.

        Yet you have the chuzpa to complain that other reporters ban your.

        I believe in Karma. The way you treat people, people treat you.

  4. Sounds like the news folks doubt the Iron Dome will work as advertised (but, of course, maybe they hope for pictures of missiles being blown up while well short of their targets). Either way, great stuff!

    1. Iron Dome isn’t relevant, since it’s intended for short-range rockets which can’t reach Tel Aviv in any case.

  5. Typo alert: — should have read ‘Union boys send the REBELS packing’

    “Washington’s high society rode out in their fine carriages and horses to picnic under the shady trees and watch their Union boys send the REBELS packing?”

  6. Union = Yankee
    Confederate = Rebel

    You probably think the war was about slavery too. Read more write less may work better for you.

  7. And a mother cries, her son is lying dead in Tehran. Blinded by her tears, she reaches for tissues before another blast goes off. My uncle scrambles on the city corner to the ground. His ears ringing, a trained surgeon of great repute, he cannot believe his eyes as he looks out to triage for survivors: a pregnant woman’s child has miscarried, the still born child hanging from her bloody, and she is mid seizure.

    My uncle had seen many things in the surgery room until then that would make ordinary people cringe. But, what he witnessed during the Iran-Iraq war were scenes that still make him wake up screaming at night — they were images that turned his hair gray, caused him to gnash his teeth until he developed jaw problems, and germinated his unsolvable PTSD.

    The war looks pretty from the hillside. Up close, horror thrives. Humanity will never forget or forgive an attack on Iran. Perhaps the good Rabbis need but take a closer look.

    1. touche persian. what a bunch of bs.. fighting over a rock..shame on those that think life is to be won by someones elses hand.

  8. I don’t know what your problem is Richard but I think you should throw your computer down the crapper and shut the hell up. I think I speak for everyone else who had to see the assinine comments you have made here

  9. War is not good for people but is good for the economy here in the United States, and our government and our government controlled media is leading us with hooks in our jaws as we are entertained to death with bread and circus. Meanwhile our troops our used as cannon fodder for a culture few here understand. Our morals are gone as a nation. The Americans are still asleep, we have indoctrinated our children against the God of all creation. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for the peoples of the Arab nations who cannot defend themselves for the bloodbath they have and will continue to endure. Thank you for your article.

  10. Look, it’s not just the israelis who’d turn out to watch a good bombing. After a lifetime of seeing war either fictionalised or documented on TV, for many people morbid curiosity would be enough. It’s just the way we are at the moment. I’ve actually moved past the curiosity stage, and into the sympathising with the non-combatants phase, after watching some woman crying for her smart-bombed and killed family members. Suddenly it stopped being entertaining. Unfortunately, I’m in the minority. It’ll probably take a nuclear exchange before the rest of you “dim lights” get on board…

  11. Thanks for the info.
    However one thing you have not touched on is even a conjecture at why now.
    Why now?
    Why not before? Why not after? Why not last September when there was a possibility of attack on Iran.
    Why now?
    I’m just curious to get your take on it.

    Zerohedge had an article on the attack on Iran, and how some Asian consulting company wrote a blueprint for their clients (shared on Zerohedge) that basically said the likeliness of an attack on Iran by Israel alone would be before April and one with Israel and the US more likely after April.

    There is some unsupported speculation that the media has considerable communication with those who plan these things and they got a hint as to when “it” would happen. Unsupported.

    Either way, would love to hear your take on why now. Thanks.

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