30 thoughts on “Israeli Film Depicts Iranian First-Strike Nuke Attack on Israel – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. When someone who live’s about 18K miles from here tell’s me i am delusional, i say come here live here and then if you’d think
    i am delusional i may listen.
    Until then you’ll keep spreading bobe maises and we will get ready for whatever may come.

    1. I lived in your country for 2 yrs, know almost as much about it as you do, in some areas maybe more. As for whether you’re willing to listen to me, I could care less. It won’t stop me from speaking my mind & trying to stop whatever mayhem you’re preparing for.

      1. You spent two whole YEARS in Israel as a young man? WOW! You must be an expert on all things Israel, especially since you frequently come here and talk with actual people, rather than sit at your home and send links to Haaretz op-eds.

        1. I actually speak with Israelis every day, read several papers and other Israeli sources every day, and hear from sources inside Israel every day. As I’ve said many times before, in this day and age you don’t need to live in a place to be an expert or at least very well informed about it. Arguing that I’m ignorant about Israel because I only lived there for two years is SO last century!

          1. I think that’s a bit pretentious. While it is definitely possible to analyze and understand Israeli politics from afar, it would be hubris to claim an understanding of the Israel society without being physically present here. You need to speak with all walks of people, see the cities, listen to the radio, listen to our music, watch our TV, eat a falafel, visit Sdero, visit Ramle, visit Tel-Aviv. There is no replacement for that, not even in “this century”.

            For PersianAdvocate: I don’t claim to know anything about the Iranian people. From the very little I am getting, Iranians have a strong middle-class, are educated and moderate. It’s their leaders doing all the trouble. I suspect that under a different regime, Israel and Iran could be friends.

          2. it would be hubris to claim an understanding of the Israel society without being physically present here

            That’s one of the dumbest statements I’ve heard in some time and once again, so last century. Professors have been academic experts in countries & eras they’ve never visited. How can anyone be an expert on Rambam never having met him? Or on medieval Spain without having lived there at the time? Of course you can do all of these things & quite well thank you.

            I’m not a travel writer. So now, I don’t need to walk the streets of Tel Aviv to be able to creditably critique Israeli policy toward Iran. Your criticism is a total red herring.

            Yr claim to be ignorant about Iran is one of the truest things you’ve written. In fact, you’re ignorant about a number of important subjects.

          3. You didn’t understand me. It is perfectly reasonable to critique Israel’s policies from afar. However, you go beyond that, and claim to understand Israeli society, which you obviously don’t. This can be attributed to the fact that you’re not physically here as well as general ignorance in the subject matter (e.g., you confusing between Datiim-Leumiim and Haredim shows a lack of basic knowledge on Israeli society).

            In any event, you are no expert and should not certainly not present yourself as one. Some modesty on your part will help to put your opinions into context.

          4. No sorry. You can’t critique Israeli policy without understanding Israeli society. I’d say the one who should be more modest in yr claims & judgments is yrself. But do continue trying to belittle & demean my knowledge. It only makes me look better in the eyes of reasonable readers (that is, readers other than yourself).

        2. By the same token, Tehran is 1000 miles from Tel Aviv. I guess we shall see an end to expert commentary re: Iran from that distance if we are to believe you practice what you preach.

      2. First the subject is not your understanding and exposure to the Israeli culture, if it was i would argue that someone who lived in israel as a student about 30 years ago doesn’t have enough knowledge and exposure to claim what you claim.

        but since that isn’t the subject i will not say that.

        Second, Israel is a country in conflict, since the day it was established, and attacked. from googleing you and reading few things, i know that is not the way you see things, but that is the way most Israelis, and most of the Jews around the world see things. With such background knotted with the Iranian president being a Holocaust denier, and the threat’s he publicly made to wipe off the state of Israel (as reported by the BBC as back as 2006 http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/4912198.stm)
        can you blame us for being nervous ?

        Iran has violated the international agreement it signed specifically the NPT.


        1. Israel has attacked others as much as it has been attacked yet you curiously seem aware only of those few times it was attacked. As for the way “most” Israelis or “most” Jews see things, it always amuses me when I read those on the right claim that the vast majority of Jews agree with them when nothing of the sort is true. And even if it wasn’t true & most did agree with you that wouldn’t mean it was historically accurate.

          As for what Ahmadinejad did or didn’t say, we’ve been over this a thousand times, I’ve written a blog post which proves the charges you bring are false. Go back & learn real history instead of what you’ve been spoonfed by hasbara outfits.

          Israel would be violating the NPT if it had signed, but it hasn’t. I have no sympathy with a citizen of a country which has refused to sign the NPT accusing a country which has signed of violating it. When your country signs then I’ll be happy to entertain such complaints. Till then, you’re a hypocrite.

          1. It seems that you have only two colors in your world…Black and White. Israel attacked others, after being pressed, pressured and provoked. such case was the closure of the Tiran strait in 1967 which led to the 67 war, Such was the case in 82, 2006 and 2009. sorry i forgot, you don’t think qassam rocket’s being fired from Gaza are a big deal i know i read that.

            As for what you say about what the statement of the Iranian president, you speak Farsi ? Your readers do ? i rather stick to the interpretations offered by CNN, NBC, BBC La Figaro and others west MSM. are you claiming you and only you have access to the right translation and all the others are wrong ?

            As for the NPT, you stand on the subject is gigo.

          2. So Israel was always attacked by others…except when it wasn’t. It was attacked in 48, but only after declaring statehood when it knew that such an act would bring war. It attacked in 56. It attacked in 67 (closing the Strait of Tiran had no impact whatsoever on Israel since Eilat was an insignificant port). It was attacked in 73, but only after Sadat offered recognition in return for Sinai & warned he would go to war if his offer was spurned (which it was). Israel attacked in 1982. It began a war because 2 soldiers were killed in 2006. And began a war in 2009 ostensibly because of Hamas rockets, when Israel had been first to violate the ceasefire.

            In all that history, israel was attacked twice and started 5 wars of its own volition. Not a pretty record.

            As for speaking Farsi. You don’t and my readers & experts I consult do. Read my post about this so you don’t make yrself more of a fool than you already appear. No Iranian leader ever said Iran would destroy Israel, wipe it off the map, etc. The history of the dispute about this is right in my blog. Don’t make me waste time by rehashing things ad nauseam. When I tell you I’ve written on a subject I expect you to find it, & read it before writing further about it. If you can’t find it ask & I’ll give you the link or other readers will offer you the benefit of their knowledge which is deeper than yours I assure you.

          3. Your stand on the 67 war is pathetic.
            You claim that Eilat was insignificant port hence Israel was able to do with out it, and should have let the Egyptian continue with their shenanigans and violations of Israel rights and International law, Nice stand. You are bending reality to fit your agenda.

            For you what matters is who fires the first shot, a bit juvenile i must say. And just following your logic for a sec, I guess not Palestinian state should be formed as long as Israel rejects the idea ? such was the case in 1948, and you seem to show a lot of understanding to why the Arabs started that war.

            as for your translation claim, I read what was written in your blog. You treat you blog as halacha lmoshe msinai, your right. after all you are the one writing it. as you seem to forgotten you are not the only one with access to Farsi speaking people. There are many israeli’s who were born there and are fluent with the language, Shaul Mofaz is but one name, the Western MSM have access to many Farsi speaking people, and with all due respect i’ll stick to their translation.

            About time, you’ll open your eyes and you’ll see that there are more colors then black and white.

          4. There are credible analyses of 1967 which argue that Israel wanted war in order to teach Nasser a lesson & that his bellicosity offered Israel precisely the excuse it needed. In fact, many of Israel’s wars have been as much or more meant to teach the enemy a lesson (deterrence by bloodying the enemy’s nose) as to achieve any strategic goal or advantage.

            Calling my analysis “juvenile” is a non sequitur. How can a political/military analysis be juvenile? As far as forming a Palestinian state, there won’t be one as long as Israel rejects one & the rest of the world allows Israel to get away with it.

            What I wrote in my blog was not MY opinion. It was the original Farsi translation offered by an academic, and opponent of the current Iranian regime, who is a native Farsi speaker. If anything his word is halacha l’Moshe mi’Sinai. Not mine. I would like you to present a single Farsi speaker who argues any Iranian leader has ever said that Iran will destroy Israel. And I want them or you to present the original Farsi text and a link or source to it. Then you can talk. Till then, don’t waste anyone’s time. No western media has ever presented any Farsi original text saying that. Many have claimed that they’ve said it & even put such words in quotation marks in English ‘translation.’ But the original Farsi simply doesn’t support it. And I dare you to cite such a source. But I can save you the trouble because I’ve offered this challenge a number of times & the only thing you or others can come up with is original Farsi quotations which talk about Israel disappearning from the pages of history and the like. There are lots of angry statements about Israel, but none in which any Iranian leader issues a specific threat to destroy Israel or wipe it off the map.

            I’d also dare you to contact Shaul Mofaz or any Farsi speaking Israeli & challenge him to present such an original Farsi source.

          5. I wonder if you would consider Dr. Denis MacEoin who holds a Ph.D. degree in Persian/Islamic Studies from Cambridge University (King’s College), as credible enough to translate Farsi text.

            1. S u p r e m e Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who succeeded Ayatollah Khomeini in 1989, has made
            statements about Israel similar to Ahmadinejad. On December 15, 2000, he declared on Iranian TV:
            “Iran’s position, which was first expressed by the Imam [Khomeini] and stated several times by those
            responsible, is that the cancerous tumor called Israel must be uprooted from the region.

            2. M i c h a e l Axworthy, who served as the Head of the Iran Section of Britain’s Foreign and Commonwealth
            Office, notes that when the slogan “Israel must be wiped off the map” appeared “draped over missiles in
            military parades, that meaning was pretty clear.

            In an address to the “World without Zionism” Conference held in Tehran on October 26, 2005, Iranian
            President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said:

            و امام عزيز ما فرمودند كه اين
            رژمي اشغالگر قدس بايد از صفحه
            روزگار محو شود. اين جمله
            بسيار حكيمانه است.

            Va Imam-e aziz-e ma
            farmudand ke in rezhim-e
            eshghalgar-e Qods bayad
            az safhe-ye ruzegar mahv
            shaved. In jomle besyar
            hakimane ast.

            Our dear Imam [Khomeini]
            ordered that this Jerusalem occupying regime [Israel]
            must be erased from the
            page of time. This was a very
            wise statement.

            4. in the same speech he said

            به زودي اين لكه ننگ را از دامان
            دنياي اسالم پاك خواهد كرد و
            اين شدني است.

            Be-zudi in lake-ye nang ra az
            damane donya-ye Islam pak
            khahad kard, va in shodani’st.

            Soon this stain of
            disgrace will be cleaned
            from the garment of
            the world of Islam, and
            this is attainable

            5. In a speech before a crowd in Bandar Abbas (Feb 20,2008) he said :

            در منطقه خاورميانه نيز جرثومه
            سياه و كثيفي به نام رژمي
            صهيونيستي درست كرده اند تا
            به جان مردم منطقه بيندازند و به
            بهانه آن سياست هاي خود را در
            خاورميانه پيش ببرند.

            Dar mantaqe-ye Khavar-e
            Miyane niz jarsum-e siyah
            va kasifi be-nam-e rezhim-e
            sahyonisti dorost kardeand ta be-jan-e mardom-e
            mantaqe biandazand va
            be-behane-ye an siyasathaye khod-ra dar Khavar-e
            Miyane pish bebarand.

            In the Middle East, they [the
            global powers] have created
            a black and filthy microbe
            called the Zionist regime, so
            they could use it to attack
            the peoples of the region,
            and by using this excuse,
            they want to advance their
            schemes for the Middle East

            shall i go on ?

            It seems that debating anything with you is pointless, while you say there are those who argue that the state of Israel wanted a war, you don’t name them or refer to them.
            who are those ?

            And one last thing, the words of your friend Prof Shaimi are halacha lemoshe only when he speaks about his field of expertise (and even then there are those who would argue that he’s wrong) and that would be chemistry.

            I’m sure his knowledge of Farsi is greater then mine. But he’s far from being halacha lmoshe on the subject.

          6. I asked you very specifically if you could find any statement by any Iranian leader saying that Iran intended to destroy Israel. You haven’t produced such a statement here. At best you’ve found a 20 yr old quotation from a speech by Ayatollah Khomeini saying that “the Jerusalem regime” would “disappear” (your translation claiming it says “must be erased” is not accurate) “from the pages of time” is not an Iranian threat to destroy Israel. It is just what the wording says it is: a prediction that the current Israeli regime would disappear. BTW, Israeli leaders, generals and virtually every Israeli citizen believes exactly the same thing about the Iranian regime. The only diff. is that Israel’s gov’t. has expressed a strong wish for regime change & engaged in covert acts to encourage it, while Iran has not done this against Israel (yet).

            Actually, Prof. Sahimi (you can’t even do him the honor of spelling his name correctly, can you?) is quoted regularly by NY Times reporters and other journalists as an expert in precisely the field for which I quote him. He’s also a key contributor to PBS Frontline’s Teheran Bureau. And his field is not “chemistry,” but chemical engineering, specifically related to the oil industry.

            As for evidence about Israeli attitudes before the 67 war, have you read Tom Segev’s 1967? I didn’t think so. It might upset your world view.

          7. Just today Khamenei referred to Israel as a cancerous tumor that “must be removed”. Just one statement out of many. When someone threatens to “remove” your country, you tend to take his threats very seriously.

          8. You don’t believe the Iranian regime is a cancer that must be removed? Of course you do. So let’s make a deal: when you stop believing this then I’ll say the Iranians should stop believing this of Israel.

          9. Why do you speak for me? Can you provide a quote of me indicating that I consider Iran’s regime a “cancer” that must be removed? If not, please, why do you lie and suggest that I do?

            No. I don’t consider Iran’s regime a “cancer” that must be removed. I would never talk like that.

            As long as they don’t threaten me with annihilation and fight me with Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, that’s good enough for me.

  2. Israel with 400+ nuclear warheads and they play the victims, Iran will never do that and everybody knows it, it’s only Zionists propaganda.

    1. “Iran will never do that” — Josh: I agree. First, Iran would not like the retaliation (nukes shot from Israeli submarines and from the very large part of Israeli territory which would not be destroyed by one or two Iranian A-bombs. Second, Palestine (Al-Quds) is a holy place for Muslims and it would not be destroyed by Iran, a Muslim state.

  3. Ronen Barany made a cannily realistic and scary short film.
    I believe that his intention was to recreate the emotions of such a moment,a place and time where you very much do not want to be, and which for me is essentially anti-war propaganda.
    For most Israelis this clip evokes fear and for those Israelis with varying degrees of post traumatic stress disorders this clip evokes varying degrees of panic.
    As for those who have never encountered such fear, I envy them.

  4. So this is like Peter Watkins’ “The War Game” (1965) except instead of being a plausible pseudo-documentary of what a future nuclear war would look like, it’s more like the giant alien monster movie “Cloverfield”; all shaky-camera and crazy stuff happening so it is hard to make out what is going on.

    I have to call BS on the nuclear explosions; the strong electromagnetic pulses would have wiped the memory card of the camera. Also the SUV doesn’t flip from the shockwave at the end.

    If you believe that Iran has a nuclear bomb and the way to deliver it, this would make good justification for all your fears.

  5. I have read the entire thread of Mr Silverstein and those who disagree with his views of Iran and it’s leaders. Being an outside observer, I hope President Obama has the courage to stand by the USA’s 60 year commitment to the preservation of Israel no matter who seeks to destroy it.

    My question to you Silverstein is why don’t you move to Iran and share your great knowledge and help their leaders understand the true nature of Israel and it’s people. Just make sure you don’t post any blogs that disagree with their regime or be construed as pro Israel. They will immediately show you the true nature of the Iranian regime.

  6. Hey Bart,
    “My question to you Silverstein is why don’t you move to Iran and share your great knowledge….”How original!! Silverstien ain’t going nowhere Bart.

    Hey Bart,are ya following the Rachel Corrie trial in Israel? Young American woman run over by IDF bulldozer in Gaza. Wanna bet Israeli driver will not see any serious punishment.Or Bart,Tristen Andersen who had his eye shot out,by IDF.He’s suing in Israel also.

    Hey,Bart try a pledge to old glory

  7. “hegemonic power-mad Iran hell-bent on getting nukes and using them on its bitterest foe, Israel.”…

    Yes exactly right. You clearly do not believe anything the Iranians say.

    Woe to you and all the others’ with your heads stuck up your behinds.

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