8 thoughts on “MK Danon Proposes Outlawing Sex Between ‘Arabs,’ Young Jewish Girls – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. Don’t worry about it. If this goes through, they will have to shut down every whorehouse in Tel Aviv, which will ruin the economy.

  2. Of course, the analogy with you-know-what grows and grows. If ever a state deserved to be snubbed and ridiculed, it is this particular Israel. It is time for the racist fantasy to reach its crescendo and be devoured by right thinking people. It is time for Israelis to get rid of Danny and Benyamin and the rest of that gang of thieves.

  3. It is totally wrong to put Jews and Arabs in the same sentence, Jews and Muslims is more correct, since Jews are not a ethnicity but a religion like Christianity, and Islam. The never ending deliberate erroneous intrusion of facts into written history by the Zionism, and their Jew riff rafs

    1. The term “Arab” was in scare quotes since I meant it to refer to how Israeli right-wing nationalists would refer to Israeli Palestinians. Not the way I do.

      But I do disagree with you about Jews not being an ethnic group. I think they are.

  4. Surely Jewish girls were not bought by Arabs “with money.” It is common knowledge that Arabs use camels for that.

  5. Disgusting. Thanks for posting. Certainly doesn’t represent the greatness coming out of any of our great monotheistic traditions–or out of common decency and humanitarian concerns. Some people just don’t seem to want to build friendship between peoples. How odd considering how pleasant most people are…regardless of their ethnic group or religion, or lack thereof.

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