19 thoughts on “Aussie Dave Exposed – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. that photo looks like Laker basketball player Jordan Farmar, who was playing basketball in Israel while NBA lockout was going on, don’t if he came back to US..

  2. Just checked out the profile myself (was wondering if he’d outed himself or if someone else had done it) and noticed that he only has one friend, meaning the profile is likely new. Is it possible that it’s a fake?

    1. Interesting that Jilian C. York is here, doesn’t she work for the EFF? Don’t they care about the privacy of bloggers? The photo is of a basketball player, so that’s fake. The profile is fake. This is misinformation, and not the first time Silverstein has been totally wrong in his attempts to “out” anonymous pro-Israel activists.

      1. Too bad, fella. Loeb outed himself by featuring his own Facebook profile in a screenshot he published on his website. So if the profile is fake he’s promoting his own fake profile at his own blog. Now don’t you feel like a fool for claiming such shtus & trying to get us to believe it? And if the photograph is of a basketball player, then it’s Loeb who chose to feature the photograph. Though I’d be interested to hear which basketball player you claim it is.

        Are you seriously attempting to argue that Jillian York or EFF should care about David Loeb’s privacy when he’s exposed my family’s home address & phone as well as my wife’s employer & her work phone? You wouldn’t be trying to argue something so hypocritical, would you?

        1. where did he promote his fake profile on his blog? where did he expose your family’s home address/phone and wife’s employer/phone?

          1. If you follow the links in my post and view them carefully you’ll find an answer to your first question. As for exposing the other information, I don’t have the cheyshek to go through his blog or my own to dredge that up again. It’s there and he’s acknowledged it is & refused to remove it.

  3. The photo is an uncanny resemblance to professional basketball player, Jordan Farmer. I immediately thought it looked like Farmar, and my google image search seems to confirm it, at least to my eyes.

  4. My name is David Loeb and I live in Bet-Shemesh.

    I take a very dim view of your libel of me and unless you remove all it immediately I intend to take legal advice with a view to suing you for defamation.

      1. Threats by comment or e-mail do not constitute a writ and have no legal force.

        To be effective, Mr Leob must be able to make a civil damages claim under the laws of the United States and Washington State in particular. Until he can find a US attorney recognised by the Washington Satte bar who is willing to serve Prof. Silverstein with a writ, or at least write a formal warning letter, this threat can be safely ignored.

        One of the reasons why threatening comments have no legal force, is that it’s impossible to tell if the commentator really is who he claims to be.

        In any case, it’s a jolly expensive business and one of Sir Richard Branson’s baseline employees would be ill-advised to enter the libel courts, unless the boss is willing to commit his millions and his company’s reputation to helping him, of course.

  5. It appears that this was a set up, which doesn’t do any favours to the those who thought this would discredit Richard Silverstein’s reporting and journalism.

    Any media that one can edit themselves, like social networks, is not a good source for confirming an identity. Facebook, has it’s fair share of fake profiles.

    Granted that Richard should have checked and confirmed ‘Loeb’s’ identity through more credible means than Facebook, but bearing in mind the two were in a fight any serious media will ignore this as little more than a response to juvenile baiting.

    As such those who claim that richard Silverstein’s credibility is damaged are indulging in wishful thinking, because this episode can be put down to an emotional response between two bloggers at loggerheads. In such circumstances, it’s entirely plausible that feelings take precedence over critical analysing as happened here.

    It doesn’t detract from Richard’s fine work and I don’t for a minute believe his credibility will suffer or that the MSM will take him any the less seriously. All the MSM giants, and top journalists have been involved in seriousl bloopers.

    To err is human. Keep up the good work Richard. Wiki Leaks of Israel indeed! Ht tip cij 🙂

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