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  1. Let us see how brave you are.
    Let us see if you really want to change the world or just to bash Israel in false pretense.
    You were so happy to write graphics on Israeli rapists.
    Now this is really important.
    Read this forum site and publish about rape and abuse in the US army:

    1. No, the blog isn’t tzedakah. But supporting it is an act of tzedakah. I suppose for you an act of lovingkindness is supporting Honenu or helping steal an East Jerusalem home from a Palestinian family. But thankfully there are readers he who see things differently.

  2. Kudos and deserved, but you censored mg viewpoints over the last few days and lumped me into a fringe category that you should have known better to lump me in. Silverstein’s pirate acquisition of the leases, Chertoff’s Mossad and El Al connections, and the ABC news report about Israeli spies TAPING 9/11 and CHEERING while it occurred are undisputed facts. I think you will alienate some readership if you are too heavy handed in your moderation. Not all tangential postings are fringe or irrelevant. And btw, anyone with knowledge of the scoentific method knows: a theory is a tried and tested hypothesis. Even the label itself is a misnomer – and note, I never brought up physics or anything else of the nature

    1. I’ve asked you & others politely to leave the conspiracy theories alone. You couldn’t. There are rules at this site & they hold whether you’re of the left or right. The rules exist both to ensure the seriousness of the comment threads & also to protect the integrity of the blog itself.

      For this reason, you will be moderated for 2 weeks. Read & follow the rules & moderation will be removed.

  3. What are the differences between the various subscription levels?

    What do you get as an advanced subscriber that you don’t get as a basic one?

    Also what does the “enhanced” yearly option provide that makes it enhanced?

    I apologize if this information is already posted somewhere – I can’t find it if it is.

    1. They’re meant to correspond to what people can afford. I may think of offering benefits for higher level donors in future. I was thinking of offering briefings or video presentations with other bloggers. But I’m not yet prepared to do that.

  4. Are you associated with a 501c3? It would make giving a lot easier and tax deductible. I’d like to know that all my gift is going to you instead of to the IRS. Well part of it anyway.

    1. If you contact a charity like say Jewish Voices for Peace, tell them what you do and ask them if they’d like to issue Tax receipts on your behalf, most would do it if what you do matches their official mission. They’ll usually ask for 4-10% to cover their administrative costs but you will raise a lot more gelt because donors contributions will be tax deductible. Many smaller groups do this prior to getting their own 501c3 status. Alternatively there are Web sites like Indiegogo.com who will match you with an appropriate registered non-profit and the same deal applies – the entities that help you take a modest percentage and in exchange you get fundraising campaign pages that are connected to facebook and twitter and fortified with social media. Well worth a look.

  5. Silverstein, you’re nothing more than an appeaser.

    First, Iran tried to close the Straits of Hormuz in 1980, during the Iran-Iraq war. No tanker was sunk or even damaged, because the U.S. Navy escorted tankers through. One other minor detail, Iran’s navy was in far better shape than it is now.

    If Iran actually tried to blockade the Straits of Hormuz, it would be the end of Iran, or at least the end of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard and the mullahs. With the Iranian terror premium on oil prices gone, prices would drop to $

    More important, unless China comes aboard, which isn’t likely what’ll happen is that U.S. and Western sanctions will do would be to shift Iranian oil sales to the Red Chinese.

    So if sanctions won’t have much of an effect, why bother? Because first, it’ll preclude Western companies from working with Iran to discover new oil. That’ll ultimately really hurt, because Iran’s exports have been shrinking for years, and need to be replenished. Additionally, it might, just might, persuade the mullahs and the ayatollahs that unless they want to see a full-scale revolution like that which toppled Ghaddafi, maybe they shouldn’t build nukes, which both the US and Israel will totally destroy before they’re deployed in the first place.

    1. Easy for you to make claims that can’t be backed up by any credible evidence. If Iran blocks the Strait who will “end” Iran & how will they do it? War? Actually, I think you’re exposing yr own preferences. YOU would like to see Iran destroyed so you presume that their blockading the Strait would cause the U.S. to do to Iran what YOU would like them to. That’s not the same as what the U.S. would actually do.

      Of course oil will shift to the Chinese (btw, they haven’t been called “Red Chinese” for about 20 yrs or so–welcome to the 21st century). And they will provide a perfectly fine alternative customer for all the Iranian oil that Iran can get to them. The Chinese might even offer armed escorts for the tankers bringing oil to them from Iran. That would get mighty interesting doncha think?

      And do you think that the Chinese & Russians wouldn’t be interested in replacing whichever companies abandon Iran & help discover new oil sources there?

      What revolution & who will lead it? You? The MEK? Gimme a break. What the U.S. is doing will NEVER persuade the Ayatollahs of anything. It will in fact make them do precisely the opposite of what we want them to. But keep it up. Your thinking will lead to war. A war in which everyone will lose including the U.S. Too bad, you won’t have anyone you love in the fight whose loss would make you realize the folly of your nonsense. People like you spout nonsense & don’t have to pay for it in blood or treasure.

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