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  1. RE: “Newt Gingrich’s brain once again outsmarts his mouth, as he spouts serial inanities about the Palestinians. Among them the old Joan Peters/Israeli nationalist canard that Palestinians are ‘an invented people’.” ~ R.S.

    MY COMMENT: You’re assuming a Newt has a brain!

    SEE: “Gingrich and Adelson Forge Firm Alliance”, By Josh Nathan-Kazis and Nathan Guttman, The Forward, 12/08/11
    GOP Frontrunner Boasts Israel Support and Netanyahu Ties

    (excerpts)…Billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, one of the wealthiest men in the world and a major donor to Jewish and conservative causes, is widely known as a Netanyahu stalwart. Less well known are his equally close ties to Gingrich, to whom he has been a major giver in recent years…
    …Adelson has given particularly heavily to Gingrich-associated organizations. Between 2006 and 2010 he donated $7 million to American Solutions for Winning the Future, one of Gingrich’s political groups, according to a database maintained by the Center for Responsive Politics…

    ENTIRE ARTICLE – http://www.forward.com/articles/147533/?p=all

    1. P.S. ALSO SEE: Gingrich to Ask John Bolton to be Secretary of State ~ by John Glaser, Antiwar.com, 12/08/11

      (excerpts) Republican Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich announced Wednesday that, if nominated, he would be asking former United Nations Ambassador John Bolton to be his secretary of state…
      ‎…In a speech to the Republican Jewish Coalition, Gingrich said, “If he will accept it, I will ask John Bolton to be secretary of state.” This could be a violation of federal law, which prohibits a candidate from pledging an appointment “for the purpose of procuring support in his candidacy.”
      The Gingrich campaign has so far refused to comment on the apparent crime.

      SOURCE – http://news.antiwar.com/2011/12/08/gingrich-to-ask-john-bolton-to-be-secretary-of-state-if-nominated/

  2. If that poor button on Gingrich’s suit jacket suddenly pops loose (becoming a projectile) to accommodate Newt’s impressive girth, someone might just lose an eye! OSHA guidelines should require eye protection under such circumstances.

  3. One of the guests on Chris Hayes’ show last week said that
    Newt is a dumb person’s idea of a smart person. He certainly proved that in this interview.

  4. Here’s the irony: the people who advocate for peace and a stop to illegal activities by Israel are the very same who are preaching an overall beneficial plan for the state to ensure its survival.

    Those who seek war for resolution are crying for Israel’s doom. Everything that they have done over the last 10+ years has made Israel into the world’ pariah state. Even worse, despite OBVIOUS (don’t come at me with the stupid anti-Semite label because it’s as clear as day, you cannot tell grown-*ss people that it’s not true…sometimes I wish I could slap people across the internet) media manipulation, Israel still hasn’t been able to advance an agenda that truly benefited the State. For all intents and purposes, the ability to silence the media in America is pretty much the lynchpin to control of everything else. And that is exactly what is ironic. Not only have the people who think they are benefiting Israel steered it towards doom, they’ve proactively silenced or ostracized anyone who spoke out against them.

    Thus, Israel is like a deaf and mute invalid lemming heading for a cliff and these mor*ns the cheerleaders waving anything but Jewish pom-poms. Newt Gingrich would lead Hamas if it had more money to give him than AIPAC.

    I know we’re not supposed to underestimate adversaries, but these die-hard Israeli firsters are an embarrassment to human intelligence. You will get what you deserve. Make John Bolton Secretary of State and attack Iran. It’s time to stop talking and time to start walking – and make sure you look to see America is following you because I am pretty sure they will contact Iran through the backchannels and let them know they are not complicit with Israel when the cookie crumbles.

  5. A curiosity about the Jewish and Iranian people. Abraham knows his origins to Ur of Qashdim, very close to Persia and he may very much be of the same race, or very closely related race, to the Jews. Witness the language, Hebrew, which although Semitic, is very different from Arab languages and in some respects resembles Persian (recall mene, tekel, peres). Also another interesting aspect. The Iranians use very much the agglutinative -e in their language. When you listen to an Israeli speaking in English he many a time uses the expression “eee” when stammering, not any other expression of the many others as we do in the west. Any coincidence?

  6. Excuse my words but what a moron. I am Palestinian, my family history in Palestine stretches back THOUSANDS of years. My people are mentioned in the bible (Canaanites + Philistines), these two people inter married and became one from whom most of my people are descended.

    Our name in arabic is Philistine just like in the bible and our spoken language before Islam reached Palestine and for some time after was a Palestinian version of Aramaic. Our Palestinian dialect of arabic clearly shows this in our pronouncation of arabic, it is heavily influenced of southern levantine (palestinian) aramaic.

    Palestinians didnt become arabs until after most of us converted to Islam just like most other arabs who arent from the arabic penninsula. In other words we are arabisized arabs, not ethnic arabs.

    If we dont exist then surely newt doesnt exist. For how long has the gingrich family been in the US? 100, 200, 300, 400 years? Try to match that with THOUSANDS of years of Palestinian history. What a disgusting man, selling his sole to the devil in exchange for getting zionist support for his pathetic campaign.

  7. Joan Peters’ FROM TIME IMMEMORIAL redux. Let the lies begin, or better still, never end. Israel and those who provide unqualified support for its myriad outrages are drowning in a cesspool of six-decade-plus propaganda in what might be generously described as gradual moral suicide.*

    Footnote: See various prophets in Bible.

  8. The idea of a Jewish state in the modern times was invented in the end of the 19th century .but it’s a fact Jews lived in Israel thousands of Years ago , and had a form of state that time . so it’s hard to describe “Israel 1948” as an invented Nation , however America of 1776 is in fact an invented country .

    before the 50’s no one called the Arabs settlers in Israel Palestinian , they were Arabs who came there from Sudan , Syrian , Egypt etc … same as Jews came from Poland , Romania , Iraq etc .

    those Jews became Israelis .
    those Arabs stayed Arabs…. however ,when it served the goal of fighting the Israelis , and dictate half a billion Muslims by telling them Israel is to blamed for all their problems ,so then they become Palestinians .

    I wish for peace , history or justice are irrelevant , if there’s 3 million Arabs living in the west bank so they deserve their own state , no matter if what Gingrich said is truth or not .

  9. RE: “Palestine Joins Newt’s Ranks of ‘Invented Peoples’…” ~ R.S.

    FROM WIKIPEDIA (excerpt):

    ‘The Jerusalem Post’ is an Israeli daily English-language broadsheet newspaper, founded on December 1, 1932 by Gershon Agron as ‘The Palestine Post’
    …According to the Historical Jewish Press, ‘The Palestine Post’ was established “as part of a Zionist-Jewish initiative”, and “Zionist institutions considered the newspaper one of the most effective means of exerting influence on the British authorities”…
    …In 1950, two years after the State of Israel was declared, the paper was renamed ‘The Jerusalem Post’…

    SOURCE – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Jerusalem_Post

  10. Boten, a palestinian newspaper based in yaffa referred to the palestinian people as palestinian during the end of the ottoman empire when the new national identities were being formed in the arab world. If Palestinians dont exist, then neither does any other arab speaking people nor most south american countries etc. Secondly, people immigrated to palestine just like anywhere else in the world, not least the levant and egypt however that doesnt mean there werent a people already here with a culture of their own. During the ottoman empire and after islam at large, all the people within the various empires identified with their religion, city or village or with their spoken language. The idea of identity based on nationality didnt exist at that time in those places.

    Neither me, nor most of my people are from the people you mentioned. My last name literally means Canaanite in arabic. Palestinians are more non-arab than we are arab.

    As for the jews of today, they can not be confused with the ancient israelites as they are for the most part people who converted to judaism during history hence why a russian jew looks like any other russian, likewise with the ethiopian jew, yemenite jew. They all look like their respective people. Before the british brought in european jews, the native jews in palestine where a minority and some of them still identify as palestinian and here is another fun fact: did you know that most palestinians from the nablus region are descended partly from the samarites and some other palestinians from the israelites?

    Your idea of how we became palestinian is incorrect, we didnt become palestinian to fight, rather this was a natural transition that took place before israel was created in 1948. Palestinians were called philistiniyoun in arabic for a long time and this is only natural as any inhabitants of a region get a name based on it. Palestinians simply went back to our philistine name formally even though it had been there already informally. Same with the rest of the region.

    If the one who was here first has the biggest right to palestine then clearly its the descandants of the canaanites who do. Palestinian folkloric dress and diet and much of the culture is still canaanite bcecause they are the main pillar of our ancestors, even though there were intermixing with israelites, samarites, romans, turks, arabs and even nordic european crusaders.

    1. Carina ,
      The idea of identity based on nationality doesn’t exist in the Arab world even today .for example : Lebanon, Iraq , Syria , Libya ,Jordan ..etc .
      so I don’t understand what you’re claiming .

      I’ll be happy if you could give me a link to some research or historic facts ( but something real , not from a website saying Israel and the US invented HIV or crap like that ) showing that someone ( Turks , British , Arabs ) had a plan to establish a Palestinians state during the beginning of the 20th century .

      I know 3 facts , but I’m aware that might be not the whole truth :
      1. That 100-150 years ago that country was an empty no man land .
      2. When Jews start immigrate in the 20-30s’ the Arabs leaders spoke about the future of the land as part of Syria .
      3. That Arabs are saying ” Balestine” because they can’t pronounce Palestine , I’ve never heard an Arab saying “philistiniyoun” .

      And again , I’m still support the idea Palestinians would have their own state , because for 60 years they are the victims of both the Israelis obsession with their security , their Arabs “Brothers” cruelty , and their own lack of will to end the conflict and compromise since 1948 .

      1. This is off topic. This blog is not a venue for discussion about the concept of peoplehood in the Arab world. Pls stay on topic. And pls don’t engage people with yr own notions about Arabic words & language when they clearly have mastered it far better than you.

        1. I might hurt you when it’s hurt the most – the very simple facts you can’t lie about .
          you , and Anti Zionist like you , can claim everything .
          include BS like how the Jews who live now in Israel are not the original Jews . But saying that Palestinians calling themselves “philistiniyoun” ???? it would be easier to convince me that Israel is to blame for the massacre in Sudan or Somalia (you believe so , right ? ) than that Arabs are using this term .
          Balestine , like Bizza instead of Pizza .

  11. Only Israel is not an invented people. It is a state.
    There are some differences between the two.
    The Jews, which are a people, however had not been invented in 1948, nor in 1048 or plain 48. They are a much much older nation.
    Arabs for that matter had not been invented in 1948 either and are an old nation themselves.

      1. I beg to differ.
        Jews had been a people for more than 3500 years.
        Jews have always dreamed to live in Israel throughout history.
        The Jewish belief tended to stay on the “dream” side and avoid actual action. From time to time a movement would occure that will materialize that dream to reality.
        We can take for example Shabtai Ben Zvi and his followers around 1650.

        BTW, orthodox Jews used the failed attempt of Ben Zvi, to discredit Herzel.

        We can talk about Bar-Kochva who let a revolt against the Romans around the yesr 130, gaining several years of liberty only to lead to a terrible distruction later.

        We can talk about Moses of Crete who let the crete Jews to Israel around the year 500.

        We can talk about Shlomo Molcho who around 1500 tried to talk the Pope Klemence the 4th to let him lead a Jewish army to save the land of Israel from the Othmans.

        I can give many more examples of such persons that preceded Herzel throughout history.

        1. You’re confusing ancient conceptions of Jewishness with modern ones. In Gingrich’s mind the notion of a Palestinian people and a Palestinian nation are interchangeable. In Judaism, there may’ve been a Jewish people for thousands of years, but there has not been a Jewish nation for two millenia. Theodor Herzl revived the idea of Jewish nationhood in 1898. Before then there was none. You’d have to go all the way back to the Roman era to find the last vestige of Jewish nationhood. Peoplehood and nationhood, contrary to Gingrich’s beliefs are separate notions. Israel is now a nation. There was no such concept until Herzl came along.

          As for Jews dreaming of living in Israel throughout our history, that’s not really true now is it? Jews had every opportunity to live in Israel for the 2,000 years between the Roman period and 1948 and few chose to do so until the early 20th century. And a dream is far different than an act. You & I have dreams all the time. But do we act on every one?

          1. I’ve just gave you some examples ranging from 2000 years ago to this days of people who not only dreamed, but try to achieve this dream. Herzel was the last of them.
            The only difference between those people was that circumstances made his attempt, well not really his, but he started it, to succeed.
            Read a little about those figures and see what they and the people who followed them tried to achieve.

            Herzel was the last in a long line of people who wanted to make that dream real, that is all.

            BTW, Herzel dream would have stayed a dream if not for the work of Haim Vaitzman and the help he gave the British in WW1. Many more helped to achieve this dream, but in my view, Vitzman’s work was the most crucial.

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