10 thoughts on “Still, Small Voice of Reason: While Israeli Media Crows Mavi Marmara Attack Vindicated, Single Soul Argues Israel Erred Grievously – Tikun Olam תיקון עולם إصلاح العالم
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  1. It is time to put an end to the fantasy of the AIPAC-controlled congress that funds with US tax payers’ hard-earned money the program of an anachronistic cabal of conspirators that has blockaded Gaza for now nearly 44 years in attempt to subjugate its indigenous people – an action that has ensured that there will be no free access of people or goods by land, sea or air. This has been and is a deliberate attempt to make the former land of Palestine, free of all Muslims and Arabs. However, there are many thousands of Jews, like myself, who refuse to collude in this deliberate oppression and subjugation of another people. And many of those thousands of dissenters live not only in the EU and America, but in Israel itself! The declaration by the United Nations, this month, of its recognition of an independent Palestinian state, is the start of this long-overdue process.

  2. Israel has created for itself the identity that nineteenth century Prussia used to have and that is increasingly that of the US as well: a nation owned by its army.

  3. Of course, if there is only one person who thinks like you, maybe this should be telling you something. Or do you think that having the whole of the Jewish people disagree with you somehow makes your correct? It makes you pathetic

    1. They said the same thing about Galileo. Those who felt like you forced him to recant his view that the earth revolved around the sun. Now they’re seen as thuggish bullies & he’s a scientific genius. And who do you think is “pathetic” now? Galileo or the pope who threatened him?

      1. A good part of America’s Jews do not agree with me and, while that does not determine the justice of my own view, it hints in the right direction at least. But, I agree that any lonely voice here and there is “pathetic.” like Galileo’s recanting was pathetic, but still right and true..

  4. Arad Nir also spoke up for apologizing to Turkey in a fiery arguement with the un-official Government and army spokesman, Ronni Daniel, on Yair Lapid’s Friday news slot on the second Israeli channel.

    For an Israeli it’s tough to apologize for anything (even when bumping someone else’s car no one will ever apologize, and the insurance companies even instruct not to admit guilt!)

    So give major credit to all the small voices who go against their genes and know when to apologize even if it’s only for tactical reasons!

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